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   Chapter 29 Warmth of the Family (Part One)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 5492

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"Okay, I'll do it right away! But I have a small question. I'm very curious and I'm dying to know, please tell me, Miss Xia. " As soon as Cat walked out, she turned back and looked at me.

Looking at her mysterious and nervous expression, I began to think about what she wanted to express.

"What's the question? Go ahead and ask! While I still have time. " I looked at her and then took a glance at my watch. I was still a little anxious.

She looked around and then looked at me mysteriously. At this time, she couldn't help but lean over and whispered in my ear.

Seeing her like this, I leaned back subconsciously.

Looking at the expression on Cat's face, it seemed that she was acting in a gunfight movie. The two of us were the underground party that were matching secret code words.

"How did you camp up with the plan to divide and conquer each of the directors starting with their preferences, and when did you start to investigate? How did you know that only a few drinks could convince the directors? If I were you, I wouldn't dare to do that. It was too risky! "

Cat looked at me in disbelief, looking forward to my answer.

After hearing Cat's question, I was still in a daze for a moment. After a second, I finally came to my senses. "Ouch! Cat, look at you, you're making me so nervous. I thought you wanted to ask something serious! This matter! "

Looking at the serious expression on Cat's face, I patted my chest and curled the corners of my mouth. A bunch of words quickly came to my mind, and I was thinking about how to answer her.

"I thought of it when I asked you to gather the board of directors for the interim board meeting and had a cup of coffee by the window. And incidentally, I searched the information on the Internet and got a roughly understanding of it. In fact, I didn't get to know everyone"

I rolled my eyes unconsciously and tried to look relaxed.

On the contrary, Cat listened to me seriously and looked straight at me with her big blinking eyes.

I gave Cat a cunning look and continued, "in fact, I just looked at the information of the three bosses I mentioned in detail. As for the rest, I just searched about them casually online. I didn't plan to tell about everyone, but fortunately someone stopped it just in time."

"I just breathed a sigh of relief. Ha ha, I didn't think too much. I just felt that although my father had expressed his attitude in the meeting last time, these people were still unwilling to give in. So I wanted to try another trick, but I didn't expect that it would succeed."

Speaking of this, I was very happy, because things were a little easier than I had imagined.

I shrugged and tried to relax myself.

Cat widened her eyes and sa

id, "Even that would work? That was the solution you just came up with temporarily before the meeting? In such a short time? "

"Yes, sometimes you need to take them by surprise, and the effect would be better. Don't you think so? !"

I smiled and continued to sort out the documents in my hands. I stopped talking, and there were only smiles in my eyes.

Cat was still mumbling inconceivably, "That's awesome! My God, you are so brave and resourceful. It was such a risky matter. Indeed, you're worthy of being the daughter of Chairman Xia. You are courageous and graceful. You are a person who will make great achievements!"

She even told me what I said to her this morning. This girl was really cute. If possible, I really wanted to make friends with her, but not now, because I had something important to do.

In the evening, I went to the hospital directly after work. Before I entered the ward, I heard Dad and mom laughing happily.

I couldn't help laughing too. It had been a long time since Dad and mom had such a good chat. Since Dad's company had got better, Dad went home very late every day, or he went home with the smell of alcohol all over his body.

Because of this, mother often quarreled with father, but he had no choice. For the company, father had to deal with all kinds of social engagements, so that it could be so large-scale today, and thus have such fame and reputation. It was accumulated bit by bit by father.

As for family, he had no choice but had spent less time with us, but their relationship had never been cracked. They were just quarreling and never said that they would be separated. I thought this should be the real love.

Why do I felt that I was always so emotional recently? A little thing could magnify my mood infinitely.

I let go of the hairpin and let my hair fall on my shoulder naturally. In this way, I felt much more relaxed and refreshed.

I put down my mood, gave myself a big smile and pushed the door open.

"I'm back!" I looked at Dad and mom happily.

They turned around and looked at me with a big smile. Mom asked me first, "are you tired after a whole day's work? Come and sit here. I'll peel an apple for you as a reward for your hard work! "

Then she stood up, picked up the apple and began to peel it.

As I sat down, I said, "of course I'm tired. I'm exhausted all day long. Dad has too much work to do. By the way, what were you talking about just now? You are so happy. I heard laughter outside the door. "

Dad looked at me and said, "Nothing. Your mother and I are watching TV. It's playing a short sketch on TV, it's so funny. By the way, your mother and I haven't watched TV together for many years. This time, so how happy you mom is."

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