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   Chapter 2 Leave The Family

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Charlotte kicked open the door and walked inside in a huff, slamming the ingredients on the table.

The person inside was startled.

"Charlotte Qin, are you crazy? You haven't been back home for days and now, you barge in here, kicking and slamming? Go wash all the clothes and clean the floor. You haven't done the housework in the past couple of days!"

Charlotte's aunt glared at her. Once a pretty young girl, her aunt had become a mean, middle-aged woman with time.

"I just got home and you want me to do the housework. Am I a servant here?"

Charlotte yelled, losing her patience. She had been putting up with this for years! Perhaps it was the newly transferred money sitting in her account that gave her the courage to speak up for herself. She was simply tired of this!

Meanwhile, another middle-aged woman rushed out of one of the rooms. Her haggard face lit up when she saw Charlotte.

"Charlotte, you're back!" she exclaimed. "Where have you been? I was so worried about you!"

Charlotte's expression softened because she did not want to scare her mother.

"Mom, everyone was working overtime. We stayed at the office," she explained calmly.

"Humph, don't brag! How can the company make a good-for-nothing like you work overtime? You are not going to fool anyone around here,"

Lisa Qin, Charlotte's aunt, scoffed.

"Lisa Qin, that's enough. You can do the housework yourself. You have hands and feet too," Charlotte retorted.

"Charlotte, what's wrong with you?" asked her grandmother.

"I admit your aunt can be a little blunt, but she is right. You are a girl and you haven't been home for several days. She was worried about you too."

"Worried about me?" Charlotte spat. Her mind started going over all the things that had happened in the past few years.

"I was only 15 years old when I first came to live with you. On the very first day, you fired all the servants and made me do all the housework! I washed clothes and cooked meals. You did not let me apply to colleges elsewhere. You forced me to stay here and be your slave! Now, I am telling you!"

Charlotte pointed at Lisa Qin. "I have graduated from the university. I have a good job and now, I am moving out of here. I will no longer be enslaved by you. I am no more a part of this family!"


Agnes Fang, Charlotte's mother, was the first to react.

"Charlotte, how can you do that? This is your home. Where else will you go? You are not going anywhere!"

She grabbed Charlotte's arm roughly, almost hurting her daughter.

Charlotte's grandmother, who was about to lose her temper, couldn't help but laugh at Agnes' reaction.

"Charlotte, if you want to leave the Qin family, you should ask your mother first."

"Mom, please don't be angry. I'll persuade Charlotte. I'll do all the housework. Don't drive Charlotte away. Both my daughter and I belong to the Qin family. We won't go anywhere!"

Agnes Fang pleaded and was about to kneel.

Charlotte dragged her mother up and pushed her on the sofa. "Mom, why do you want to stay here? Look at these people. Who treats you like a family member besides me?"

She squatted on the floor so her face was leveled with her mother's. Clutching Agnes' hands, she said, "Mom, I have graduated. I have a job that pays well. I can support you. Come with me and you won't have to live in this hell hole."


Agnes Fang covered her face with her slender fingers and burst into tears. Her daughter had been gone for two days while

she had been worried sick. She hadn't expected her daughter to spring this news on her.

"Your father is here. I won't go anywhere!" she declared.

Charlotte stood up and sighed helplessly. Her mother had always been like this. Agnes Fang would never leave her husband, she loved him too much.

But Charlotte was not like her mother.

She turned around and looked at Lisa Qin and her grandmother.

Something glistened in her eyes that made the two turn their faces away. They did not dare look into the eyes of the woman they had looked down on.

The atmosphere turned tense.

Charlotte's eyes landed on the ingredients she had bought. Relief surged through her body.

She decided she couldn't stay here anymore.

Charlotte walked into her small and messy room and started packing her clothes. She folded them neatly and put them in her backpack. Once she was done, she gave her room a quick once over and walked back into the living room. Turning to her mother, she said, "Mom, I am leaving. Maybe one day, I will come back here to pick you up and take you with me."

Without saying anything else, she started to make her way towards the door. But then she turned around and looked straight at her aunt and grandmother.

"I don't care about what happened in the past. Think of it as payment for all the time that we spent living here. However, make sure that you do not disrespect my mother.

If you do, your end will be like that of this glass."

She picked up a glass from the table and smashed it.

Pieces of glass flew all over the place. The three other women stared in shock.

And Charlotte left without looking back.

"Mom, are you really going to let her leave?"

Lisa Qin asked anxiously.

"What about Eason?"

"Agnes is here," the old woman mouthed, hinting that Lisa Qin should shut up.

"Don't worry. She can't stay away from here."

'When Eason needs her, Charlotte will have to come back, ' she thought.

"Charlotte, you finally called! Where are you? Stay there, I'll come pick you up!"

Though she had left home on impulse, Charlotte had nowhere to go. She then called the only person she could turn to, her best friend, Daisy Zhong.

Daisy Zhong told Charlotte to wait for her as soon as she received her call.

Charlotte felt helpless but relieved. She gave her best friend the address and hung up the phone to wait.

She did not have to wait long. A sports car with a beautiful tail sped towards her and stopped right in front.

A gorgeous woman in a white summer dress and light shoes stepped out of the car. She had long and black straight hair that complimented her grey eyes.

"Charlotte, what took you so long to get in touch with me? I have been searching for you for so long, but could never find you. How have you been?"

"Daisy, I am homeless now," Charlotte said awkwardly.

"What?" Daisy's eyes widened in shock.

"How can you be so stupid? You cannot be homeless as long as I'm here. My home is your home. Get in the car. We are going home!" Without another word, Daisy Zhong took Charlotte's backpack and put it on the back seat of her trendy sports car.

As she sat next to her best friend, Charlotte couldn't help crying.

Her blood relatives treated her like trash, but Daisy Zhong treated her like family. Why were they so different?

As Daisy Zhong drove home, Charlotte filled her in about her life since graduation.

Daisy Zhong was surprised at the fact that her best friend worked for the Su Group.

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