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   Chapter 5 Ran Into An Old Acquaintance (Part One)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 6121

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The taxi driver and I got out of the car immediately. Since it was our fault, I wanted to apologize and get it over with. I needed to go back home as soon as possible, and I was already running out of time.

But my eyes opened wide in shock when I saw what kind of car we hit.

It was the latest model of Bentley that cost millions of dollars.

Since I lived in poverty with Joshua for a long time in my previous life, I had forgotten that I used to squander money like dirt when I was still with my parents. The Bentley car in front of me right now shouldn't be a big deal at all.

Obviously, the taxi driver had also recognized the luxury car. His face turned white as a sheet. He was scared to death.

The driver of the Bentley car came out. Through its tinted window, I saw a man sitting in the back seat, wearing a black suit. Although I couldn't see him clearly, I felt that he had a strong temperament.

As soon as the taxi driver saw the Bentley driver, he pointed at me and said, "It was her fault. She forced me to drive very fast. She should compensate you for the damage."

I couldn't counter because the taxi driver was right.

And since I didn't have time to waste on them, I told the Bentley driver, "I'm sorry that we hit your car. But don't worry. Here's my phone number. Just call me so we can arrange a meeting to talk about the repair cost." Actually, I didn't have money to pay for it. I just gave him my contact number so I could leave immediately.

I then dragged the taxi driver back to our car.

But as soon as I turned my back, someone called my name from behind, "Scarlett?"

I looked back curiously to see who called me. It was dark, and I was a little far away, so I couldn't see the man's face clearly.

But from his long shadow that the street lamp created on the road, I could tell that he was tall.

I squinted at him and asked in confusion, "Who are you?"

The man slowly walked towards me. Little by little, I got a clear view of him. He was undoubtingly handsome and had fair skin. "Scarlett, you seem to have forgotten me," he sneered.

I tried to scan my memory, hoping that I could somehow remember something about the man. When he finally got closer to me, I got a chance to stare at him. Gradually, a handsome young man came to my mind.

They looked exactly the same. The only difference was, the man in front of me right now was emitting a very cold aura. "Henry Yi?" I asked uncertainly. I was a bit shocked. "Didn't you go to America? I thought you were not coming back anymore."

He snorted. "You really don't want me to come back, do you?"

I wanted to explain that it wasn't what I meant. Actually, I only heard it from someone. But I was such in a hurry that I had no time to talk to him.

"If you'll excuse me, I have something urgent to deal with. Anyway, I have left my phone number to your driver. You can call me anytime for the compensation. Bye."

To my surprise, he grabbed my wrist before I could even turn back.

What was happening? In the past, he always avo

ided me. But now, why was he stopping me from leaving?

"Scarlett, you are still as willful and reckless as before. After provoking others, you'll just bugger off."

What he said had angered me at once. "I know that you don't like me. And I admit that it was my fault that your luxury car was hit. But I've already apologized and promised to compensate. How can you say I am buggering off?"

Then my phone suddenly rang.

Someone sent me a message.

When I checked it, it was Joshua's boss. He said that he was on his way now, and he was asking whether he should go inside or wait outside first.

I was so anxious that I called him. "Mr. Zhang, please wait for me outside. I'm almost there. If Joshua sees you, the surprise I prepared for him will be ruined."

To my relief, Mr. Zhang agreed to wait for me outside.

But I was worried about the others. I didn't know if any of them had arrived. Thinking about it, the uneasiness I felt got more intense.

I was not in the mood to waste time with Henry Yi, so I took out my bank card and handed it to him. I thought it was the only way for him to let me go. I even gave him my ID card. "The pin code is 521478. Since you have my bank and ID cards now, you have nothing to worry about."

He looked at my ID card and smiled. It was a weird smile that I couldn't describe. His reaction gave me the creeps all of a sudden.

So, I shook off his hand in a hurry and left without looking back.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he didn't follow me anymore.

Once again, I forced the taxi driver to drive at full speed. As a reward, I gave him all the cash I had in my bag.

I saw that his eyes lit up in an instant. He kept on thanking me until I got out and closed the door.

Well, it was me who should thank him. If not for him, I wouldn't be able to arrive home on time.

I immediately went to greet Mr. Zhang, who had been waiting for me.

Not long after, the other people I invited also arrived one after another. I then received a text message from the private detective that Joshua and Bella were now having sex on the sofa. They had already taken off all their clothes.

Although I couldn't see it, I knew that my expression darkened. They were really shameless. Rage flared up in my heart. If only I could kill them both at the moment.

Some of the people I invited had not arrived yet, but I decided that it was time to give Joshua and Bella my surprise. I talked to everyone and told them to come with me quietly.

All of them had been so cooperative. Thinking that it was really a surprise party for Joshua, they all got inside the elevator silently. As the elevator ascended, my heart also beat faster and faster.

I stood in front of the door and keyed in the password.

The door opened at once. However, there was no one in the living room.

My heart sank. The private detective told me that they were having sex on the sofa in the living room. Why weren't they here?

Did the private detective betray me? Maybe Joshua discovered him and paid him more.

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