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   Chapter 19 Don't You Want To Work

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6697

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When Casey passed the tea room, he seemed to hear the name of Louisa and he stopped. He couldn't help but step into the pantry as they became more and more outrageous, "Don't you all have to work? Can a gossipy woman benefit the company? "

Casey's sudden appearance frightened these girls.

"Go! Go!" The girl pushed away one by one.

After they left, Casey went to Louisa's seat to see what she was busy with. She didn't notice that he was here.


"Well, wait a minute. I still have some unfinished reading." Louisa didn't notice who was calling her, but thought it was the person who arranged the next task.

"Louisa!" Casey raised his voice and shouted.

"Ah! Mr. Casey, why are you here? " Louisa was at a loss.

"What are you busy with?" Casey was confused when he saw the piles of reports. He picked up one and took a look at it. He knew that it was the work report of the year before last, and it was useless to read it.

"I'm reading the report. Freda said she wanted me to give her a report before I left work." Louisa was not in the mood, and she didn't expect that Freda would make things difficult for her, so she told him the truth.

"Okay. I see. " Casey frowned. Louisa didn't know what he was thinking.

"I'll taken these things away." Casey picked up the report and said to her.

"But I haven't finished yet."

"Don't bother. I'll let others see." Anyone who was familiar with Casey would know that he was on the verge of anger.

Casey walked to Freda with these reports in his arms.


Freda, finish reading these and make a report for me before you get off work!" Casey said to her.

"Casey, I can't finish reading these." Said Freda coquettishly.

"No discussion, and call me Mr. Casey." After saying that, Casey left, leaving behind a group of onlookers.

Casey's bad temper made these busybodies watch the fun. Freda's face turned pale and red. He didn't dare to blame Casey, but bore the grudge against Louisa. Seeing that she was fine, Freda was even angrier.

"Bitch!" Gritting her teeth, she picked up the document and read it resentfully.

The others, on the other hand, understood something from Casey's temper. They first stopped them from gossiping about Louisa. Mr. Casey, since when have you ever cared about such trifles? What's more, as the daughter of the Qiao family and the old friend of Wu family, Mr. Casey still cared about the harmonious relationship between the two families. It was not the first time that Freda had bullied a new comer. But it was the first time that she had been so angry.

It seemed that she was not an ordinary person.

"Louisa, your dress is really nice." A girl held Louisa's hand and touched the clothes. It was the latest style of Chanel and felt comfortable.

"Really? Thank you. " Louisa replied with a blush, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Yeah, it goes well with your skin, I would have bought it, but I don't think it would look as good on you." The girl continued to please Louisa, but in her heart, she hoped that the bad words she had said before were not heard by her, or she would really ask for trouble.

"Thank you." Louisa was flattered by her enthusiastic colleagues and understood why they suddenly became so enthusiastic to her. When she first came to this company, no one was listening to her

self introduction, so she felt a little depressed.

"Lou, you've been busy for a long time. Are you thirsty? I'll make you a cup of coffee." said Betsey, the second girl who had bad-mouthed Louisa.

"Thank you, Betsey." Louisa thanked her.

In fact, only Louisa knew that when she first came to this company, everyone treated her badly. Of course, she would not blame her colleagues. This was the society. How could she not know that? After all, she came out to live on her own at such a young age.

Facing these enthusiastic colleagues, Louisa didn't think she was superior to them, but still got along with them in the previous way. Louisa didn't ask too much. She just hoped that they could accept her and really take herself as a part of them.

Freda stared at the piles of documents with hatred. Seeing that everyone tried to please Louisa, she was even more angry. Why could this woman get a special look from Casey? All of this should be hers! Casey must have been bewitched by her for a while. She pretended to be innocent!

"Disgusting!" Said Freda, gritting her teeth.

"Well, don't be jealous. she didn't offend you." Elton was not only an old man, but also a relative of Casey. Freda didn't dare to be presumptuous, and only Elton dared to say something bad about her.

"Okay, Elton." But in fact, the look in Freda's eyes told Elton that she wasn't putting it down.

"Alas!" Elton sighed, shook his head and left.

Since this matter, no one dared to bully Louisa secretly. Freda stopped for a while. Louisa's job had become to contact clients.

What kind of company was the Wu Group? Basically, the new design products would be sold out as soon as they were produced, and the market share had reached thirty-seven percent. In A City, you may not know where there is no delicious food, but when you ask where to buy the accessories. The Wu Group is the best choice for everyone.

Therefore, it seemed that Louisa's work was more difficult than before, but in fact, it was much easier than before. These clients all wanted to cooperate with the Wu Group and get a share of it. They would not make things difficult for Louisa. They would only say something nice and hope that the Wu Group would look up to them.

"Freda, how are you doing in the Wu Group?" Graham looked at Freda and asked.

"I'm fine," said Freda proudly, as if she had forgotten the unpleasant past.

"Can you put in a good word for me to the senior executives of the Wu Group? I want to cooperate with them. " Graham begged Freda with humility.

"Are you taking over my uncle's company?" Freda couldn't help but look at his cousin. Although he was not as excellent as Casey and could manage the big company well and orderly. But she also knew that her cousin was capable. If he could do well, she could get some benefits too.

"Well, I have to learn to take over it, but I don't have any performance. I need a big contract to make performance, so that those who look down on me will know my ability." Graham hoped that his cousin could help him.

"Okay. Anyway, I have a friend at the reception desk. Come to my company tomorrow and I'll see if I can get you to meet Casey." Freda not only wanted to show her strength, but also wanted her cousin to owe her a favor. She immediately agreed, but didn't expect to get into trouble.

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