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   Chapter 3 Rebirth In Blood (Part One)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 7275

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Unfortunately, I was not able to reach for my phone, so I lay on the floor helplessly. Joshua, who was still standing in front of me, squatted down and said coldly, "Sign this now."

All of a sudden, the man who I used to love all my life became the most hateful man in my eyes. I could never forgive him even in my next life.

At this time, the door was pushed open from the outside, and my mother-in-law came in. Although I knew that she disliked me, I still hoped that she would help me for the sake of her grandchildren.

So, I pleaded, "Mom, please call an ambulance now. I am pregnant with twins. Please save your grandchildren in my belly."

However, Joshua said coldly, "Mom, don't help her. I am divorcing her now. She has a miscarriage, so the twins have long been gone."

I felt so disappointed with Joshua that I couldn't help condemning him bitterly, "Joshua, are you still a human?"

My mother-in-law looked at us with a frown for a while. She then ran into her room without saying a word. When she came back, she was already holding another document in her hand.

I was already panting as I was still lying in a pool of blood. I felt like I had already lost half of my life. My mother-in-law handed the document to me. And for the first time, she spoke to me in a gentle voice. "Sign this property transfer certificate first to transfer this house to Joshua. I will then call an ambulance."

I had used up all my money to buy this house for us because I thought that we could build a family here and raise our children. I didn't expect that my mother-in-law had prepared such a document for me to sign. Perhaps she had already planned to take my house a long time ago, and she was just waiting for the right opportunity.

I looked up at them. Despite my blurred vision, I still saw the triumphant smile on Bella's face and the anticipation on Joshua's. It seemed that he was so eager to see my signature on the document.

Never did I think that I had lived with a family of beasts for so long. No, they were not just beasts. They were evil.

I shouldn't die in the hands of these people. It was they who should die first.

Left with no choice, I took the pen and signed the document with my trembling hand.

But I was still afraid that they would go back on their words. Fortunately, my mother-in-law had a little softness left in her. She called the ambulance after I signed the transfer certificate. Joshua and Bella just stood there, waiting for my death.

Finally, the ambulance arrived. But before I was put in there, Bella whispered to me, "Scarlett, did you really think that Joshua loved you? The truth is, he only wanted to become the son-in-law of the Xia family. He wanted to use you so he could step up and climb to the top with the help of your family's influence. But I didn't expect you to be so stupid. You even abandoned your parents for him. So, Scarlett, you couldn't blame me for this. Your stupidity led you to this fate."

I was dying, and I was too weak to say anything to her. But her words were enough to turn me in my grave.

Her bright smile was the last thing I saw before I finally lost my consciousness.

A few moments later, I was in a daze when I saw myself lying in the hospital bed with a deathly pale face. I even saw my mother fall at the bedside, holding my hand and shedding tears.

Standing next to her was Joshua, who looked very sad. He said, "I'm so sorry, Auntie. It was all my fault. I should have watched her when she was taking a shower. If I was there, this shouldn't have happened to her. Auntie, please be strong."

He was a liar. I wan

ted to tear his mouth apart for making up such a story in front of my mother. I called out my mother's name many times, but she couldn't hear me.

I couldn't do anything but helplessly watched my mom crying until she passed out.

Before long, I saw that my body was transported to the mortuary.

After my funeral, my parents fell ill one after another. My mother, who was seriously ill, died first. And since my father was left alone and lonely, he also died from depression.

On the other hand, Joshua and Bella were happily married. He was also promoted, and he was the vice-president of the company now.

I felt so sick looking at them. I wondered why they hadn't gotten their retribution yet after the cruel things they did to me. Instead, they were enjoying such a good life.

Because I got too immersed in my pain, I didn't notice the changes around me. Before I knew it, I was already sucked by a giant whirlpool. I struggled with all my strength, but I failed to escape.

When I opened my eyes, I felt so dizzy.

The pungent smell of disinfectants reached my nostrils. As I checked myself, I noticed that I was still wearing the hospital gown. But my left leg was wrapped with a thick bandage.

I didn't know what was going on.

As far as I could remember, I had a miscarriage, and I died.

But why was my left leg wrapped with bandages?

Suddenly, I heard my phone ringing under the pillow. I groped for it and checked. Bella sent me a message on WeChat.

"Scarlett, I heard that you fought with your parents. Was it really that bad that you ended up cutting ties with them? I know you're feeling bad right now. Do you want to go shopping with me and have some fun?"

The message made me more confused. In my memory, this happened two years ago.

That was the time when I had a fight with my parents because they didn't want me to marry Joshua. I lost my temper, so I drove away with my Audi A8. But since I was not in my right mind, I hit a barrier on the road and broke my leg.

When Joshua found out about what happened, he told me that I shouldn't have offended my parents. They raised me well, so I should be filial to them.

Now I had realized, he just pretended to be high-sounding and noble at that time. The truth was, he didn't want me to break off with my parents because he wanted their money.

Another realization occurred to me. When I had a fight with my parents, I didn't tell Bella about it. Only Joshua knew. But why did she know?

I was so angry that I couldn't breathe.

But what was puzzling me more was that I died. But I was alive now, and I went back to two years ago.

I suddenly remembered the word that I often heard before—rebirth. Some people said that a dead person might come back to life after death. I never believed in it. For me, it was nonsense. But, did it happen to me now? Was I reborn?

If that was the case, God only allowed me to avenge myself. It didn't matter which part of my past life I went back. What was important now was, I shouldn't be naive anymore.

I swore that the new Scarlett would be much wiser and smarter. My scumbag husband Joshua, my bitch best friend Bella, and my wicked mother-in-law needed to pay a hefty price for what they did to me. I wouldn't let any of them get away.

For me, the happiest part of going back to two years ago was that my parents were still alive.

In the past, I was so thoughtless that I even cut all ties with them. I remembered that they once told me that they would consider me dead. I thought they didn't love me at all. But I didn't expect that they would weep when I really died.

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