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   Chapter 58 Too Fierce

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6934

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"Drive faster!" Touching Louisa's face, Casey was very scared. Why did she suddenly lose her conscious?

Casey held the unconscious Louisa in his arms. Looking at her lifeless face, like a withered rose, his heart ached.

"Please be fine. Drive faster!" he shouted at Baylor, which scared him to speed up and run three traffic lights in a row.

"Young master, here we are." Before the car stopped well, Casey opened the door in a hurry and jumped out of the car with Louisa in his arms.

"Doctor, doctor! Where are you? Save her!" Casey looked around nervously and wondered why the doctor hadn't come yet. If it weren't for the fact that waiting for a private doctor was too slow, he wouldn't have come to such an inefficient hospital.

"Doctor! Help!" Holding Louisa in his arms, Casey didn't know where to send her.

Soon, doctors and nurses came in. He put Louisa on the cart and pushed her away.

Casey followed them nervously, which made other nurses envious.

"That girl is so happy. Her boyfriend is so handsome, and he is so nervous about her." A nurse enviously watched at the direction where Louisa was pushed away.

"That's right. Look at the clothes on that man. My cousin saved a lot of money to buy a set for work. It's handmade by Italians. Twenty-one thousand dollars for the most basic sets of that cloth. The one on that man is worth at least sixty thousand," another nurse looked at Casey and said admiringly.

"Wow, I really envy that girl."

Casey stood outside the door anxiously, pacing back and forth. Why did she suddenly pass out? Was it because she didn't eat anything?

After a while, a nurse in her forties walked out of the emergency room.

"Excuse me, is Mrs. Louisa's family here?" With her hands in her pockets, she looked at the corridor coldly.

Casey stepped forward and asked, "Nurse, how is she?"

She looked up and down at Casey and rolled her eyes, "Call me the chief nurse."

Casey almost lost his breath. After all, he was a shareholder of the hospital... Why did a nurse, no, it was the chief nurse, dare

d was coming. Was there anything wrong with her attitude towards him just now? 'Will he ask me to get out of here? '

Casey glanced at her and left without saying anything.

When the chief nurse saw him leave, she collapsed and leaned against the wall to find the center of gravity. Fortunately, he didn't say anything to the Dean, or she would lose her job.

How could she know that Casey cared about Louisa so much that he was not in the mood to care about a chief nurse. If it was in normal time, the chief nurse would have been dealt with.

Brody looked at her and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"It's okay. I'm going to work." The chief nurse smiled and left.

Brody looked at his watch. It was already eight o'clock in the evening. He still had to go back to accompany his little wife, although she seemed not willing to be with him.

Brody was also a little depressed. Although he was only a surgeon, his salary was not low. Moreover, he was not ugly.

Brody took out a mirror and looked at it from left to right. He didn't look ugly. He had a handsome angular face and a pair of amorous eyes. Why didn't that girl like him?

He was not short of money. Why didn't that chick like him? So he had to force himself to use force her?

On second thought, he thought that women were always duplicitous. He would go home to see his little wife after packing up.

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