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   Chapter 46 Recalling You at That Time (Part Two)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 5148

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"What do you think? Do you really care about me now? How about you agree to be with me! I will treat you well! " How could Scarlett still smile innocently when she said that!

"What? Ah? … You can do whatever you want! Anyway, for each sentence I said, you have ten sentences waiting for me! I'd better not speak. You're too scary! " Henry said helplessly.

At this time, Scarlett made a big face at Henry, which made him laugh. In fact, it was rare for him to laugh so happily and loudly. He was shocked by his own smile.

Scarlett looked at Henry and said, "You look so beautiful when you smile. You are sunny and handsome. Why do you always wear a poker face at school? You never smiled, as if someone owes you money."

Hearing what Scarlett had said, Henry suddenly stopped laughing. He resumed his poker face and said, "It's none of your business. I just don't like laughing. Leave me alone! It has nothing to do with you whether I laugh or not? !”

"But fortunately, I also saw your smile, the girls in the school can't see it! Thinking of this, I feel that it is much fairer. Only I know and only I have seen your smile. I am so happy! "

Taking a sip of her coffee, Scarlett said loudly even though the coffee foam was all over her mouth.

Henry subconsciously took out a tissue and slowly wiped the coffee foam off her face.

In a daze, Scarlett didn't dare to move, because it was so magical that she didn't even have time to react when he was wiping her mouth.

"Ah!" shouted Scarlett in surprise

Henry was start

, and the first wife of the old chairman was not easy to deal with.

The old chairman was also a filial person, so he would not disobey his mother. Therefore, he also knew that his mother bullied the mother of Henry, but he had no choice but to let her endure it.

But Henry didn't want to put up with it. Every time he saw the wounds on his mother's face and arms for no reason, he would be very angry. Every time he saw the mother and the first wife of the old chairman, he would widen for his big eyes and look very angry.

Every time the mother of the old chairman would pull his ear and said, "You bastard! Who are you staring at! Show respect for elders! It's already kind enough to let you and your vixen mother live in. How dare you look at me like this? You bastard! "

Every time Henry tried to beat the two people to death, his mother stopped him, because his mother often told him back there that he should be patient and not do anything, because once he did, his mother could not be with the old chairman.

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