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   Chapter 28 The Objection Of The Wu Family

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'No, I can't sit still and wait for death like this. Isn't there a person of my own in the Wu family? It is my gun, ' she thought.

On the second day, Kaley Liang went to the old house of Wu family with the latest skin care products. As usual, Sane wouldn't be at home at this time.

"Kaley Liang, why are you here?" Mrs. Vera was very satisfied to see Kaley Liang. Such a woman deserved to be the daughter-in-law of the Wu family. She came from a rich family and was filial to her.

"Auntie, I come to see you. I heard that you are not in good health these two days?" Kaley Liang asked hypocritically about Vera's conditions, "Take care of yourself. I'll send some bird's nest soup to you later. It's good for your health." Then she put the gift she brought into Vera's hand.

"Oh, don't bring anything next time. I'm happy to see you already. I'm in good health, but I was annoyed by a little bitch." Looking at Kaley Liang, Vera thought that she would have a good life if she had such a woman as her daughter in law. She didn't need to buy skin care products in the future!

"Really? Then don't be angry for such a person. It's not worth it if you get ill from anger." Kaley Liang held Vera's hand and reminded her.

"Yes, I just feel sorry for you. You are such a good girl. Why doesn't Casey cherish you and insists on flirting with other women outside. Just like my old man!" Mrs. Vera said sadly. She also had a hard time.

"Auntie, I heard that... There is a girl in Casey's company who likes him very much and wants to marry him?" Kaley Liang said with grievance.

"Yes, that shameless woman. I just went to help you teach her a lesson. I didn't expect to be pissed off by her." Hearing what Kaley Liang said, Vera couldn't help complaining.

"How could it be? How dare she!" Kaley Liang pretended to be angry.

"Why doesn't she dare? It's all Casey's permission." The more Vera thought about it, the angrier she became.

"Auntie, I heard that after you left that day, that woman stayed alone with Casey in the meeting room for a long time. I heard that there was a groan. I... Auntie, what should I do? I really like Casey very much." As Kaley Liang spoke, she began to wipe her tears.

Sitting down next to Kaley Liang, Vera asked, "Really? Good girl, I will find justice for you. Don't cry."

After the two of them talked for a while, Kaley Liang left.

Mrs. Vera was at home. The nanny suddenly said that master had come back, she immediately went downstairs to welcome him. "You're back. Are you tired?"

"Not bad." Sane looked at Vera. Although she was no longer young, she was still charming. The young girls outside couldn't compete with her. He wanted to live a peaceful life with her. So he couldn't help but soften his tone.

"Have a seat. I'll get you a glass of water," Vera said gently.


"Alas," Vera sighed.

"What's wrong?" Looking at the woman who had accompanied him for most of his life, Sane still had feelings in his heart.

"Brother Sane, although I'm not Casey's biological mother, I've treated him as my own son these years. In order to treat him well, I didn't pay so much attention to Alston. Now that he doesn't recognize me as his mother, I feel sad..." As she spoke, her heart ached. If it weren't for her disappointing son, she wouldn't have been so humble!

"What did that beast do? Did you cry because he pissed you off?" Sane looked at Vera, thinking that Casey had done something against Vera again.

"I don't care. He has a mistress outside. How can we explain this to the Liang family? Kaley Liang is such a good girl. We can't let her down." Vera said to Sane.

"But... But I just said a few words to him and he wanted me to leave. He even threatened me to freeze my bank card! " Tears welled up in Vera's eyes.

"This beast!" Sane was so angry that he smashed the glass and held Vera in his arms. "Well, don't cry. I'll go to the company to see him tomorrow. I d

on't believe that he dares to do this again. That unfilial son!"

"Okay." Vera sobbed in Sane's arms. Her tearful look made Sane feel pity for her.

On the second morning, Sane went to the company.

"Mr. Sane, Mr. Casey is in his office. There shouldn't be a meeting now." The Secretary General received Sane in person. He was the father of her boss, so she couldn't neglect him.

"Well, take me to him. I have something to ask him," Sane said to the Secretary General.

"Okay, this way, please." The Secretary General guided Sane carefully.

Sane followed the Secretary General to the CEO's office. He had to admit that his son was very excellent. Although the Wu group was also a well-known enterprise, after he handed over the company to him, he had set a record of no loss in seven years, and the company's scale had increased several times. Except that he was unwilling to go home to see him, his son was really perfect.

"Mr. Casey, Mr. Sane is here." The Secretary General knocked on the door of Casey's office and wanted to know what the president meant.

"Come in." Casey didn't stand up to greet Sane when he heard him. He just sat on the chair and looked at his so-called father.

"What do you mean? Why don't you come to welcome me?" Sane was furious at Casey's attitude.

"Why should I receive you?" Casey showed no sign of weakness.

"I'm your father!" Sane knew that he had mistreated his son, but he still refused to admit his mistake.

"I don't have a father like you. If you don't have anything else to do, you can go back. I have work to do." Casey didn't want to argue with him, so he asked him to leave.

"Bastard! Unfilial son!" Sane shouted angrily.

"Get out!" Casey didn't look at Sane again. He hadn't fulfilled his father's responsibility for a day. Why should he ask him to respect him?

"I want you to fire Louisa!" Sane's chest heaved with anger. He was indeed an unfilial son!

"No way," Casey refused Sane firmly. These two people were indeed a family. He had no right to judge his life.

"You! …" Sane glared at Casey, waiting for his response. He turned to look at the Secretary General and said, "You! Go and find Louisa. I have something to talk to her!"

"Don't go!" Casey stopped the Secretary General.

"Unfilial son! This company is mine! Believe it or not, I will make you lose everything!" Sane was so angry that he spoke without thinking. He didn't even think about who took care of the company so well.

"Go and find that bitch!" Sane said to the Secretary General again. The Secretary General didn't go out, but secretly told the people outside to call Louisa over.

After a while, Louisa heard that Casey's father came to the company and asked to see her. She knew that something bad would happen.

At the same time, Freda and Joie heard the news and followed Louisa into the CEO's office.

"Mr. Sane, Mr. Casey." Louisa bowed to Sane.

"I can't stand your bows!" Sane rolled his eyes at Louisa, which embarrassed Louisa.

"Are you Louisa?"

"Yes, Mr. Sane," Louisa replied respectfully.

"Do you have any achievement?" Sane asked arrogantly.

"Not yet, but..." Louisa explained.

"What is your degree? Doctor? graduate student? Which school did you graduate from?" Sane asked aggressively.

"Graduated from T University, an undergraduate."

"T university? You're just an undergraduate. No wonder you haven't achieved anything. Your mind is all on men. How can you achieve anything?" Sane thought of what Mrs. Vera had said. As expected, such a person didn't even reach the threshold of working in the company. If she hadn't seduced this unfilial son, how could she work in the Wu group? That was going too far! Today, he had to ask Casey to fire this useless waste!

"Sane, it's not like that!" Seeing that everyone misunderstood her, Louisa felt very aggrieved and wanted to explain eagerly, but she found that Sane was not listening to her at all.

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