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   Chapter 23 Pure

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"Louisa, oh, by the way, the lily she drew is very beautiful. I'm hanging up now." Joie didn't want to say anything more to her.

"Thank you, Joie." After saying that, Kaley hung up the phone, "Louisa, I'd like to see who you are. Humph! "

"Beep..." Kaley dialed the phone of the creative director of the Wu Group, "Hello, Mr. Reilly, it's me, Kaley".

"Hello, Miss Kaley. What can I do for you? " It was well-known that Kaley and Casey had an engagement, so naturally they were going to treat her with the same respect as the boss's wife.

"I'm just here to ask if there is a girl named Louisa who drew a lily and participated in the creative competition."

"Louisa... Lily! Yes it is. There is such a person. " Reilly Qin didn't pay much attention to the name Louisa, but the lily was really fresh, refined and unforgettable.

"I have a small favor to ask for your help. I don't know... "

"Please go ahead Miss Kaley, I'll do what I can." Reilly Qin said in a flattering tone.

"Ha ha, as long as you pass the lily, it will be fine. Do you understand what I mean?" Kaley said casually.

"But..." but the lily was really beautiful. It was not difficult to imagine the talent of the person who drew such a lily. Without this phone call, Lily would be the first prize.

"Yes, yes... Don't worry." Reilly Qin corrected himself in a hurry.

"That's good." Kaley hung up the phone.

"Louisa? Play with me? Humph! "

"Mr. Reilly, are you ready for tomorrow's work assessment?" Casey asked in the company meeting.

"You can rest assured. Don't you trust me? Everything is ready. " Reilly was thinking about the work that Miss Kaley had arranged for him, and was thinking about how to unconsciously pass off the work of Louisa and how to embarrass her in the future. Although she had no grudge against him, she had offended a big shot, so he had no choice. He was a little absent-minded, and was startled by Casey's call. He came to his senses, trembling and bragging about his ability.

"Well, we will vote in secret this time, and the name of the author will not be announced, which is more fair." He knew that his little white rabbit had offended Freda. After working in the company for so long, Freda still had some connections, so he changed all the public ways and adopted this kind of secret way.

"But, Mr. Casey, our company has always been open to the public before." thinking of this, Reilly couldn't do anything against Louisa.

"No buts. We'll do it in the future." Casey looked at director Reilly unhappily.

"Mr. Casey, please think about it again. It's against the rules." Reilly Qin still hoped to change Casey's mind so that he could do some actions to please his future boss's wife. After all, he had only the right in this respect. He still tried to persuade Casey recklessly.

"Since when you can refute me? Don't think I don't know what you are doing behind your back. " Casey was very unhappy. Do you really think that I don't know what he asked my subordinates to do in the company a few days ago?

"Or do you think you can make the decision now? Can you be the leader of the whole company? " Casey looked at Reilly Qin and said unhappily. If Reilly was not a talented man and an senior staff in the company, he would not keep such a person.

"Of course not, Mr. Casey. I shouldn't have said that. I will do it well. " Seeing that Casey was about to lose his temper, Mr. Reilly was frightened and immediately agreed. 'Are you kidding me? I don't know if Kaley is my boss's wife in the future, but Mr. Casey is my boss. If I offend him, I will have a hard time.' His son

was in college. He couldn't lose his job.

On the second day, Louisa took her work to the material room and registered her name. She didn't understand why she suddenly asked to write her name on the back of the work and use transparent tape to stick it. Maybe it was because there were many rules in large companies. After that, she left her work in the material room.

"Good evening, everyone! After discussion with several directors, these three works are the best. Our champion will be selected among them! " The host announced the beginning of the competition enthusiastically.

The audience were all eager to see who would be the winner of this year's competition. After all, if they could win the championship in the competition, they would be famous in the future. Since Joie came to the company, she had won every championship because of her outstanding strength and strong background. But it was said that the evaluation method had been changed this time. All the directors had secretly voted, and the selected works were randomly selected from ten people present for voting. They didn't know if there would be someone more outstanding than Joie.

"Next, our director Reilly will announce the three works selected!"

"The first picture is The Morning Sun! Congratulations! "

"Great! Great! I'm selected!" A girl couldn't help crying out happily!

"For the sake of the fairness of our assessment, I advise the author not to show their identities." Reilly Qin reminded.

"The second one, The Timely Rainfall! Congratulations! "

"This is the last one!" Reilly Qin said deliberately to tantalize everyone.

It must be mine! It must be mine! Louisa twisted her clothes nervously. Although she didn't show it on her face, she still hoped that her ability could be confirmed.

"The Candles In The Darkness! Congratulations! "

That's great! My work has been selected! Louisa was very happy and even wanted to cry. It turned out that it was so good to be affirmed.

"Now, let's bring these three works here!" After the work was brought on the stage, ten people were randomly selected and voted in secret.

After careful consideration by these ten people, they put their own votes in the hands of the person who was recording of ballots.

"Candles In The Darkness, one vote!"

"Candles In The Darkness, one vote!"

"The Timely Rainfall, one vote!"


After recording, the Candles In The Darkness finally won five tickets, three for The Timely Rainfall and two for The Morning Sun.

"Congratulations! The candles in the darkness won the championship!"

Joie couldn't believe her ears. She raised her head and looked at the work. She lost. Although she knew that she had been able to score some favorable points for winning the championship before, she still had the ability. After she heard that the rules of the competition were changed, she painted with all of her mind, and she lost?

The painting The Candle In The Darkness was not of candlelight swaying in the darkness, but some children. The innocent face of the children had confusion and expectation for the future, and the expression on their face were very delicate. She did lose, but she didn't know who could draw such a painting?

"Now, we are going to reveal the author of the work. Congratulations..."

"Louisa Jin!" The crowd burst into thunderous applause.

"It's Louisa?" Joie couldn't help but look at Louisa. There was no trace of pursuit of fame and fortune on her face. What she showed was only the joy of her work being confirmed. She was so innocent and cute. She was not like what Freda said.

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