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   Chapter 30 Warmth of the Family (Part Two)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 5458

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I smiled and said, "Right. I've told you to take more rest and accompany mom. But you wouldn't listen to me and insisted on working hard. It wasn't like our family could afford to live. Why do you work so hard? I can also make money for our family."

Father said meaningfully, "I used to think that the company was my life, because it was founded by me. I had no choice but to do everything by myself. After all, it was my business, so it was inevitable for me to be so concerned all the time."

"But now I don't think so. I think the most important thing is the warmth of family. People live to be human, and no matter how well the company runs, it is just an empty shell. The warmth of family is something that money can't buy, and same for health!"

Mother was peeling an apple and looked at father, "you know, only people who have experienced a life and death moment will realize it. So while Scar is work, you can accompany me well. When you recover, we will travel abroad!"

Her father was also happy and said, "okay. We haven't traveled for a long time. Let's go to relax ourselves without Scar. Ha ha. "

I pretended to be angry and mumbled, "Are you showing off your love in front of me? That's enough! If you keep doing this, I will ruin your company. Believe it or not! !"

His father laughed and said, "I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously!"

I also laughed and said, "I was also joking with you. Hahaha, this is called an eye for an eye!"

Mom finished peeling the apple and put it in my hand. I ate it happily.

Dad looked at me and said, "Scar, how's the company today? I would be lying if I'm not worried. In fact, I was worried so much. Tell daddy. "

I replied, "Ah, the company is fine. I had an interim board meeting today."

"What? What happened then? Had the directors made difficulties for you? Needless to say, I guess they must have made difficulties for you. Tell daddy about it. " Dad looked at me nervously.

I took a bite of the apple and said, "it was difficult to deal with the people on the board, but with your daughter's brave and resourceful little brain, I can easily deal with them. If you don't believe me, you can ask Cat, but with a little trick."

"By the way, father, I have promised the board of directors that I will talk about cooperation with the Shining Group, which will help our company get through this crisis. And once the cooperation is successful, it will be better for our company's development prospect. Don't you think so?"

I said as I ate the apple.

His father frowned and said, "the shining company is indeed powerful, but there is one thing I can't figure out. The news of our company's funds has been spread out. I'm afraid that t

hey will come to talk about cooperation at this time. They want..."

"They want to acquire our company, right?" I took over my father's words.

When father heard my words, his was facing forward and he quickly turned his eyes to me. He put down the apple that he just took from mother and looked at me with deep eyes.

"Yes! In that case, the Xia Enterprise will become a nameless and empty company. In that case, are you sure? Yan Yan! This is a very serious problem! If we can't handle it properly, it will be over! "

After saying that, father let out a long sigh. Sitting next to him, I could feel that there was a big stone pressing on him. Such a mood also affected me.

Father adjusted his sitting position. When he thought of this very sad thing, his expression always looked so old. It had been a long time since everyone worked together to find a chance to save the company.

But the road ahead was always full of thorns, and every step was staggering. Seeing father's melancholy, I was also very sad. I really hoped that such a day could come to an end soon.

Like the other directors, father was also worried about the same problem. That was why he didn't dare to cooperate with the Shining Group. It seemed that the Shining Group couldn't be underestimated. It seemed that I really had to work hard.

I said, "In fact, I'm not sure whether I can succeed, but I'm willing to have a try. Now it is the most direct and fastest step for the company to cooperate with the Shining Group. There is no other way back. Dad, do you believe me?"

Father looked at me worriedly and said, "I believe you, but it's really difficult! You have to prepare for the negotiation. Recently, you should communicate more with the lawyers of the company to understand this problem. "

"Ok, I know. I will try my best to prepare for the crisis public relations. Don't worry. By the way, do you feel any uncomfortable in the heart today?"

"I'm fine today. I don't have any symptoms of rapid heartbeat. The doctor will come to ask about the situation occasionally. Don't worry. Mom is in the hospital." Mom looked at me and said with a smile.

"Why do I feel that Scar has lost a little weight after a whole day's work?! Old Xia, what do you think? "

Mom looked me up and down and said.

I smiled helplessly and said, "Mom! Are you exaggerating! People don't lose weight after working for one day. How fat I was before! "

"Haha, I am not saying that you are fat. In my heart, you are always the most beautiful. Look at Scar, she is so elegant in a formal suit. That's not something you can pretend to be?" Mother said again.

"Yes, our Scar looks good no matter what she wear. I don't think you are fat."

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