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   Chapter 24 Can't I

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"How could it be?" Reilly was shocked.

"Wait a minute. I think The Timely Rainfall is better. The Candles In The Darkness is a little stiff." Reilly wanted to find fault with the work of Louisa so that she would lose the qualification to be the champion.

"I think the winner should be given to The Timely Rainfall!"

"Wait a minute. I think The Candles In The Darkness is good. Painting is all about feeling. The most important thing was not to reappear the picture, but to express emotions. Although the drawing may not be excellent, it is full of emotions and makes people moved! " Joie stood out to speak for Louisa, or perhaps for the painting.

"Yes, we are moved by the painting." The judges heard Joie say that and agreed.

Looking at Joie, Louisa thought that she would lose the championship. She also knew that the picture of Rainfall was drawn by Joie. She did not expect that Joie would stand out to speak for her.

"Congratulations, Louisa. You are excellent." Joie looked at Louisa's clear eyes without any desire. She stretched out her hand to congratulate Louisa.

"Thank you, Joie." Louisa held Joie's hand.

"You're welcome. It was your work that touched me. Congratulations!"

After a round of assessment, Candles In The Darkness was the winner and The Timely Rainfall was runner-up.

Louisa was very happy that her work was approved. When she was happy, she received a call from Casey.

"Louisa, congratulations. Come to my office later. "

Mr. Casey, I'm Louisa." After receiving the notice from Casey, Louisa came to his office.

"Come in." Casey heard Louisa's voice and a smile appeared on his face that he himself didn't notice. His Bunny's creation ability was really good, and Candles In The Darkness was an excellent work. He was somewhat proud in his heart.

After a while, Louisa walked up to Casey and lowered her head, not daring to show much intimacy. "Mr. Casey, what can I do for you?"

Casey saw that Louisa had her head down and was very restrained. "Congratulations, Louisa."

"Thank you, Mr. Casey." Louisa didn't know what was on Casey's mind and couldn't figure it out, but she was still as happy as a child who got candies after his ability was confirmed.

"Louisa, come here. I won't eat you." Casey teased Louisa.

"Mr. Casey, what can I do for you. I can hear you here. " Louisa still didn't want to be too close to Casey. She said so, but refused to go forward.

Casey didn't force her. He knew he couldn't force her. "From tomorrow on, you can be promoted to the art director."

"No, I can't. Mr. Casey, I don't have the ability." Hearing Casey's words, Louisa was shocked. She didn't expect that Casey would ask her to be the art director directly. She graduated from an ordinary university and didn't have a well-known name, nor did she continue her further education. How could she be promoted to the art director directly through a painting? In this way, her relationship with Casey would be even more unclear.

"No, you are very capable. I believe you can do it well." Casey didn't take a look at his bunny. He believed that the rabbit was not as weak as she looked. In fact, she had to be strong and talented. He didn't want her to act in a weak manner in the future.

"No, Casey. I don't have the ability. I can't convince others."

"But I think you can do it." In fact, when he heard Louisa say that she couldn't be convinced, he had already made up his mind. He didn't want Louisa to be in the center of the storm, not to mention that he knew that Louisa was slandered by everyone because of her ex-boyfriend. He paid more attention to this, but he couldn't help teasing her.

"Casey, I want to start from the bottom." Louisa felt that she needed to start from the bottom. She just came to the company not long ago, and suddenly became a director. She couldn't convince the public.

"I see. You can go to the design department to report."

"Thank you, Mr. Casey." Louisa left quietly. She finally got her wish to work in the design department. Her painting was worth it.

After returning to her original office, Louisa packed up and was about to report to the design department.

When Freda passed by the office, she saw Louisa packing up. She walked up to a colleague and asked, "Jean, what is Louisa doing? Has she been dismissed?"

Jean saw Freda passing by her office more than ten times a day and said crossly, "No, she's going to the design department!"

"What? She is going to the design department? " Freda was very jealous. She racked her brains but failed to go to the design department. How could such a bitch go to the design department? For what? She must have seduced Andrew!

"Bitch!" He left angrily.

"Bitch! I won't let you go! " With hatred in his mind, a vicious scheme came to Freda's mind. If Kaley didn't work, she believed that Casey's mother would not be able to control this little bitch! Then she took out his phone and dialed Mrs. Vera's number.

"Hello, who's that? Be gentle. It hurts! You guys are dumb." Mrs. Vera was having a facial and chattering non-stop.

"Hello, is that Mrs. Vera?"

"Yes, I am. What's the matter?" Mrs. Vera was displeased with the poor workmanship of the beautician and didn't speak in a good tone.

"A bitch named Louisa seduced Mr. Casey and even threatened to be the hostess of the Wu Group!" Freda was thinking about how to make Mrs. Vera angry.

"What? I'm still alive! " 'I'm not dead yet, but this bitch wants to be the hostess? Even if she died, it was not her turn to be the hostess of the Wu Group. Kaley didn't dare to say anything like that. She was so angry that she hung up the phone and was about to get up, but pulled her hair again.

"Ouch, it hurts. What did you do? Get out! " Mrs. Vera couldn't help but vent her anger on the waiter, forgetting that it was her who stood up without permission.

After paying, she rushed to the Wu Group with her bag. "I'm going to teach this bitch a lesson."

After a while, she arrived at the Wu Group. "Mrs. Vera." Mrs. Vera was very satisfied with the way they called her, as if she was the hostess of the company.

In fact, the insiders all knew that she's nothing more than a mistress who pissed off their boss's original wife and thought she was powerful.

"Are you the receptionist? Do you have a person named Louisa? Ask her to come to see me. Tell her that someone high up in the company wants to see her." Vera was satisfied with their calling her Mrs. Vera, but she didn't take care of these ordinary employees. They were all people who took her husband's money. Why should she be kind to them?

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