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   Chapter 18 Avoid Arousing Suspicion

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 5499

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The morning sunshine shone on Louisa's face through the gap of the curtain. She opened her eyes and closed them again because of the sunlight.

Louisa removed Casey's hand and left the bed quietly, like a married couple.

When Casey woke up, Louisa had already prepared the breakfast. After getting dressed, Casey stood at the stairway and felt warm when he saw Louisa busy going in and out like his wife. It seemed that she was a good wife.

"Good morning." Louisa wiped her hands on her apron after hearing the sound, "You wake up? Breakfast is ready. "

"Thank you." Casey looked at Louisa with a tenderness in his eyes that he hadn't even noticed himself.

"Have a seat. Let's go to the company after dinner."

"I can take the bus by myself." Louisa was a bit disgusted with the fact that Casey took her to the company. She didn't want others to know her relationship with him. After all, it was a special treatment for her to enter his company.

"This is Repulse Bay." Of course, Casey knew what was on Louisa's mind, but he still looked at her with irresistible insistence in his eyes.

Well, Louisa understood what he meant. This is Repulse Bay, a rich area, and there is no bus at all. The bus station is five thousand or six thousand meters away from here, and you can only take a taxi when you go home. Anyway, the money Casey bought for her included the road fee.

"Okay." Seeing that Casey was a little unhappy, Louisa didn't dare to say anything more. After having dinner quietly, she sat in Casey's car and went to the company together.

Casey drove smoothly. It was very quiet in the car. Louisa could only hear the sound of the engine.

"Casey, I'd better go upstairs later." Louisa said carefully.

"Whatever." Casey didn't want Louisa to suffer any misfortune because of him.

Seeing that Casey's face was getting darker and darker, Louisa didn't dare to say anything more. After all, he was her boss, and she really liked this job.

After a while, Casey arrived at the company. When the car stopped, Louisa unfastened the seat belt in a hurry. "Thank you."

After saying that, Louisa left in a hurry. She knew how terrifying the power of rumors could be.

But sometimes, God won't let you go.

"Louisa, it's her again! Shame on you! " Seeing Louisa get out of Casey's car, Freda was going crazy with jealousy. For what? Why could such a woman get in Casey's car? Her figure was not good enough, and her skin was not smooth enough. She was just a bumpkin! What did Casey see in her!

"Bitch!" She was so angry that she stamped her feet and gnashed her teeth. "I'm not going to let you get away with this!"

"Freda? What did you say? " Casey's voice made the jealous Freda sober up a little. She

immediately put on a gentle smile, which made Casey frown. This kind of woman was disgusting and not as cute as his own rabbit. She'd better not do anything excessive.

"Casey, this is the breakfast specially prepared for you. I have put a lot of effort in it!" As she spoke, she approached Casey and tried to lean on his shoulder, but Casey cleverly dodged her.

"Haven't I told you? Don't prepare this for me. I've already eaten breakfast. You can keep it for yourself. " Then she walked past Freda and left the parking lot alone.

"Casey!" Freda shouted in frustration, but Casey left without a pause. Freda, who didn't get any response, hated Louisa even more.

"Bitch! It's all because of this bitch! " She snorted and left the underground parking lot.

Louisa came to a new company and felt a little strange. It was against the rules for her to come to such a company. She was careful and frightened. She didn't have a chance to relax even if she was buried in work.

"Louisa, please sort these design drawings out. I want to see the neat folders later." Freda looked at Louisa and said to her with a smile, but in her heart, she wished she could tear up her face. But those eyes were especially innocent, bitch!

"Okay. I will try my best! " Then she took the documents and began to sort them out one by one. Although it was just a classification, in fact, if one read too much, she would really be dazzled.

"Wow, I'm done." She took a deep breath.

"Done? Check these reports and report to me before you get off work. "

"What?" Louisa was at a loss.

"What? If you don't want to do it, just leave. Don't pretend to be princess! " Freda couldn't help blaming her.

"No, no, No. I'll check it right away!" Louisa was so frightened that she immediately took the report.

"Humph!" Freda twisted her waist and strutted to the tea room.

As she was pouring coffee, she heard some girls talking about Louisa, so she sat next to them.

"Well, it seems that Louisa has been a mistress of a rich man. Girls nowadays are really not self-conceited. I tried to persuade her, but she didn't listen. "

"Really? Freda? " When the girls heard the gossip, they immediately rushed over like bees.

"Really? Why should I lie to you? I often see her get out of a luxury car." Freda deliberately concealed the fact that Louisa got out of Casey's car.

"I've been wondering how a girl like her can afford the latest Chanel!" A girl said jealously.

"Yes, I've been looking at that dress for a long time and I can't bring myself to buy it. How could she dress like that? "

Looking at these girls, Freda was very happy. She knew that they would help her punish Louisa. Well, a bitch like Louisa deserved to be ruined.

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