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   Chapter 11 Encountering an Disloyal Fiancé

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"What? You want to run away? Shouldn't you explain it to me? " Henry grabbed my wrist so hard that I couldn't move. I tried my best to get rid of him, but he grabbed me more tightly.

"What the hell are you doing?" I was a little angry, because Bella had made me look bad just now, and Junior was also inexplicable. Now even this Henry, whom I hadn't seen me for several years, was bullying me. I was really upset.

"What's wrong? Are you still in a bad mood? After seeing Junior left? Are you unhappy that your blind date has left? " He raised his good-looking chin and glared at me. His cold eyes made me shiver all over.

"Are you unhappy to see me? Might I ask, Miss Scarlett! Don't you want to see me? Am I not even as important as a blind date in your heart now? " After all, Henry had been pushing me to the corner of the wall again and again.

I lost my balance and bumped into the wall. It hurt all over my body. Henry forced me to the corner of the wall and put both hands on the wall. I didn't even have a chance to escape, there wasn't even a gap.

"Answer me!" Seeing that I didn't say anything, Henry reacted more fiercely.

"Me? I? What do you want me to say! I have nothing to say to you! If you really want me to talk about the car! I'll compensate you later. You don't have to pester here with me. " I said crossly.

I tried again to leave, but he pushed me against the wall. I really didn't know what he was going to do? Why was he so angry? After all, we hadn't seen each other for a few years and there was nothing wrong between us.

Besides, I liked him at that time, but he didn't like me. What was the situation now? Did he want to make fun of me?

"If I were to talk to you about the car, I wouldn't have wasted my time here with you. You know, you liked me so much before. What is it now? Are you annoyed to even see me? "

Henry was still chattering. I was confused, why men were so annoying. If time went back to eight years ago, I would be very happy if he kept pestering me like this, but now.

I was just tired. I couldn't afford to look at this handsome man in front of me.

So I gave up resisting and looked at him, delicate and touching until there was a bit of surprise flashed through his eyes.

Finally, he couldn't help but look at me and said, "Why are you looking at me like that? Look at you! You dressed up so well for a blind date. I really had no idea you are such a woman who would love whoever she liked! "

Although his tone was not as tough as before, his words were still hurtful. I stopped looking at him, since no matter how much I wanted to explain, it was useless. He was not mine. Why should I explain it clearly?

Men were the same. In the past, when I was pursuing him, he didn't even look at me. Now maybe I became more beautiful, so he had more and more to talk with me. Men are really physiologically driven animals of the face judgers association.

"You got anything to do? Can you let me go? It's really boring for you to keep doing this! " I really wanted to leave early. I couldn't stay here any longer. I was totally humiliating myself.

"Can you look at me carefully? I'm Henry. You didn't treat me like this eight years ago. Have you forgotten? Was it a lie that you liked me before? " Seeing that I didn't care about it at all, he might be even angrier.

"Forget it!" I really didn't want to talk about relationship any more. It was so annoying. I opened Henry's arms and turned around to leave. Unexpectedly, he pushed me back to the corner and kissed me forcibly.

I tried my best to get rid of him, but his strength was getting heavier and heavier. I could only step hard on his toe, and he let go of me in pain. I hurried back to the box, and my heart was beating very fast.

When I returned to the private room, I found that Junior was not there. He must have left just now. Since he didn't intend to go on a blind date, there was really no need for him to stay here, so as not to embarrass everyone.

I could see that bitch Bella was still here. What was she doing here? Could a girl be so shameless? I was deeply impressed by this woman.

After a while, Henry came back with a pale face. He deliberately sat next to me and didn't look at me, but I could feel that he was still angry.

They waited for a while, but Junior still didn't come back. Her mother asked, "Scar, didn't you see Junior just now? Why took the boy so long in the bathroom? "

I was stunned by the question. How should I answer it? I could only force a smile and say, "I haven't see him just now."

"I guess he ran away in fright when he saw such a blind date! Hahaha... " Bella smiled complacently.

Junior's mom glared at her and said, "then our son won't like some wild women like you. Otherwise, why didn't he take you away? !"

I was secretly happy in my heart. Junior's mom was really good at seeing people. She was wild woman, and a bitch!

