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   Chapter 9 The Banquet at Hongmen (Part One)

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Said Aunt Su with a weird look on her face. She looked back and forth between Henry and me, and I could only pretend to be calm.

There was obvious cold hostility in her eyes. Just then, she cleared her throat and looked back.

Aunt Su called him Henry directly. "Yes," replied Henry.

They were so intimate. What was their relationship? I began to think quickly in my mind. Such a scene made me think about it. How could my luck be so bad all the time.

Before I could guess more, Henry brought me back to reality in his magnetic voice. He replied calmly, "I come to see my old classmate."

I was a little frightened by his words. What did he mean? He didn't come to see me specially, did he?

Although we were in the same school before, he was two grades higher than me. He was not my classmate, right? Besides, he didn't like me at school before. Besides, there were other two people at my age here besides me. This old classmate probably meant Junior Su.

I was deceiving myself.

I put my hands on my thighs and rubbed them nervously, with cold sweat in my palms.

As soon as he finished speaking, I saw Junior was smiling ambiguously at Henry. I suddenly had a bad feeling.

"Oh, crap! Look at their evil eyes. They must be thinking of some bad idea!"

I lower my head immediately. I'd better not to see Bella and Junior. I was dressed like this today, it was so embarrassed, I was afraid my face will be as red as a monkey's butt.

During the dinner, my father, the Su family's parents and Henry had been talking about business, while Junior lacked interest. Although I understand, I didn't want to interfere.

My heart was full of displeasure. I just wanted to end the blind date as soon as possible, so as complete the mission with my dad.

I didn't want to see that bitch, Bella. So I kept my head down and wouldn't stop eating.

Unexpectedly, I suddenly heard a low voice from Henry, "why you keep eating rice only?"

Then he picked up a piece of celery beef and put it into my bowl. I was so shocked that I almost failed to hold my chopsticks.

Do I know him very well? He haven't liked me since ever. In old times, he would immediately turn around when he met me. Now he was picking up food for me. What did he mean?! Did he do it on purpose to embarrass me in such an occasion.

Just then, there was people talking in the box, and it became unusually quiet at the moment.

I was even more nervous. I didn't even raise my head, but sped up to eat the rice in my bowl.

I didn't dare to look at other people's expressions, especially the parents of the Su family. I thought Junior Su must be very satisfied now.

But I had no choice. I had to put up with it. After saying thank you to him with my head down, I continued to eat.

After a short while, they began to talk agai


I could imagine that during this period of time, Junior Su must be very happy. From the first time I saw him, I knew that he must be the kind of person who watched the fun and didn't mind the big trouble.

"Why do you still just eat rice? !"

When I was in a daze, I heard a ghost like voice again, which scared me to get goose bumps.

I couldn't help shivering.

In order to prevent him from picking up more food for me, I picked up some randomly from time to time.

At this moment, I finally knew what is called eat but can't swallow. I wished I could spit out the food I had eaten now. For the first time, I felt that the food in this five star restaurant was so terrible.

I couldn't stand it, so I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left the box.

"Aunt Su, I'm sorry! I need to go to the bathroom! Enjoy yourselves! "

I tried my best to speak as gently as possible, and the smile on my face was stiff. Now my mind was full of thinking about running away as soon as possible.

After getting the elders' consent, I quickly stood up and strode out of the door, leaving no trace of elegance. When the elders were talking about business and politics happily, they didn't care what I was doing at all.

I thought that I could breathe a sigh of relief when I came out, but unexpectedly, I saw Bella slowly fixing her makeup in front of the mirror.

She must have seen me come out and blocked my way on purpose.

Come with evil intent.

I decided to strike first.

When I walked to the wash basin, I washed my hands slowly and said, "No matter how good the makeup is, a shameful person will always be shameful."

Bella slammed the powder box, "who are you calling shameful?"

I smiled and said, "of course I'm talking about those shameless people. Why are you so nervous?"

Bella glared at me with anger, but the next second she laughed. She looked at me up and down with disdain and said, "I'm not nervous, but someone is. It dressed like peacock to go on a blind date, but the blind date only treated her as a monkey."

"Oh, I forgot it. Scar, I wish you a successful blind date. Junior is waiting for me, if you'll excuse me," Bella said with a smug smile

Then she walked out of the bathroom when she finished her words.

That bitch! I knew that she must knew I was here for a blind date. So she came to embarrass me on purpose, and she even called me Scar. That was so disgusting.

I was so angry that I gritted my teeth. I hurried out of the bathroom and walked in front of her.

Even if she was right, I couldn't let her win in words and make her happy.

With a smile, I retorted, "I'm afraid those shameless mistresses are the ones being fooled. They are just a plaything that can be thrown away at any time. How can they be so stupid to believe a man's lie? "

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