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   Chapter 55 Friend

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After saying that, Casey slammed the door and left.

Looking at Casey who slammed the door and left, Louisa couldn't help but burst into tears. She collapsed to the ground, and her tears left flowers on the ground, but her heart seemed to be cut by a knife.

'Why did you do this to me? What did I do wrong?' Just because she attended the party with Royce, did he have to deny all her feelings because of that?

Couldn't he see her feelings for him? Did he have no eyes, no heart?

"Oh, my lady, why are you sitting on the ground? Be careful not to catch a cold." Ruth immediately stepped forward and helped her up. She felt sorry for her. She had only a son. She treated Louisa as her own daughter.

After helping her up, she found that her clothes were in a mess, with bruises all over her neck and arms, and kiss marks. As a person who had experiences, she must know what had happened to Louisa.

"My lady, no matter what happens, we have to live a happy life." Ruth helped Louisa sit on the sofa and carefully sorted out Louisa's clothes. Looking at Louisa's absent-minded appearance, she felt as if a knife was piercing her heart. Why didn't Mr. Casey cherish such a good girl.

Women need to be coaxed, but not be fierce with.

"Miss, how are you? Don't keep silent. I'm worried about you." Ruth tidied up the clothes for Louisa. Seeing that Louisa was desperate, she was afraid that she would take things too hard for a while, so she could only keep talking, hoping to change her mind.

"Ruth, I'm fine." Louisa looked at Ruth. How could she say something like that to an elder woman when such a thing happened to her?

Louisa bit her lips, tears swirling in her eyes stubbornly. Looking at Ruth's concerned look, he felt even sadder. Although Ruth was just a nanny, she took good care of herself, just like her mother.

"Miss, if you have any grievance, just tell me. I will protect you no matter what happened!" Ruth hugged her.

"Miss, if you want to cry, just cry. I won't tell anyone." She patted Louisa gently. She was also a little confused. According to her understanding of Casey, he shouldn't have done suc

together!" Children always bully the weak and fear the strong. Louisa's fierce look scared the children away at once.

"Londyn, are you okay?" Louisa helped her up, took out a handkerchief and gently wiped away her tears and snot.

"Lou, don't they like me? Woo... I miss my mother. Why doesn't she want me?" Londyn cried in the arms of Louisa.

"Londyn, it's not like that. We are all the apples in our parents' eyes. They just have something to do and can't be with us." Louisa comforted Londyn who was crying.

"Really? But other children don't like me." Londyn stopped crying, but her face darkened at the thought that the children didn't like her.

"That's because they are jealous of you. Look, you are more beautiful than them. That's why they don't like you." Louisa took out a small mirror from nowhere and handed it to Londyn. She looked around and burst into laughter when she saw a pair of watery big eyes, curly eyelashes and snow-white skin in the mirror.

"Lou, you are so kind."

The two of them went in and out at the same time. Louisa and Londyn didn't care about other children and had a good time. Two months later.

Londyn suddenly disappeared. Louisa couldn't find her anywhere. She had no choice but to ask the teacher,

"Teacher, do you know where Londyn is?"

"She was transferred to another school." The teacher suppressed the impatience in her heart.

"Why didn't she tell me?"

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