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   Chapter 16 Reach An Agreement

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 3283

Updated: 2020-08-25 00:03

"Casey, what do you want to do?"

Casey, stared straight at Louisa who looked like a frightened bunny, "You."

"You? What did you say? " Louisa's mind was full of these words.

"Casey, please don't do that, Mr. Casey..." No matter how hard Louisa struggled, she couldn't get rid of Casey's control.

"Don't move!"

Louisa struggled to get rid of Casey, "You said you wouldn't force me! Stop... "

But no matter what, Louisa couldn't stop Casey from kissing her more and more.

"Louisa, just accept me, I'll give you money.... I have kept my words. As long as you follow me, there will be no hard days in the orphanage... "

Louisa was stunned, but she couldn't trample on herself.

Thinking of this, Louisa pushed him outward even harder.

"Casey, let go of me. I don't want..."

"If you don't listen to me, I will have the orphanage overturned tomorrow..."

It sounded cruel, but he couldn't care about it now. All he wanted was her.

Louisa was very angry. Was she really going to obey him like this? But if she didn't obey, what about the orphanage and the dean? What about those lovely kids? Did she really want them to be homeless?

She seemed to remember the children's voice again. They said, "Sister, I want candies."

Louisa also gradually lost her strength, and slowly put down the hands.

Perhaps only in this way could the children have candies to eat and clothes to wear in cold winter.

At this time, Casey, who was out of control, couldn't feel Louisa's emotional change at all. Louisa's shoulder made him unable to stop. It seemed that she was encouraging Casey.

Louisa felt Casey]'s passi

onate kiss, his trembling body, and the thoughts that flashed through her mind were all blurred by the voices of the kids.

One hundred thousand a month. If they could celebrate the new year happily, Dean Tessa wouldn't have to work so hard.

Louisa closed her eyes, "Casey, you must do what you promised me to sponsor that orphanage."


The sourness in Louisa's heart and the kiss with Casey made her feel extremely painful. Hot tears fell down unprepared. Casey's hand on her face felt wet. He raised his head and saw her tears, which, like a basin of cold water, extinguished all his desires, even if he was really unbearable.

But he couldn't ignore the frightened rabbit's will. The rabbit's tears fell on his heart. However, the agitation in his heart could not be extinguished.

Casey, looked up at her and said, "Don't cry!"

Louisa stopped crying and looked at Casey with her eyes wide open. The little girl was crying and her red eyes were more like a rabbit. Casey couldn't help but wipe her tears with his finger pulp. It was an action that even Casey himself hadn't expected, perhaps he was still reluctant to push his sleeping pills too hard.

"Why are you crying?"


"Alas..." After calming himself down, Casey turned over and left the bed. "Just sleep!"

Louisa's eyes widened, and she didn't even dare to breathe heavily. That's it? Casey let her go so easily before the storm came.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help blushing and annoyed herself. What was she thinking? Did she want him to continue?

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet. Louisa seemed to hear Casey's breath.

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