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   Chapter 2 His True Colors (Part Two)

Rebirth and Vengeance: I Dare You By Ting Er Xiao Ling Characters: 5810

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When he slammed the door, my heart shattered into pieces. I gave up everything for him. I turned my back on my family and friends. I even quit my job. But the moment he closed the door, I suddenly realized that he never cared about me at all. He didn't want me in his life.

That evening, my mother-in-law found out that Joshua Hui left because of my bad temper. So, she poked my forehead and scolded me, "My son is so unfortunate marrying a woman like you. You do nothing but annoy him and drive him away."

I didn't dare to talk back to my mother-in-law because I knew for sure that she would complain to him when he came back. Without eating dinner, I went to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Here, I could secretly weep.

But as soon as my head hit the pillow, I smelled something different. It was a scent of perfume that didn't belong to any of us. I immediately got up in shock.

I didn't know why, but I instinctively began to look for some traces.

I searched for a long time but didn't find anything. When I was about to give up, my eyes caught sight of a curly strand of chestnut-colored hair near the headboard.

I felt like my heart was squeezed tightly.

It was so difficult to breathe. My hair was straight and black.

Bella Bi had curly chestnut-dyed hair. My stomach suddenly churned, so I rushed to the bathroom to throw up.

I was certain that the hair belonged to Bella Bi. How dare they had sex on my bed! She must have left her hair strand deliberately to disgust me.

It was already late, but Joshua Hui hadn't come back yet.

The pain I felt seemed so much to bear. But still, I tried to comfort myself. Perhaps I just misunderstood. A strand of hair was not enough evidence. After all, he always said that he didn't like Bella Bi at all.

I must have gone crazy. It was late at night, but I still ran to the convenience store downstairs to call Bella Bi through the public phone.

"Hello?" I couldn't be mistaken. It was Joshua Hui's voice.

The receiver in my hand fell on the table with a thud.

I was trembling all over. I was so furious that I wanted to rush to Bella Bi's place and kill them both.

But eventually, I didn't do it. I quietly went back home and pretended that nothing had happened.

I had twins in my belly. I couldn't let them grow up fatherless. Besides, I didn't have a job now. I had used up all of my savings to buy this house where we currently lived. If I tried to look for a job, who would hire a pregnant woman like me?

Obviously, I was left with no choice.

I just wished that Joshua Hui would go home as usual after his anger dissipated. I tried to make myself believe that he still considered me as a wife. I told myself that he didn't like Bella Bi, and he was only forced to sleep with her because I was pregnant and he couldn't touch me.

It never occurred to me that a spoiled and willful woman like me w

ho grew up in a wealthy family would step down to the lowest level until losing the bottom line. I could even tolerate my husband's cheating by making up excuses for him.

Perhaps people with no bottom lines would have no place to stand in this world and could never survive at all.

After two days, Joshua Hui came back home. But he was not alone. Bella Bi was with him.

A smug smile appeared on her face as she held his hand. I felt like I was squeezed between heaven and earth.

Bella Bi came to me and said, "Scarlett, I'm pregnant with Joshua's child now. You'd better divorce him, so we can get married. After all, I am the one that he loves the most."

I flared up with rage in an instant. "Liar! Joshua never likes you. I am the one that he loves the most."

I wasn't sure if I really saw a trace of pain in her eyes because it vanished in an instant.

But a glimmer of hope lit up in me. I walked up to Joshua Hui and said, "Joshua, tell Bella that you never liked her."

Bella Bi also turned to look at him expectantly.

To my surprise, he pushed me away and said coldly, "Scarlett, you're so stupid. In fact, you're the one that I never liked. I have always liked Bella ever since."

He then handed me a document and added, "Sign this immediately."

Tears welled up in my eyes. I didn't take the document from him. "You are lying. You promise me that you will love me for life, right? And I've already told you the last time, I'm really pregnant with twins. If you want—"

Before I could finish my words, Bella Bi pushed me to the floor. She then said in a victorious tone, "Scarlett, shame on you. Joshua said that he never loved you. Just accept the truth. He loves me, so don't bother him anymore."

Maybe because I fell hard on the floor, I suddenly felt cramps in my belly. I broke out into a cold sweat when I saw the blood gushing out between my thighs.

When I felt that something was coming out of me slowly, I got so scared that I reached out to them for help. But none of them moved a bit. They just watched me almost twisting in pain. Thinking about my babies, I endured the sharp pain, crawled to his feet, and begged, "Joshua, please help me. Please save our babies."

Finally, he squatted down. I thought that he still cared for me, and he would take me to the hospital.

But to my horror, he just handed me the divorce agreement again.

He was such a beast!

No, he was worse than a beast!

I didn't expect that he was a cold-blooded and ruthless man.

Tears streamed down my face because of pain.

But I couldn't lose my babies, so I needed to do something. When I looked around, I saw my phone on the floor not far away. It must have slipped from my pocket when I fell.

I gathered all my remaining strength and crawled towards my phone bit by bit. But just when I was about to reach for it, Joshua Hui suddenly kicked it away.

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