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   Chapter 29 Mr. Sane Is Here

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 7439

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"Casey, she knows nothing. Do you want to fire her?" Sane looked straight into Casey's eyes.

Casey was very angry when he heard this. Knew nothing? Did you see that Louisa was trying hard to get everyone's recognition? 'You are the one who has nothing to do, flirts with women every day, and now blames my woman? For what?' he thought.

"Knew nothing? Who is the one knows nothing here? Don't you know it yourself?" Casey sneered and looked at Sane, indicating that he was the one who had nothing to do.

"You! …" Sane was much angrier than he thought. Seeing this, Freda immediately stepped forward and said, "Mr. Sane, don't be angry. Isn't it good for Louisa to make a good performance?" It seemed that she was trying to mediate the conflict. In fact, she gave Mr. Sane a step forward and also gave him a chance to make things difficult for Louisa.

Mr. Sane thought for a while and said, "Okay, how about this?" Sane looked at Louisa.

"If you can show me the planning of the municipal government this year, I won't force Casey to fire you! You must prove to me that you are capable to do this!" Sane made things difficult for Louisa on purpose. It was known to all that a qualified old designer might fail in the planning of the municipal government. Not to mention a good planning, just a qualified planning required people to contact all levels of the government to ask, study and sum up. Only in this way could they understand the government's planning.

"It's impossible. If you want to do that, do it yourself." Casey was angry that his so-called father was giving orders to his woman.

"Okay!" Louisa took a step forward. She really didn't want to see the two of them quarrel with each other because of her.

"No, it's too hard! I don't agree. You can stay and leave as you like. Anyway, Louisa stays!" Casey insisted.

"Unfilial son!" Sane shouted angrily.

"Mr. Sane, don't be angry. I'll do it. Don't scold Mr. Casey." Louisa tried to meditate.

Looking at the bickering between Mr. Sane and Sane, Joie sympathized with Louisa. The work of the government was not something ordinary people could do. She had neither qualifications nor background, and no one would talk to her, let alone make a government planning.

"Louisa, don't be impulsive. The most important thing in this government planning is the connections. You..." Joie stopped Louisa. She didn't expect that Kaley Liang would call Mr. Sane here because of what she said.

Louisa patted Joie's hand and smiled at her. "It's okay. Thank you, Joie. I'm not afraid no matter how difficult it is."

Louisa gently pulled down her hand and confronted Sane, "Mr. Sane, I accept your test. If I fail, I'll pack and get out of here by myself. If I'm lucky enough to pass the test, please don't make things difficult for Mr. Casey." Louisa was grateful to Casey for his protection, but she couldn't always hide behind Casey.

Looking at Louisa, Sane sneered in his heart and thought, 'I hope you would still have the courage to say so by that time.'

"Okay, did you hear that? I, Sane, keep my word. If she has made a government planning, I won't make things difficult for Casey because of this." Sane looked around.

"Yes, I heard." Everyone began to cooperate.

After taking the test from Sane, Louisa didn't have a good sleep. She was the last one to leave the company and came to the company the earliest.

Time flies, especially when you are busy, you don't know that time can pass so fast.

All of a sudden, there were only three days left before the preliminary selection of the planning. Louisa was so nervous that she wanted to split one minute into three parts.

"Casey, I won't go back today. You can g

o back first." With bread in her mouth, Louisa said to Casey on the other side of the phone in a lisp.

"No, I can't fall asleep without you." Casey refused Louisa. On one hand, he really couldn't fall asleep without Louisa; on the other hand, he didn't want Louisa to work so hard. These days, Louisa hadn't had a good rest for this ridiculous agreement. There were thick dark circles under her eyes. He wouldn't let her go. Why did she make things difficult for herself?

"Well, Casey, you sleep on your own today. I really have something to do. I have to hang up." Louisa took down the half eaten bread, put it aside, and began to immerse herself in her work again.

After work, everyone went home and went shopping. Only Louisa was still studying the previous planning.

Seeing Louisa like this, Freda was in a good mood these days. She was particularly happy when she thought that this little bitch would leave her sight forever in three days.

Casey was not in a hurry to go home. Since Louisa was not at home, it was meaningless for him to go back alone. He stayed in the company and worked overtime with her. When he realized that it was very late, the moon had risen to the middle. He looked at his watch and found that it was already midnight. Casey looked at the documents in his hand, thinking that these things should be able to make Louisa have a good sleep.

With the documents in his hands, Louisa walked to Louisa's seat and wanted to put them on her table quietly. However, he found that this little fool was so tired that she fell asleep on the table.

Casey looked at the stubborn Louisa, whose face was as white and tender as a baby's, had dark circles around her eyes due to days of staying up late. Her hair became a little messy. Although she did not look as young as before, he didn't know why he wanted to love her more than before.

Casey took off his clothes and gently covered them on Louisa. This little fool was not afraid of catching a cold. He chuckled, quietly tucked Louisa's hair behind her ear, and put the documents in his hand on Louisa's desk.

In a good mood, Freda went to bed early and got up early. She was full of spirit and came to the company early to see making a fool of herself. But when she saw the clothes on Louisa, which were handmade in Italy, she knew immediately whose clothes it was!

"You little bitch, you don't forget to seduce Casey even you are in such a situation! What a bitch! You haven't suffered enough!" Freda gritted her teeth out of hatred and came up with another plan. Then she walked to Louisa with her waist twisted.

"Oh, my God! Louisa! Why did you sleep here?" Freda shouted and slapped hard on Louisa's face.

Louisa felt pain in her sleep, and her eardrum was also attacked. She looked up at Freda and said, "Yes, I'm too tired, so I fell asleep."

"Louisa, work is important, but you should take care of yourself." Freda really wanted Louisa to die, but she held her hand and pretended to care about her.

She picked up the documents on the table and said, "Let me see what I can do to help you first." She was even angrier when she saw it. This document summarized all the planning plans in recent years, and also marked out the common points and some problems worth attention with a red pen. It must be Casey. Why couldn't he see her own merits and help this woman? This document must have taken Casey several nights.

She couldn't let Louisa succeed! While Louisa was still in a daze, she secretly put the documents on the desk next door. Anyway, there was no one in the company now, and no one saw her little action. If she hadn't come early and discovered it, this little bitch might have succeeded.

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