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   Chapter 21 You Bitch

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6774

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At this moment, Freda opened the door of the meeting room. She wanted to see how his cousin was talking. If they had a good talk, she could show up and let his cousin think of her. If the talk didn't go well, she could say something for him. But she didn't expect to see such a scene. Her cousin's forehead was smashed with blood, which looked very terrifying. And Louisa was half naked, curling up in the corner.

"You bitch again!" Freda rushed up and slapped Louisa across the face. "What did you do to Graham?"

Louisa had no time to care about her own pain, "Freda, ask him what he did." Louisa didn't blame her for slapping her regardless of right or wrong. She was even a little grateful for her appearance. If it weren't for her, she really didn't know what kind of torture he would suffer.

Seeing his cousin come, Graham also sobered up a lot, but he also knew that he had made a big mistake this time. Didn't he know what kind of group the Wu Group was? It was said that there was a customer who coveted the beauty of the front desk and only secretly touched the bottom of the female receptionist. After that, the Wu Group cancelled all cooperation with this client, which was also the reason why all elites tried their best to enter the Wu Group.

Even a sneaky touch of the buttocks was disqualified for life, not to mention the fact that he had done such a thing. He was at a disadvantage, so he wanted to take advantage of his cousin's position to bite back at Louisa. Not only would he then have no responsibility, but maybe Wu would even think about making amends

Thinking of this, Graham said, "Freda, she seduced me. I don't want to, so she hit me. Look, my head is broken by her. Your company must give me an explanation today!"

Graham's words infuriated Freda. "Bitch! It wasn't enough for you to seduce Casey, you also tried to seduce my brother. What a bitch, slut!"

Louisa was shocked to hear what Graham said. How could he say that! It was him who forced her!

"Graham, you shameless bastard!" Louisa was so angry that she cursed Graham. Graham avoided eye contact and dared not look at her.

"Bitch! How dare you seduce my brother! I want the whole company to see you like this! Bitch! " As she spoke, she pulled Louisa's hair and pulled her arm, trying to drag her out of the meeting room and let everyone see her half-naked body.

"That's right. Let everyone in your company see that. What a cheap girl." Seeing Freda's reaction, Graham added fuel to the fire. He helped Freda pull Louisa together.

Louisa's shirt had been torn out of shape by Graham, and she was not as strong as the two of them, so she had to protect herself as she struggled.

Tears streamed down her face. Who can save me? What did I do wrong? Why did you do this to me? Why? What kind of person was she in love with! Back then

"Louisa, can you be with me? I will be good to you. " Graham looked at Louisa and said gently.

"Graham, why me? I'm an orphan. I don't deserve you. " Louisa rubbed her rough hands awkwardly, feeling flattered and at a loss.

"Louisa, I will protect you. I won't let you suffer any grievance." Graham held Louisa's hand and expressed his love affectionately.

"Okay." With a red face, Louisa agreed.

At that time, Graham and she were really happy, but now who was the one who pulled her? Is he still Graham?

You used

to say that you were the one who protected me and that you wouldn't leave me, but you gave me the greatest disaster like this.

That's enough, Graham. From now on, we are strangers. I don't love you anymore. Graham, I don't owe you anything anymore.

When other people in the company heard the noise, they gathered at the door of the reception room and whispered. They looked at the fun, but no one was willing to say a word for Louisa. After all, they were ordinary wage earners without any background. No one would risk offending Freda to help Louisa.

Louisa could only struggle desperately to get rid of these two crazy people, but how could she get rid of them. She could understand why Freda hated her. She knew that she loved Casey, but what about this man? Why did he hate her so much and insist on destroying her. Seeing that she was about to be pulled to the door by the two of them, Louisa could do nothing but struggle, protect herself and cover her private parts.

"Please, please let me go. I didn't offend you." Louisa begged them again.

However, Freda seemed to be crazy. She tried her best to pull Louisa towards the door of the meeting room. "I must let them see your face clearly today. Bitch!"

Casey felt a dull pain in his heart, but then he felt a little restless. He called Louisa to listen to her voice and comfort himself, but no one answered, which made him more and more irritable.

"Didn't I ask her to receive clients? Why didn't she answer my phone? " Casey scratched his hair irritably, but he couldn't control himself and walked out of his office to look for Louisa, trying to see what she was busy with.

He walked to the staff area downstairs and looked around, but didn't find her. Thinking that maybe she was in the office, she went to the reception room. But he found that many people were standing at the door of the meeting room, pointing and talking. He didn't know what they were talking about.

"What are you doing? Don't you have to work?" Casey shouted and everyone left immediately. After they left, Casey seemed to hear Louisa's voice. Casey pushed the door open.

When he pushed open the door, he saw a scene that made him furious. His little bunny was disheveled, and there was a palm print on her face. He didn't have to think to know what she'd been through.

"Let her go." Casey shouted angrily, walked quickly to Louisa, took off his suit and put it on her

"Casey!" When Freda saw Casey, she put on an aggrieved look and said, "Casey, this bitch seduces my brother."

"Shut up! Louisa is my girl. How could she seduce such a rubbish! " Casey's words made Freda dare not speak any more, and the tears were still rolling in her eyes. Bitch, it's because of you again that my Casey roared at me.

Seeing how much Casey cared about Louisa, Graham knew that he was in trouble. But he couldn't admit that he wanted to rape her, so she rushed to Casey and said, "Hello, Graham. I'm Graham. It's your employee who seduced me without wearing clothes."

Hearing what he said, Louisa was so angry that she wanted to tear his mouth apart. But she had no strength and could only gasp. She grasped Casey's sleeve tightly.

"Casey, no, he was hurt by me because he wanted to rape me." Casey lowered his head and looked at Louisa. Seeing the tears and tear stains at the corners of her eyes, he felt heartbroken.

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