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   Chapter 6 Ran Into An Old Acquaintance (Part Two)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 6532

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The palms of my hands were now wet with sweat. A despicable man like Joshua was indeed not easy to deal with.

The people standing behind me started to wonder if there was really a party. I could hear them whispering to each other.

I had no choice but to pretend that Joshua had not come back from work yet. I asked them to hide quietly first, so we could surprise him as soon as he got home.

But when I entered the living room, I heard some strange noises. I listened carefully and followed the sound until the intermittent groan became clearer and clearer.

It was coming from the kitchen.

I almost couldn't believe how flagrant they were, doing it in the kitchen.

The moans were so lewd and coquettish that they made everyone's hair stood up on the back of their neck. Some of them were too embarrassed to even look at me. But there were also a few people who already knew it. They were actually here to watch a good show.

It was time to start acting, so I put on a crestfallen look. With my trembling hand, I turned the knob and pushed the kitchen door open.

Bella was wearing nothing except an apron. She was lying prone on the worktop. Joshua, who was also naked, was on top of her.

Shock and fear registered on their faces the moment they saw us standing at the door.

Bella screamed nonstop in fear and embarrassment while Joshua froze, his face deathly pale. They looked so funny. Despicable as he was, Joshua took off Bella's apron and covered hard member.

This time, I totally realized that I was too blind and stupid to fall in love with such a man like him.

Bella hid behind Joshua in a hurry. She looked like a terrified mouse caught in a trap.

Compared to my previous life, I didn't feel any fear or helplessness this time. Hatred and anger were all I felt in my heart.

I stepped forward and slapped Joshua across the face with all my might. "Scumbag!" However, one slap was not enough to work off my anger, so I slapped him again and again. "Obscene!"

When I turned to look at Mr. Zhang, I could tell from his face that he was extremely disgusted. He probably couldn't bear to look at the scene in front of him that he stormed off.

After Mr. Zhang, Joshua's colleagues also started to leave one by one with a trace of disappointment on their faces. They didn't expect that the party they had anticipated would turn into a nightmare.

In my previous life, I died because of Joshua and Bella. My parents also passed away because of the pain and depression caused by them. However, Joshua lived a happy life with Bella. He was even promoted and became the vice-president of their company. But now that I was given a chance to come back to life, I swore to make things turn the other away. I wouldn't stop until I ruined both Joshua's and Bella's future.

Finally, I vented my anger.

Joshua's cousin, who was a sharp-tongued woman and liked gossip, immediately called her mother.

"Mom, you won't believe what I have just seen. Your beloved nephew, Dr. Joshua Hui, is having sex with her mistress in the kitchen. The woman is only wearing an apron. Oh, my God! I have never seen such a coquettish woman like her. Ha-ha! I've taken a few photos of her. I can't wait to show them to you when I get home

. I have to hang up now. I have to call my cousin. She will laugh out loud once I tell her about this."

Joshua's cousin held a grudge against my mother-in-law, so I knew that she would spread the news to all their relatives, friends, and even neighbors. My wicked mother-in-law would definitely lose face.

I didn't mean to disrespect and become ruthless to an old woman. But back then, she made my life miserable. She even took my house away when I had a miscarriage.

My mother-in-law didn't deserve to be respected. She was the kind of person who was capable of dragging someone to hell.

When I got satisfied with slapping Joshua, I walked behind him and started to hit Bella as well. In my previous life, this bitch pretended to be my best friend while seducing Joshua. She was also the one who caused my miscarriage.

I gritted my teeth and yelled at her, "You are a whore! You pretend to be my best friend while seducing my fiance."

I slapped her again and again until my palm felt numb.

Since Bella was naked and everyone was looking at her, I knew that she was scared to fight back. She lost all the arrogance she had in her body. She did nothing but just accept my beating and my scolding.

One of the women there, who was wearing elegant clothes and exquisite makeup, took a video of the whole scene. She then smiled and said, "A mistress mother will indeed produce a mistress daughter. I'm sure that the Bi family won't tolerate a bitch like you."

She was Jenny Bi, the special guest I invited exclusively for Bella. She was the legitimate daughter of the Bi family and Bella's sworn enemy.

If the Bi family found out about this, Bella and her mother, who had just reclaimed their identities and returned to the Bi family, would for sure be kicked out again.

All of their relatives and friends that I invited started to curse them.

"Joshua, I thought that you're a polite and decent man. I didn't expect that you are a beast hiding in a man's body."

"Bella, how dare you seduce your best friend's fiance! You're such a bitch!"


"Eww! I've never seen such obscene people like you who have sex in the kitchen."

Despite his embarrassing situation, Joshua plucked up all his courage to drive everyone out of the kitchen. After a long time, the crowd finally dispersed. With only an apron covering his private part, he walked out of the kitchen.

He looked at me maliciously and said, "Scarlett, you are ruthless."

He might have already figured out my whole plan.

I couldn't help feeling a little scared. Thinking of his viciousness in my previous life, I was afraid that he would do something to get even with me in the future.

I decided to pretend to play dumb and act as a victim. With a pitiful look on my face, I slapped him again mercilessly. "After cheating on me, you still have the nerve to call me ruthless? I secretly planned a pre-wedding party to surprise you. But what did I get in return? Seeing you having sex with my best friend in my own kitchen? You are such an asshole! Don't show your face in front of me again. Or else, I will never let you off."

I threw all his things out of the door, and he left.

I then ran back to the kitchen to chase Bella away. "Get out!"

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