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   Chapter 30 Climb The Wall, Louisa

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 7291

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"Oh, Freda? By the way, do you know mayor Chu?" Louisa looked at Freda. Maybe she knew something.

Freda looked at Louisa and thought, 'You are asking for it. It's not my fault.'

"Of course! Everyone knows it, mayor Chu," Freda replied immediately. She knew that Louisa would definitely ask her how could she meet mayor Chu.

"I wanted to see him and ask him some questions, but I couldn't get in touch with him. Even I have sent micro-blog private messages several times," Louisa said worriedly.

"That's easy. Just ask me." Freda thought of the devil son of mayor Chu.

Louisa cheered up at once, "Really? Do you know where I can find mayor Chu?" Louisa looked at Freda with hope.

"Yes, mayor Chu lives in the villa next to the South Lake. You can go to look for him in the Floral Neighborhood next to the South Lake. Only this villa is on the bank of South Lake. It's easy to find him," Freda said gently.

"Thank you, Freda." Hearing this, Louisa was in high spirits. She picked up her clothes and was about to go to the South Lake to look for the mayor.

"You're welcome." Freda looked at Louisa with a cunning look in her eyes.

"Freda, I'm leaving now." After tidying up the documents, Louisa rushed downstairs.

At the gate of the Floral Neighborhood, Louisa looked at these tall buildings with melancholy. 'Forget it. I will look for it one by one, ' she thought.

"Uncle, I'm looking for someone. Do you have a big shot whose surname is Chu living in the villa?" Louisa asked the guard.

"Yes, we do. What's the matter? Go away if you have nothing important." The guard stopped her.

"I'll go inside and find someone. I'll come out in a minute." Louisa thought that the mayor was living inside, so she was eager to find him.

"Ask him to pick you up or call you, or I won't dare to let you in," the guard looked at the anxious Louisa and said helplessly.

Louisa sighed in frustration and turned around to leave the gate. How could she have the honor to ask the mayor to pick her up?

Louisa wandered around the neighborhood aimlessly. What should she do? How could she see the mayor? When she was in a dilemma, she saw a low wall. How about climbing the wall!

Louisa threw her denim bag into the wall and climbed over it with difficulty.

"Bang!" Louisa couldn't control herself well and fall to the ground.

"Ouch... It hurts..." Covering her buttocks, Louisa limped to the villa beside the South Lake. Fortunately, in the Floral Neighborhood, there was a villa area where all the villas are located. She could find mayor Chu's villa once she found the villa area! 'Come on, Louisa!'

Louisa soon saw the South Lake Villa in the villa district. It was more like a castle, which was unique among the villas and could be seen at a glance.

Louisa was delighted. Thinking that she could see the mayor today, she quickened her pace. Louisa sat at the gate of the villa and waited for the mayor.

Louisa sat alone at the door of the luxurious villa, waiting for 'Mayor Chu'. After sitting in the wind for more than two hours, she finally saw a Rolls-Royce driving here and parking at the door.

"Finally someone is coming!" She stood up and almost fell down because of her numb feet.

After the car stopped, the driver got off and opened the door. "Mr. Chu, we are home," the driver said respectfully.

At first, Louisa was a little hesitant, fearing that she had found the wrong person. When she heard the driver call Mr. Chu, she became more convinced. She stretched out her head and looked into the car, only to see a man in his early twenty's.

'Is Mr. Chu so young?' Louisa

just admired this young but successful man and didn't think too much. After all, there were many capable people in the world.


'Mayor Chu' walking towards the villa in a pair of high-end customized leather shoes from Italy.

He glanced at Louisa out of the corner of his eye and wondered why this girl was squatting at the door of his house?

"Tell the doorman that he doesn't need to come to work tomorrow." Royce, the 'mayor', ordered.

"Yes, sir." The driver nodded without any doubt and hesitation. The doorman must have done something wrong if Mr. Chu asked him to leave. He could only mind his own business.

After the driver drove away, Louisa rushed forward to stop Royce, hoping that she could have a few words with the 'mayor' and ask him a few questions. Then her planning would be hopeful.

"Mayor Chu! How are you doing?" Louisa wiped her hands and took out her planning.

"Go away." Royce looked at Louisa coldly, unmoved.

Louisa was shocked by Royce. She didn't expect the mayor to be so angry. "Mayor Chu, this is the government planning plan I worked very hard. I hope you can have a look. Can you give me a chance to sign up?" Louisa took out her planning and handed it to Royce.

Royce looked at Louisa and sneered, "Next time, choose a convincing reason." She took the planning from Louisa and threw it out. The government planning? How could he not know how many people were working on the government planning?

Royce walked past Louisa and opened the door.

"Bang!" the sound of Royce closing the door brought back her thoughts.

"What kind of person is that?" Louisa complained as she picked up her own planning. She stayed up late to finish the planning. How could the mayor treat her work so ruthlessly!

"That's too much!" Louisa wandered around the door with her own planning. What should she do! She didn't even have a chance to sign up if she couldn't see the mayor.

After entering the room, Royce felt restless. He smoothed his hair, took off his clothes, walked to the swimming pool and plunged into it.

Two years ago...

Royce was only seventeen years old.

"Fuck off! I don't have a son like you!" Brett shouted at Royce angrily.

"Okay." Looking at his furious father, Royce didn't feel any waves in his heart. It was no big deal. Since his mother left, he didn't feel any warmth. His so-called father was busy with work all day and never cared about him. He didn't want to live in this house anymore.

With his schoolbag in his hand, Royce left the Chu mansion.

He wandered around without any money.

"Are you okay?" Hearing the voice, Royce looked up and saw a pure and innocent girl. She was wearing a faded denim suit and neat short hair.


"My name is Daphne. What about you?" Daphne asked with a smile.

"Roy," Royce utter a name randomly.

"People are exactly what they are named. It is a good name. Do you have nowhere to go?" Daphne asked.

"Yes." Royce felt a little embarrassed to say that.

"If you don't mind, I have another room and I'm looking for someone to rent it together. I can take you in for a night," Daphne told Royce with a smile.

Royce was about to refuse Daphne, but when she saw Daphne's innocent smile, he agreed for no reason.

With a confused look on Royce's face, he was taken back to Daphne's rental house. The space was very small. It was more like a cubicle than a room.

"Come on in. The space is a little small. Don't mind." Daphne scratched her head with embarrassment.

"Thank you," said Royce in a low voice. After all, few people would help him when he was in a difficult time.

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