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   Chapter 26 Being Ill-bred

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Realizing that she couldn't pretend anymore, Vera stood up and pushed Freda away. "Casey... This woman has gone too far!" Vera began to complain first, which made Louisa very angry! How could this woman do this!

"I..." Louisa wanted to argue, but was stopped by Casey. Casey said coldly, "What did she do to you?"

"She said I was rude and ill bred!" Vera made a false counter claim. Louisa was so angry that she bit her lips and tried to restrain her impulse to slap her in the face!

Casey glanced at Vera, "Did she wrong in saying that?" If Vera was brought up well, how could she drove his own mother away!

Vera was choked. "I heard that she seduced you. This kind of woman could not be brought to the table. I'm doing it for your own good!"

"You don't have a say in this!" Casey didn't buy it. This woman said that she did it for his own good, but she did everything for her own interests.

"Casey, don't do this to me. I'm doing this for your own good. I only accept Kaley Liang as my daughter-in-law!" Vera had no self-knowledge at all. She didn't fulfill her duty as a mother, but wanted to have the right as a mother to criticize Casey's life!

"If you like her, you can ask your son to marry her. I'm not your son." Casey's face darkened, indicating that he had lost his patience!

'Do you think I don't want to? She doesn't like my disappointing son!' she thought.

"If you don't have anything else to do, you can go shopping. If I know you mess around in my company again, your bank card will be frozen!" Casey warned Vera not to disturb his work again.

"Casey! Are you threatening me? How can you do this to me?" Vera subconsciously protected her wallet. Wasn't she spent her good youth with that old man just to have endless money to spend in her life? Casey wanted to freeze her bank card, which meant she was going to die?

"It's not a threat. It's a warning. If you dare to do it again, your bank card will be frozen!" Casey was fed up with this disgusting face. He didn't want to see her at all. He moved out of the house at a very young age, just because he didn't want to see her. However, she came to his company again and again to make a scene.

"Freda, don't think that I don't dare to hurt you. Don't let me know that you will do such a thing again. If there is a next time, get out of the Wu group!"

Then he looked at Louisa. Louisa's lips had lost their color because of the bite. If she continued to bite, they would probably bleed.

"Casey..." Vera still wanted to struggle.

"Get out!"

"Mr. Casey..." Seeing that Louisa was fine, Freda called him unwillingly.

"Don't let me say it a second time. You get out too." Freda and Vera had no choice but to leave.

Vera took a look at Louisa. "Bitch! Humph! Just wait and see!" Then she left the meeting room in her high heels.

Mrs. Vera was so angry that he wanted to go home, but she also felt that her grievance could not be suffered in vain. She stopped, looked at Freda and rolled her eyes. "Loser, you are useless." Then she went downstairs and went home.

Freda was trembling with anger! What kind of person was she? Why did she vent her anger on her only because she failed to get what she wanted! She was indeed a shameless mistress! Freda looked down upon such a woman. If she hadn't come up with other ways to torture Louisa, she wouldn't have colluded with such a woman.

It was all Louisa the bitch's fault! If it weren't for her, how could there be so many things! Bitch!

The more Freda thought about it, the angrier she got.

Casey saw that all the people had left, but Casey still bit her lips stubbornly, not mentioning the grievance she had suffered. That make him feel a little pitiful. "Well, since ev

eryone has left, you can let go of your lips." Then he reached out his hand and was about to save her lips.

Louisa was frightened to step back, but accidentally tripped over the chair in the meeting room and fell to the conference table. Casey hurriedly held Louisa in his arms to protect her.

All of a sudden, the whole world was quiet. Casey stared at Louisa with indescribable tenderness in his eyes. Louisa looked into Casey's eyes.

"Bang, bang, bang." Louisa's heart beat so fast that she could even hear it.

"I saved you, but you didn't throw yourself at me to show your gratitude?" Casey put Louisa on the meeting table and asked with a sly smile.

"Casey, get up." Louisa pushed Casey's chest with her hand. Feeling the warmth from her palm, she blushed.

"Why are you blushing? Are you unwilling to leave me?" Looking at the blushing Louisa, Casey felt itchy.

Louisa was blushing even more. "No, I'm not. I wish I could leave earlier."

Looking at Louisa's stubborn look, Casey smiled and said, "You said no, but you are honest in your heart."

Looking at the ruffian Casey, Louisa's heart beat faster. Casey was so handsome when he smiled. His angular face, which seemed a little stiff because he didn't smile often. But when he smiled, the dimples at the corners of his mouth neutralized his seriousness, making him look sunny and handsome. Was this the way Casey smiled?

Seeing that Louisa was staring at him in a daze, Casey thought she was so cute. It seemed that he had to smile more in the future, so that he might be able to win the heart of this little white rabbit.

"What? Are you reluctant to leave me?" Casey couldn't help interrupting Louisa's thoughts. If it went on like this, he would eat this dazed rabbit.

"What? Oh." Louisa's confused look really made Casey itch. He really wanted to hold her in his arms and love her.

"Casey, get up first." Louisa reached out and tried to push Casey away. Casey was so close to her that her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

"Answer me first! Huh?" Casey didn't move but let Louisa push him.

"No, I'm waiting for Mrs. Vera's offer!" Louisa said with a red face.

"Offer?" Casey was confused. What offer?

Looking at the frown on Casey's face, Louisa was amused by his tangled expression. "Yes, generally speaking, the mother of a rich man will find the heroine and give her one million dollars and asked her to leave her son."

Casey looked at the naughty Louisa and laughed, "Yes, but it seems to be different from what you expected."

Hearing this, Louisa pouted and said, "Yes, I didn't expect that your mother would scold me as soon as she came. I didn't do anything harmful."

Louisa felt a little aggrieved. She had only been in the company for a few days, but there were all kinds of problems, but the core of the problem was related to Casey.

"She is not my mother. My mother left me a long time ago." Looking at Louisa's coquettish look, Casey said subconsciously.

Louisa was stunned. She didn't know why Casey suddenly said this to her and didn't know how to answer.

"If I drive Mrs. Vera away, won't I spoil your business?" Casey teased.

"Yes, it's all your fault. You blocked my way of earning money." Louisa complained and joked with Casey. Mrs. Vera's mean face appeared in her mind. She laughed out loud at the thought when she told herself that she would give her one million dollars and leave her son.

"You little girl, I have protected you, but you still blame me for blocking your way of being wealthy. See if I will teach you a lesson." Then he tickled Louisa and made her dodge.

"Do you realize your fault? Hmm?" Casey looked at Louisa who was smiling and scratched her whenever he asked.

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