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   Chapter 8 A Shameless Couple (Part Two)

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The second day, I took the initiative to attend the dinner with my father.

I was afraid that I couldn't help my father. After all, I didn't know how many people knew about the scandal between me and Joshua.

So I paid a lot of money to hire the best makeup artist and stylist in C city to dress me up carefully. I hoped that I could brighten up Junior Su, who had been surrounded by a myriad of flowers.

My father and I arrived at the private room of the dinner party first.

The box was antique. There was a wooden carved orchid window, an elegant calligraphy and painting hanging on the left wall, and green bamboos in front of the front wall. After tasting the first-class green tea, Bi Luo Chun, I finally relaxed a lot.

But my father was a little nervous. He whispered to me, "Junior Su will sit next to you later. Scar, you should talk to him more."

I replied, "father, don't worry. I will."

Right after talking, the door was pushed open.

I thought Junior was here, but I didn't expect that the person I saw was Henry.

But father said that there would only be the parents of the Su family and Junior Su at the dinner today. Why did he come?

Just like the day I met him, he was dressed in a black suit of abstinence, with his hair meticulously and a serious expression, as if he was attending a meeting.

I saw him walking towards me. All of a sudden, I remembered his weird smile at the night of the car accident. I suddenly felt a little flustered. He must have some bad intentions this time. What did he want to do?

He walked to me and stopped. If time went back for seven or eight years, maybe I would jump up happily. But at this moment, I only felt uneasy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him raising his hand. I was startled. When I was about to dodge, his hand passed over my back and he said politely, "Mr. Xia, nice to meet you."

"……" It turned out that he was just shaking hands with my father.

Then I heard my father's voice behind me, "Mr. Yi, nice to meet you, too."

But after he shook hands with my father, he turned sideways and sat down next to me.

I saw my father's expression change slightly, but he said nothing and sat down.

I thought that this date was failed.

Only Su family's parents and Junior Su had agreed to show up, but now there was this Henry. Someone must had sent him, it might be Junior. Now henry was still sitting next to me, maybe Junior didn't want to marry me, so he deliberately tried to embarrass me with the help of Henry.

Sitting next to me, I felt the air around me was depressed. His side face was cold and hard, and he raised his chin slightly. The profile of his jaw was a little tense, as if he was angry.

I didn't know what he was angry about, and I didn't want to know either. This person had nothing to do with me.

At this time, the door of the box was pushed ope

n again. It was a fair skinned man with peach blossom eyes. He walked in a mischievous way which was unique to young men. I thought this man should be Junior Su, who had experienced a lot of women.

When Junior came in, we saw an enchanting woman behind him.

Bella! !

It was Bella! !

How dare this woman still coquette with others! Her scandal had spread throughout the upper class. Besides, Jenny and her mother had succeeded in persuading father of the Bi family to drive her and her daughter out of the Bi family.

I didn't expect her to hook up with Junior Su so soon.

But when she saw me, she was not surprised at all, as if she had known I was here. If she had known that I was here, she would have known from Junior that I was here for a blind date and to connect the two families through marriages.

She raised her chin slightly with a smile on her face, a contended look, as if she was saying that I was no match for her at all.

My hands were clenched under the table. My nails were even turned over, but there was no trace on my face. If I showed a little unhappiness, they would definitely be very happy.

Now I was sure that it was Junior who asked Henry to come here, and Junior brought Bella with him to embarrass me.

Junior Su must hate to marry me.

I suddenly felt sorry for myself. Even if I didn't show it on my face, my exquisite dressing had betrayed me.

Junior sat opposite me, and Bella sat next to Junior.

Not long after, the parents of Junior Su also came. When they saw Bella beside Junior Su, they frowned, but the two of them just silently detested her and did not scold her to leave.

It seemed that Junior's parents were used to this kind of situation. If I really got married and went into the Su family, I couldn't imagine what would happen.

Another pair of parents in law who helped their son and made their daughter-in-law suffer!

I saw from the corner of my eyes that my father didn't look good, and Bella smiled at me again.

I was so angry that I was about to explode.

But anyway, I still wanted to say hello to the parents of Junior Su. After all, they were elders. I didn't want to end up being criticized as ill-bred like Bella.

I greeted them with a smile from girls of a respectable family, "Hello, uncle, aunt."

Uncle Su was a little serious and nodded slightly. Aunt Su smiled and said to me, "you are so polite, Scar. You are just different from those shameless and ill-bred wild women."

I really wanted to say, Aunt Su, you are damn right.

I glanced at Bella, she was about to get furious but held it back and squeezed a smile. Moreover, Junior Su didn't pay any attention to Aunt Su's sarcasm to Bella. Now, I was not so depressed anymore.

Finally, I managed to pull it back a little.

As soon as Aunt Su finished her words, she said to Henry, "Henry, why are you here?"

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