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   Chapter 14 We are Schoolmates (Part Two)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 5418

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The waiter ran away in a hurry.

Joyce was really pissed off. As the eldest daughter of the Tong family, everyone was willing to give in three times or fawn on her. However, it was this Henry who was always ungrateful.

Since the first day of school, Joyce had been in love with Henry. However, no matter how well she had treated him, he had always been lukewarm, as if he didn't like women. However, ever since she had seen the photo of Scarlett on his computer desktop.

It turned out that it was not that he didn't like women, but that he already had a woman in his heart. But this woman was the ex-fiancée of his current boyfriend. What's good about that crazy woman? Henry was really blind, and so was Joshua.

The more Joyce thought about it, the angrier she became. She took out her phone and called Joshua.

The person on the other end of the line answered the phone within a second, which was a comfort to Joyce.

"Hello? Baby, are you looking for me? " Joshua said flatteringly.

"Where are you? Come to me! " Sara said in a spoiled but coquettish tone.

"I'm having a meeting in the company. Baby, I can't leave!" Said Joshua with a little embarrassment.

"It's up to you if you don't come. I'll give you half an hour. I'm in the SJ cafe." After saying that, she hung up the phone before Joshua could say anything.

She drank coffee proudly and looked out of the window, thinking that she was much better than that crazy woman. If she met her again, she must teach her a lesson.

After a while, out of breath, Joshua appeared in front of her. With a satisfied smile on her face, she said, "here is a cup of Americano. Have some."

Seeing that Joyce had ordered coffee for him in advance, Joshua was very happy. He took it over and took a big sip. As a result, he spat out all the coffee.

Startled by her rude behavior, she shouted, "what are you doing?! It's dirty everywhere! "

"It's too bitter. Why don't you put some sugar in it?" Said Joshua, sticking his tongue out.

Joyce rolled her eyes at him and thought, he really had a different temperament and taste. He couldn't even compete with one finger of Henry. How could I had agreed to be his girlfriend? She felt a little regretful at the thought of it.

"All right, all right. It's bitter. Anyway, it's Joyce who ordered it. I like whatever you order. I'll drink it all. Don't be angry." Afraid that Joyce might be unhappy, he drank the coffee in one gulp.

This action made Joyce laugh. She thought that Joshua was a little cute. After all, he would listen to her whatever she said and put her in the first place. He was very obedient.

Seeing the smile on her face, Joshua guessed that she was not unh

appy. He took the opportunity to say, "let's go to dinner later. I heard that there is a new western restaurant which is very delicious. Let me take you there baby, okay?"

At the thought of the restaurant she had mentioned to Henry, she asked, "is it Monica's restaurant?"

"Yes, how did you know? Have you been there? " Joshua said with confusion that if Joyce had been there, there would be no fun.

"Oh, I haven't been there yet. But that restaurant is owned by my father's good friend. I just wanted to have a try, since you mentioned it. Let's go. I can't wait!"

As soon as Joyce finished her words, she stood up and was about to leave. Meanwhile, Joshua also stood up and said, "let's go. It's the best that you haven't been there. Then I have a chance to show off. Let's go, honey!"

Holding the arm of Joshua, Joyce thought to herself, you're a good man. You don't know how to cherish something, and someone will cherish it. I remember the woman you both like, that crazy woman. Just wait and see. I won't be bullied so easily.

At this time, I sat in my room and looked out of the window quietly. The sky was blue and the clouds were white.

Birds flew freely and carefree. I thought of what I said to joy that day. Was it a little heavy? I couldn't remember what I had said. Maybe I had said too much.

I really didn't understand why Henry would appear at the blind date dinner. Although they were classmates, they shouldn't have been on a blind date together next year. Was that ok?

By the way, who had beaten the two drunkards that night? No, I had to ask them clearly. I couldn't go home so muddled. I wanted to know what had happened that night.

I dialed the number of the police station and asked, "Hello, I'm the girl who was sent home by the police last night. Then two drunkards were injured in the North Central Street and taken back to the police station. I want to know that who beat them?"

The person on the other end of the line replied, "well, we don't know. We arrived at the scene after the insider called the police. By the time we arrived, you had already fainted, and two drunken men had been beaten black and blue and fell on the roadside."

"We didn't see anyone who hurt the drunkards, but according to the witnesses on the roadside at that time, it was a tall and handsome adult man, who seemed to be in a blue suit. He left after beating the drunkard."

"Then the man in blue suit called the police. I think he should be a good man who helped you out of injustice, but he doesn't want you to know."

The policeman said seriously.

I seemed to know who this man is. He was a tall boy. On that day, only Henry was handsome in a blue suit.

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