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   Chapter 47 The Hurt in Henry's Heart (Part One)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 5379

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Therefore, for the sake of his mother's happiness, Henry had been suppressing his anger. He only waited for one day that the old woman would die as soon as possible. The first thing he came back home was to pray that the old woman would die as soon as possible.

Every time Henry stayed in this house, he felt that his mother and he were not even as good as the nanny who worked there. He felt very aggrieved and unhappy living in this house, living under the support of others every day, being insulted and mocked.

Almost every time there was an event or a birthday party at home, it would be the most lively day in the family. Because the old chairman would invite all relatives, friends and neighbors to join the party at home.

However, every time on this kind of occasion, the old woman would tear up or secretly take away the dresses that dad had prepared for him and his mom. Then on the day of the holiday, his mom and he would not have any decent clothes to wear.

All the children, uncles and aunts present would laugh at them. Of course, the old chairman would also be very embarrassed. He angrily pulled his mother and asked, "Where are the clothes I gave you? Why are you still looking the same? !”

"Well, I washed it by accident. It's not dry yet!" In order to protect the evil behavior of the old chairman's mom, Henry's mother told a white lie. When the old chairman knew it, he was very unhappy and pushed away his mother fiercely.

The old chairman said to his mother fiercely, "go away! It's really useless! I gave you a chance to meet some friends of mine, but how can you meet th

's name on his arm and reminded himself to always remember how his mother died.

The son of the chairman's former wife had been absent from work since he grew up. He was a playboy and never interfered with the business of the company. Besides, he trusted me very much, so I was glad about this.

Before Henry could finish his reminiscing, the Secretary knocked on the door and said, "Chairman Yi, the representative of the Xia Enterprise has come. Do you want to invite them in? !”

"No, let them wait at the door. They won't come in until I say it's okay."

All of a sudden, he felt a little flustered. 'Oh, my God! I'm so late!' he thought, putting down the coffee in his hand and wandering around the office.

'What can I do to make them feel that they don't care about this matter? How can I make them say that I don't care about Scarlett? Be cold, yes, be cold, no tenderness.'.

A few days ago, Scarlett had said such cruel words to him, so Henry had been a little embarrassed at that time. Now, he had to win it back, and this battle must be a good one.

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