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   Chapter 20 The Ex-boyfriend

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6592

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"That's great. As long as it's done, you can choose the latest LV this year. I'll buy it for you." Graham was very happy to get Freda's promise. He even felt that he would definitely win his case.

On the second day, Graham came to the Wu Group early, thinking about how to tell the receptionist. He was the first one to arrive at the company and wanted to express his sincerity to the Wu Group. In this way, with his own ability, he would definitely win the case.

Graham was the first guest to come here today. Because the work at the reception desk was relatively easy, everyone wanted to loaf. In the end, the reception work was handed over to the new staff Louisa.

Graham knocked on the door of the reception desk and asked, "Is there anyone here?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Louisa didn't think too much and said, "Come in, please."

"Hello, I'm here to talk about cooperation. I don't know if Mr. Casey has time. I'm Gra..." Graham politely spoke to Louisa. When Louisa raised her head and looked at Graham, she found that the first guest she received was her ex-boyfriend, Graham. Seeing that it was Louisa who received him, Graham stopped introducing himself.

The pain of being betrayed by Louisa suddenly surged up in his heart. Because of this matter, he left an indelible pain in his heart. And this woman not only got into the Wu Group, but also lived such a good life. She had such a good job.

"Oh, it's you!" Graham looked at Louisa and said sarcastically.

"Graham, why are you here?" Louisa looked at him, a little scared and angry. How dare he appear in front of her!

"Since you can come, why can't I? Now that you're married, why are you so confident? " Graham spoke without thinking.

"Graham, it's not what you think that day. Casey and I are innocent." Louisa explained hurriedly.

"Oh, really? Innocent? Why did you sleep in Casey's bed? No wonder you don't want me to touch you. Do you want to have a taste of me? I promise I'll make you comfortable. " Graham looked at Louisa. Louisa was still very beautiful in the latest style of Chanel. Good clothes can make people prettier, and this dress on her body made her skin even fairer, like a white lotus flower, and he couldn't help but have a wicked thought.

"Graham, it's not like that. I'm not such a person. I didn't do anything wrong to you." Hearing what he said, Louisa was afraid that he would really do something irresistible. She could only explain it again and again, hoping that he wouldn't be so angry.

"You didn't do anything wrong to me? You have slept in someone else's arms, but you still said you didn't betray me? Do you know what I regret most? I believed you and thought you really didn't want to have sex before marriage. It turned out that you looked down upon me. Louisa, I must get you today. " Then he walked towards Louisa.

Louisa was frightened and stepped back. "Graham, wake up. This is the Wu Group. Don't mess around." Louisa didn't know what to do, so she kept calling Graham.

"The Wu Group? I will get you wherever I am today! " Then he grabbed Louisa who was running away and pressed her on the table, "Run away? If you behave well today, I can make you suffer less. "

Graham pulled away Louisa's collar. "Let go of me, Graham, let go of me, no,

go away!"

"Go away? If I don't leave, you won't be willing to leave even if you have tasted my taste. " Graham kissed Louisa's neck.

"No, Graham, let me go, let me go, I beg you, don't do this to me." Louisa struggled to get rid of Graham's control and burst into tears.

"Why are you crying? Why are you so coquettish and waiting for me alone? Haven't Casey satisfied you? Bitch. " Graham didn't listen to Louisa at all. It was useless to slap him.

There was a big difference in strength between men and women. How could the thin Louisa fight against the angry Graham?

"Stop struggling. It's boring. We all know what kind of person you are. How much will Casey pay you for one night? I'll give you double and sleep with me. " Then she went to pull the shirt of Louisa.

"Graham, please wake up. I don't want you to touch me. Help, help..." Louisa had no choice but to shout for help, hoping that someone could hear her.

However, the reception hall was related to the confidential information of different companies, and good sound insulation effect was a necessary requirement. No matter how Louisa called for help, no one could hear her desperate shout outside.

"Help! Help! Casey... Help me... "

Louisa called Casey desperately.

Graham was even more irritated. He slapped on Louisa's face and said, "Bitch, you still call his name. He won't care about you. Don't you just want money? I'll give it to you. What's the difference between you and a slut? "

"Graham, please let me go. I will never appear in front of you again." Louisa begged and struggled.

"Stop pretending. You enjoyed it, didn't you? Bitch! " Graham kissed Louisa's neck with hatred and tore off Louisa's clothes. When he saw the mark left by Casey on Louisa a few days ago, he was even angrier.

"Casey is a good kisser, isn't he? Look at your body. Bitch, I must get you today! " Graham was even more angry. He kissed her harder, as if to cover the mark on her body.

"Graham, please let me go. I will die. I really will die. You can't do this to me. You can't..." Louisa cried and begged Graham to let her go, while struggling hard to regain her freedom. Why? Why did he do this to her?

Casey, where are you? Help me, Casey...

Casey, who was working, suddenly felt a dull pain in his heart. He thought he was too tired, so he rubbed his heart and continued to concentrate on his work.

"Graham, let go of me, please." Louisa realized that it was impossible to arouse Graham's reason, and it was impossible for people outside to hear his cry for help. She could only look around and find something to keep her innocence.

"Graham, let go of me. I will die!" Then she reached for the ashtray on the conference table and grabbed it tightly as if she had grasped the last straw. Feeling Graham's kiss painfully, Louisa held back the impulse to vomit. She couldn't accept such a terrible man. What kind of man did she love before. 'I love a dog or a man. He is just a beast!'!

Thinking of the courage, Louisa grabbed the ashtray with all her strength and threw it at Graham's head.

"Ah! How dare you hit me! " Graham let go of Louisa with a scream and covered his wound. Louisa hurried to run away from Graham and tightly protected her exposed upper body with both hands.

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