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   Chapter 49 What a Difficult Path of Cooperation

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 10546

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"Ah, asking for my name, don't you know that? You don't know it, that's forgivable. Because you don't know me? But doesn't this Miss Xia know it? You must know it. Tell your friend! What my name is!"

Henry looked at me, mockery all over his face, he shook the chair and said slowly.

I didn't know what to say when I saw his expression. He must have remembered the hatred I said to him last time, but he also helped me to beat the drunkards later. Why did he spoke sarcastically now? I didn't understand, nor did I answer him.

"Well! Has Miss forgot me? I haven't seen you for a while. Don't you remember me? Alas, I'm so sad. I thought Miss Xia would still remember me after she took over the Xia Enterprise? But you are so forgetful! "

Henry was still sneering. I stared at him and didn't know what he was up to. If that was the case, no matter what preparations I made today would be useless, because he would never agree to cooperate with us.

Cat didn't know what kind of relationship we were, so she was confused all the time. She didn't understand what he was talking about either. In a word, it was very embarrassing. In addition, it was also very awkward since Henry was talking all the time.

"All right, all right. Since Miss Xia really can't remember, I won't force her to think about it anymore. Let me tell you, my name is Henry Yi, the second son of the chairman of this company, and I will also be the successor of this company in the future."

Henry said with scorn about how come I only knew that his family was very rich, but I didn't know that he was the heir of the Shining Group. And that he used to keep a low profile and never told me anything about his family, so he was always mysterious.

"Oh, Mr. Yi, nice to meet you. I'm Cat, the Secretary of our president, Mr. Xia. I'm here to visit the Shining Group. Please give most concern!" Said Cat sweetly with a beautiful smile on her face.

She must want to ease the cold atmosphere. I had been looking at him without saying anything, so Cat had been winking at me and nudging me from time to time, but I did not respond.

This was called 'wait and see', because Henry's performance was really abnormal. In the past, he didn't talk much and was very calm. He always gave people a sense of safety, but he was very cold and didn't want to get in touch with others, so he seemed very arrogant.

But now the man in front of me was glib, boundless, straightforward, sarcastic, and really annoying.

Could it be that Henry hated me because of what happened last time? Was he so mean?

I really couldn't understand what he was thinking, so I decided to test him first.

"Hello, Henry. It has been half a month since we met last time. You have changed a lot in the past half month. Since you are a director of the Shining Group, I come here as a director of the Xia Enterprise...

So we'd better not say anything useless. Let's talk about the cooperation directly."

I said it a little coldly without any emotion in my words, and my face was expressionless when I spoke.

I saw the subtle change on Henry's face. He was still smiling when he heard me, and the m

al with.".

With Henry's facial expression, I couldn't wait to slap him on his face.

Who knows why I liked him so much back then? It turned out that everyone had two sides. I saw his side, which was really unacceptable.

I didn't know what he was thinking now. Did he just want to play a trick on me? How could I get this done? This was too tricky.

If it were anyone else, I could easily get it, because I felt that there was really no problem with my plan and cooperation plan. I was confident, but now I met this person.

He had too many personal emotions mixed in. I was really not sure how to persuade him to cooperate with our company. At least, I had no clue now.

He was still looking at my weird smile. When I saw this smile, I suddenly felt very disappointed, because my sixth sense told me that no matter how powerful the plan was, he would not agree to cooperate with us.

Because he had the final say. He said he could do it, but he really had no way.

I was full of confidence at first, but it was really because of this person that I really couldn't control. He was like a time bomb that could explode at any time, but I would be blown to pieces.

Now I was more like a puppet controlled by him. Whenever he pulled the rope, I had to dance.

Now all of them had been seated. He nodded to me.

I began to explain my plan and cooperation plan. During this period, I found that the people below were looking at me with confusion, as if we two companies were working together and only our company could make profit.

I guessed they didn't want to cooperate with us, did they? Our company was like a drag on them. But didn't they know the influence of our company in this city?

I had to tell them that it would be good for them to cooperate with our company, so I began to tell them the benefits of our cooperation. During this period, some people also nodded in agreement.

But most of their reactions were felt like that they had a prejudice against our company, with an expression that no matter what I say, they didn't trust me, which made me a little helpless.

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