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   Chapter 57 Do You Feel Like It

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 5107

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:02

Louisa's tears fell into the congee, not knowing whether she was eating congee or her tears.

Looking at Louisa, Casey felt a pang of pain in his heart. Why did she leave? If she didn't leave, he wouldn't be like this. 'Tell me, you won't leave.'

"Why are you crying?" He couldn't help but ask. He didn't want her to cry.

"It's none of your business! Get out!" Louisa drove Casey out while crying.

"I'll leave after you finish eating." He looked at the tears on her face. It was a lie that he said he didn't feel sorry for her.

Louisa knew that it was impossible for her to let him go, so she had to put the congee into her mouth as much as possible, hoping that she could finish it as soon as possible and let him leave by himself.

"I have finished. You can leave now." Louisa handed the bowl to Casey and showed him her clean bowl.

Casey looked at Louisa and felt a dull pain in his heart. 'Do you hate me so much? Are you so unwilling to see me?'

"Louisa, let's have a talk, okay?" Casey grabbed Louisa's hand.

Louisa walked back and forth restlessly in the room, telling herself with the pain between her legs that she couldn't be softhearted. This man was a demon, a beast, and she couldn't be softhearted.

Louisa shook off Casey's hand and said, "I have nothing to talk with you."

"Don't go, okay?" Casey put down his self-esteem, put down his airs and said to Louisa humbly.

"Why? I have my own freedom. I can go wherever I want. You have no right to force me! " Regardless of Casey's feeli

s. He knew that Louisa was not pretending, but really in a coma.

Casey dressed Louisa neatly at the first time. He carried her downstairs.

"Ruth, Ruth! Call Baylor and ask him to drive here. Ask him to come in two minutes!" Holding Louisa in his arms, Casey shouted at Ruth anxiously.

"Alas? What's wrong?" Ruth's heart ached when she saw Louisa in a coma.

"Call him now!"

"Okay!" Ruth immediately took out her phone and called Baylor.

Two minutes later, Baylor rushed in. "Young master, don't stay outside. Did you get hurt?"

"It's not me. Let's go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible!" Casey ran to the car with Louisa in his arms. Baylor opened the door for him and got in the car quickly.

"Young master, what's wrong with Miss Louisa?" Baylor couldn't help asking. She was in good health.

"Focus on driving. It's none of your business. Don't ask." Casey looked up at Baylor and suppressed his curiosity.

"Okay." Then he took back all his thoughts and drove the car carefully.

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