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   Chapter 25 Get Out Of The Company

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Seeing that it was Mrs. Vera, Freda was overjoyed. Louisa was going to suffer this time. "Yes, Mrs. Vera. I'll call her to see you right away. Let me show you to the meeting room first."

Mrs. Vera saw that Freda was happy to see her and thought she was her fan. She looked at her a few more times and flipped her hair. "Okay, tell her to hurry up." Then she followed Freda to the meeting room.

"Tell Louisa that the executive of the company wants to see her and ask her to come to the meeting room as soon as possible." said Freda. She didn't want to see Louisa's annoying face.

After a while, Louisa went to the meeting room. She didn't understand why there was executive who wanted to see her since she had only been in the company for a few days? But she still pushed the door open.

"Are you Louisa? Why are you so late?" Mrs. Vera was pissed off when she saw Louisa. She made things difficult for her as soon as she opened her mouth. In fact, she just sat in the meeting room for five minutes.

"Yes, you are?" Louisa didn't know how she offended her, so she criticized her as soon as she opened her mouth.

"I'm Mr. Casey's mother," Mrs. Vera replied arrogantly.

"Hello, Mrs. Vera." Louisa didn't know why Mrs. Vera came to her. It seemed that she had a bad intention.

"Raise your head."

Louisa raised her head and looked at Mrs. Vera. She didn't know what she wanted to do, but she felt that Mrs. Vera held her chin tightly and lifted it hard. She was taller than her, and this posture made her very uncomfortable and look funny.

"You look like a seductress. I heard that you are more familiar with Casey?" Mrs. Vera put down her grip on Louisa's face and said disdainfully.

"No, it's just boss and subordinate." Louisa didn't want to piss her off.

"Nonsense! I can't bear to see a bitch like you to mess around in the company!" Although she was also a mistress who won her position by driving the hostess away, no one still remembered that old wife. She had to act like the hostess even if she was once a mistress.

"I didn't seduce Casey!" Louisa was a little annoyed. It was Casey's matter every day. There was nothing between them!

"Hey, didn't you just say you were not familiar with each other? Now you call him by name? Bitch!" Mrs. Vera couldn't help but vent her grievance from Sane on Louisa. A man would cheat on his wife once. He would surely did it again. Sane was old, but he still had a mistress outside. However, she did not care about that as long as she had enough money in her hand.

"Louisa, are you used to working in the design department now?" Freda asked.

"I..." Louisa wanted to say something but was interrupted by Mrs. Vera.

"Bitch, it must be Casey who put you in the design department. Look at yourself. You are such a scheming bitch!" Mrs. Vera was getting more and more unreasonable.

"I say it again. I didn't!" Louisa couldn't help but repeat.

"Why are you talking to me so loudly? What a rude woman! You're a bitch with a mother to give birth to you but without anyone teaching you." Mrs. Vera felt that her authority was threatened, so she couldn't help but attack Louisa's parents.

Hearing this, Louisa trembled with anger. She grew up in an orphanage. Although she didn't have parents, Dean Tessa taught her well, just like her mother. And the woman in front of her criticized her for no reason. What right did she have to say that to her? She couldn't help refuting Mrs. Vera, "Mrs. Vera, please take back your improper words!" Louisa said to Mrs. Vera with a red face.

"What? Why are you talking to me like that? Who do you think you are? Let me tell you, my daughter-in-law is Kaley Liang. Stop dreaming. Look at yourself

. How can you compete with her?" Mrs. Vera hated it the most when others talked to her in such a tone. Didn't they look down upon her for her past as a mistress?

"You have no say in that question. Do you know me well? You know nothing. How dare you say something rude to me? Besides, I don't want to compete with your good daughter-in-law!" Louisa was even angrier. Why didn't this woman understand what he said at all? She said that she had nothing to do with Casey already. She acted like a crazy woman.

"Oh, rude? Who on earth made such rude remarks? Get out of here! Get out of this company! You are not welcome in the company!" Mrs. Vera was furious. How dare such a nobody talk to her like that? It was all that old man's fault that he didn't allow her to work in the company. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been like this.

"I signed a contract with Mr. Casey. The contract hasn't due yet. And I haven't done anything harmful to the company's interests. Although you are Mr. Casey's mother, you have no right to fire me. If you want to do that, ask Casey to." Louisa thought this woman was unreasonable! She didn't understand why such a woman would be Casey's mother. No wonder Casey never mentioned his mother to her.

When Mrs. Vera saw that Louisa mentioned Casey, she was even more annoyed. The old man at home didn't listen to her, and Casey never took her seriously. She was very meticulous to take care of him, but he didn't change his attitude to her. Now even the employee in his company dared to treat her like this. This was going too far!

"Listen, listen, she says that she has nothing to do with Casey. But she frequently mentioned Casey to threaten me. What a bitch!" Mrs. Vera looked at Freda and said angrily. She also knew that Casey wouldn't help her even if he knew about it. She subconsciously wanted Freda to stand on her side.

"Exactly!" Mrs. Vera was in a disadvantage and about to lose to Louisa, and Freda had no way to interfere. So Freda immediately expressed her loyalty when Mrs. Vera asked.

On the other side, Casey heard from his subordinate that Vera came to the company, so he stopped his work to see what this woman was doing.

Casey pushed the door open and asked, "What are you doing?" Seeing that Louisa and Freda were together again, Casey frowned and looked at Freda. Wasn't he gave enough lesson to her?

Seeing that Casey was there, Vera's feet became soft and she rolled her eyes as she feigned falling on Freda's body. "Mrs. Vera! Mrs. Vera!"

Freda knew what he meant when she saw that the energetic Vera suddenly fell on her. She immediately held her and shouted anxiously, "Mrs. Vera, wake up. Don't be angry. Louisa is thoughtless. Her words are too annoying!"

Vera was also satisfied with Freda's words. Seeing that Freda was so clever, she covered her heart. "Mrs. Vera, what's wrong with you? Mr. Casey, come here quickly. Mrs. Vera is so angry that she has a heart attack!" Freda shouted in cooperation with the performance of Vera.

"Casey... Casey! I feel bad!" Vera looked at Casey, hoping to gain his sympathy.

Casey watched the two women acting like demons and watching their life plays. The whole world owed them an Oscar prize!

"I only have one mother, not you. You are just Mrs. Vera. Don't let me know that you claim to be my mother outside!" Casey was a little angry. It was this woman who made his mother leave him early.

"Casey! I can't breathe!" Seeing that the family card didn't work, Vera had to confuse the situation.

"Why didn't I know you had a heart attack? Call nine one one if you have a heart attack! " Casey watched the performance coldly and didn't want to talk to this unreasonable woman any more.

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