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   Chapter 27 Launch The Attack

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 7071

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Louisa couldn't help laughing, "Hah-hah, I didn't say anything wrong. I won't admit it. It's itchy." She tried to avoid Casey.

"Okay, okay, Casey Wu, I'm sorry. Don't make do this to me. I have a stomachache from laughing." Louisa grabbed Casey's hand and begged for mercy.

"That's good." Looking at the smiling Louisa, Casey felt warm in his heart. She let go of Louisa, but Louisa jumped far away after she stood up.

"Hump! You're blocking my way of earning money. When I get one million dollars, I'll wear gold and silver every day and eat good food every day!"

"You bad girl, let me teach you a lesson." Louisa thought she had been far away from him, so she became naughty. Casey saw Louisa stuck out her tongue naughtily, looking very complacent. Gritting his teeth, he took Louisa's hand and pressed it on his knees.

"Who told you to be naughty?" Then he spanked Louisa.

"Do you realize your fault?"


"Ah! Be gentle. It hurts!" Louisa couldn't help crying out.

"I won't be gentle. The heavier the better!" Then he spanked again.


Freda gritted her teeth out of hatred. She was driven out of the meeting room by Casey. Thinking that there were only the two of them left in the meeting room, she was a little worried. It was wise for her to secretly leave a crack in the door when she left. She was not reconciled and turned around to listen. When she came to the meeting room, she only heard Louisa cry out of pain and asked Casey to be gentle.

She heard Casey spanked Louisa again, which made her jealous. "This bitch can't wait to seduce Casey! Does she really think no one knows what a bitch she is? Bitch!"

Feeling that Louisa was sitting on his laps, Casey felt itchy in his heart. He wished he could press her under his body and love her very much. His strength of his hands gradually eased. "Do you realize your fault?" Casey's hand stopped on the buttock of Louisa, flirting with her unconsciously. Louisa only wanted to joke with Casey, but she didn't feel the amorous posture between her and Casey.

"I'm wrong. I'm wrong. It hurts!" In fact, Louisa didn't feel much pain. The first two spanks were really painful, but she couldn't help pouting and acting like a spoiled child.

Hearing the cry of pain, Casey hurriedly helped Louisa up. Seeing the aggrieved look on her face, he felt funny. Her look made him want to hide her into his arms so that others would covet her.

"Louisa, be my girlfriend," Casey couldn't help asking.

"What?" Louisa didn't hear her.

"Nothing." Casey thought to himself, 'I will let you make me your boyfriend one day.'

"Well, Louisa, stop it." Casey tried to calm himself down. If things went on like this, he was afraid that he couldn't control himself to have sex with her.

"Okay." Louisa stopped laughing, while Casey looked at her with affection.

"Let's go to work." Casey held Louisa's hand subconsciously. Although Louisa's hand was not as smooth and delicate as that of a girl from a rich family, Casey's heart softened. He thought that she must have suffered a lot before he met her. He would never let his woman suffer again in the future.

"Okay!" Louisa felt the warmth of Casey's hand. Although she knew it was not good for her to do so, she was still greedy for his warmth. Perhaps the man in front of her liked her. It would be fine if she asked Casey to let go of his hand at the door.

When they arrived at the door, Louisa was about to ask Casey to let go of her, but she didn't expect that Casey w

ould let go of her by himself. Instead, she felt empty in her heart.

After leaving the meeting room, Casey neither talked to her nor looked at her. Louisa didn't think too much. It would be better he did it like that, so she could avoid a lot of troubles.

When Louisa went back to her studio, she found that her colleagues were all looking at her curiously. Louisa looked at herself head to toe and then sat down quietly.

Sitting next to Louisa, Sally looked at Louisa, trying to find something different on her face, but she found that Louisa was not panic at all. she couldn't help asking, "Louisa, what's your relationship with the CEO?"

"Mr. Casey is my boss," Louisa looked at Sally and said honestly

"Oh, don't hide it from me. We all know. Mr. Casey has helped you many times." Sally didn't believe what Louisa said at all and looked at her.

"I didn't lie to you. It's the boss who helps his subordinate." Louisa didn't know how to explain it. On the contrary, she felt that it would be a mess if she continued to explain.

"You have been in the meeting room for so long. What are you two doing there?" Sally didn't give up and wanted to know more

However, it was obvious that Louisa didn't want to dwell on such a boring question any more, but Sally still walked around her. The loud voice of her surrounded her ears all the time. Louisa couldn't help but say coldly, "I've said that I have nothing to do with Casey!"

Louisa really couldn't be tortured by such a noisy voice when she was preparing for the creation. She just hoped that Sally wouldn't torture her anymore. But Sally did not take it that way.

Everyone suspected that a person with a diploma background like her could get such a job by climbing into Mr. Casey's bed. The real hostess was still Kaley Liang, from a family of equal social rank. Mr. Casey would never give up a perfect woman as Kaley Liang for such a woman. Did she really think herself as hostess to be? 'Shame on you! How dare you pull a long face to me?'

"Fine, fine. Why are you so arrogant?" Then Sally went back to her desk.

Hearing what her colleagues said, Joie who finally had a good impression of Louisa, now disappeared without a trace. It turned out that she was a scheming woman. She was really awesome. She had been cheated by her for two times. She thought she was a good girl, but she didn't expect that she was no different from other women outside!

Although Joie came from a rich family, she didn't have a happy family. Her father was no different from an ordinary men. The nature of changing their mind towards their wives as soon as they was rich couldn't be changed. He found a young mistress outside and had a son. Then he forgot his wife, her mother's help to his career, and his daughter. So Joie hated such people and things.

Looking at the grief look on Louisa's indifferent face, she couldn't help but call Kaley Liang to remind her to be careful of Louisa.

"Hello, Kaley Liang. I'm Joie. Mrs. Vera came to our company today. Do you know?"

"Yes, I heard about it. What's wrong?" Kaley Liang felt a little happy. Now, Louisa might have a hard time.

"After Mrs. Vera left, only the two of them stayed alone in the meeting room for a long time." Joie didn't say what her colleagues said. After all, she didn't see it and couldn't talk nonsense.

"What? Only the two of them?" Kaley Liang was so jealous that Casey didn't give her any time to be alone with him. But now he was alone with a little bitch for a long time?

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