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   Chapter 15 The Company of the Xia Family Held an Unscheduled Board Meeting (Part One)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 5804

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The company of the Xia family had turned upside down.

All the members of the board gathered in the meeting room, whispering to each other. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of the chairman, Scarlett's father.

The secretary at the door paced anxiously, as if things had become very complicated.

A staff came over and whispered in the secretary's ear, "what should we do? This time, all the members of the board of directors had come. Was something serious going to happen? Is the Xia family's company going to collapse? "

"Don't talk nonsense. What are you talking about? If others hear you, they will fire you!" The secretary said seriously.

When I was at home, I heard my father talking loudly, as if he was talking about the company's financial problems. My father seemed to be talking about borrowing money. I planned to go out to see if it was true.

"Mr. Wang, please help me. We have been friends for many years, and now I'm in trouble. Please save me first. When our company's capital chain is back on track, we can release money soon." Father called anxiously.

"Hello?" Father was so angry that he threw the phone on the ground.

It seemed that things were not going well. I walked up, picked up the phone on the ground, and put it on the sofa beside my father. I patted his back to calm him down.

"Dad, what's wrong? Is there anything wrong with the company? "

Father was still very angry, but he calmed down a lot and said, "yes, the company's capital chain had broken. I want to borrow some money from these old friends to cover this hole first, and then these old things! ! !"

"Some said that their capital are on hold; some said that they couldn't take it out; some could only lend me one or two million; some even directly asked for the shares of my company. Isn't this a robbery? Sure enough, there is no comrade in arms in business! You are absolutely right! "

The more her father said, the angrier he became. With a wave of his hand, he knocked over the decorated blue and white porcelain vase.

The blue and white porcelain vase fell to the ground and broke into pieces. When her mother heard the sound, she quickly came out of the kitchen and saw the pieces of blue and white porcelain on the ground.

She asked in surprise, "what's wrong with you? Why did you throw the bottle to vent her anger! Did you forget how expensive the bottle was at the auction? Ouch, they are all broken. It's a pity! "

"What are you talking about! What the hell! Please say something nice! No matter how expensive it was! It was useless. There is something wrong with my company now. Can this broken bottle help me solve the problem? If not broken, break it! "

Dad shouted at mom angrily.

Of course mother was not convinced. She said angrily, "Old Xia, why are you yelling at me? Did I cause any problem in your company? If there is a problem, let's sol

ve it. It's useless to be angry! What's the use of quarreling! Is there anything that we can't get through? "

Hearing mother's words, Dad stopped quarreling. He collapsed on the sofa and suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello? …… What? Please tell them to wait for a moment. I'll be right there! " Father put down the phone in a hurry and went upstairs to the bedroom.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Old Xia! " Mother asked loudly.

Father said from the bedroom, "the company has held a board meeting. Everyone is waiting for me in the company. I have to go there right now!"

Mother looked at me and said, "Scar, it seems that there is really something wrong with your father's company. As for your father, he is impulsive and can't control his temper when something happens. Go and follow him. If anything happens, you can sort it out with him. Tell him not to be impulsive!"

"Okay, mom. Don't worry. I'll take care of it." I saw that although mom had been quarreling with dad for decades, the one who really knows dad was still mom. They wouldn't break up with each other even if they have quarreled for decades.

"Your temper is not like your father's. You are calm, unhurried, calm, considerate and know to put the interests of the whole above everything. So I ask you to communicate with your father and the board of directors. I'm relieved."

Mom touched my head. At this time, Dad wore a suit and rushed downstairs.

"Don't worry. Slow down. If you don't show up, they won't make any decision."

"I know, but I'm still worried. I'm afraid that they will fall into internal strife. If they don't know the truth, they will shout out loud and panic!" Dad was tidying up his shirt while walking.

Mother walked over and helped father tidy up his suit naturally. Then she asked the nanny to call the driver to prepare the car.

"Don't worry. I'll ask Scar to go with you this time." Said mother.

"Why did you ask Scar to go? You can all just stay at home. I'll deal with the affairs outside. " Dad said with a frown.

Seeing that father didn't allow me to go, I said, "Dad, let me go. It's good to be a strong backing for you. I don't want you to be bullied by the board of directors. I won't say anything. I'll just stay next to you."

"I can let you go, but don't talk nonsense. The board of directors are very picky. Just let me deal with it." Dad said to me.

"Don't worry. The child is calmer than you. She knows the timing. Nothing will be wrong if Scar follows you." Mom said.

At this time, the driver came in and said, "President Xia, the car is ready. We are ready to go at any time."

"Okay, Scar, let's go!" Dad said.

"Be careful on the road! Mr. Li, no matter how anxious he was, drive slowly! Don't listen to Old Xia and drive to0 fast. Scar, keep an eye on your father and tell him to calm down. Don't be impulsive! " Mom has been reminding us.

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