Bella was rendered speechless by Aunt Su's words, but she still said without scruple, "Oh, some people are just pitiful. They are born without men. What kind of experience is it when a man wants to run away when he sees them?"

After saying that, she took a sip of red wine. I was so angry that I didn't know what to say. At this time, Henry stood up and said, "who said that some people are not wanted by men! Are you talking about yourself? How much did Junior spend on inviting you here today? "

"You don't have to guess. It must be very cheap! Because only cheap goods could be cheap! Mrs. Su, Mr. Su and Uncle Xia, I'm leaving with Scarlett. You guys talk. " After saying that, Henry took my hand and was ready to leave.

Bella's face turned green with anger. She sat still.

The elders looked at us in surprise and didn't know what to ask. They could only watch us leave. They should have thought about the good blind date between the two families, but why did it become like this? Young people nowadays are really unreliable.

"Why is this wild woman still sitting here? Shame on you! " Said Mrs. Su, who didn't like Bella at all.

Bella didn't dare to retort to Mrs. Su. She had no choice but to took her bag and left alone.

Holding my hand, Henry left the box straight and walked towards the gate.

I didn't know where he was going. I wanted to get rid of his hand, but I didn't have that much strength, so I asked him, "where on earth are you going? Let go of me! You hurt me! "

He didn't care about it at all. He just walked ahead quickly, pulled me and said nothing.

When we were about to leave the hall, I saw the last man I wanted to see in my life. A man I hated to the bones, a man who wanted me to die. Yes, he was Joshua.

He was about to walk in with a woman in his arms, but he was still as before, wearing a suit, presenting a good appearance, and his hair was combed straight one by one. The woman in his arms was well dressed. It was obvious that she was the daughter of a rich family.

Obviously, he also saw me. I wanted to hide myself under the ground, but on second thought, what should I be afraid of? He was the one who should be afraid. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing, and an unfaithful man.

What was there to be afraid of a man who slept with my best friend? If he didn't give me face, I would humiliate him today. He has cheated on another woman in just a few days. He was really something.

I shook off Henry's hand with all my strength. He stood still. And I gave a loud slap on Joshua's face. He looked at me in astonishment and said with his eyes wide open, "what's wrong with you! You are crazy! Crazy woman! "

The woman in his arms was so nervous that she touched his face and said in a cutesy voice, "Joshua, are you okay? It's red! Who was she? Why would she just hit somebody like that? !"

I said arrogantly, "so what! Another girl was ganged up. What a bad luck! Didn't she know your glorious deeds? Do you need me to tell her? Joshua, what a super scumbag! "

Unexpectedly, the woman slapped me back and said fiercely, "where does this crazy woman come from! Why did you hit my Joshua? Do you know who I am? I'm the eldest daughter of the Tong family, Joyce Tong! If you keep doing this! I'll ask my bodyguards to teach you a lesson! " 、

It seemed that this woman didn't know about the relationship between me and Joshua. Eldest daughter, she really didn't go out too much. It was not surprising that she didn't know about the family affairs, but how could I reveal the true colors of this scumbag.

With a smug smile, Joshua said to the eldest daughter of the Tong family, "Joyce, let's go away from this woman. She's like a crazy dog. Why are you talking to her? You gave her an inch, she would want a feet. I'll take it as a bite from a dog. We don't argue with dogs!"

"Okay, let's go. But let me tell you, crazy woman. I'll let it go today. If I see you beat Joshua again, I won't be as polite as today! Conduct yourself! " Joyce said to me fiercely.

My face was also slapped, and it was burning. It was the same in the heart. How many stupid women were cheated by this bastard? Hadn't you see such a live example of me.

Joshua has a human skin, but his heart is dark. His ferocious look is really terrible. Perhaps only after experiencing it could one knew that. I touched my face, stood still and refused to leave.

At this time, Henry came over, looked at me and said coldly, "what are you doing this time? I can't understand! "

I looked at him and couldn't explain anything, so I said, "you liked it? Are you happy to see me like this? "

"Well, No. I wanted to say, who was that man?" Henry looked at me expressionlessly. I didn't know what he was thinking about, but I couldn't see it from his face.

"He was my fiancé! The fiancé who betrayed me! A cheating fiancé! " I looked at the backs of Joshua and Joyce and said.

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