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   Chapter 15 The Man At Night

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Although Louisa was in pain, she couldn't say anything, because she really didn't come here in a dignified way. She came here with the help of Casey and those shameful deals.

When she was about to accept all the insults with her head down, someone opened the door and said in a low voice, "Don't you have work to do?"

"Mr.... Mr. Wu."

It was Casey. He was different from what Louisahad seen before. He didn't have the relaxed smile. He was expressionless, serious and looked around everyone's face coldly.

Finally, Casey fixed his eyes on Louisa. He walked up to her and said to everyone, "When can you get a job just by talking? Show me your design before you speak. "

After saying that, Casey whispered to Louisa, "Try you best." Then he left.

Casey just happened to pass by and saw Louisa's embarrassed look. He couldn't bear it, so he came in. Even he himself didn't know why he suddenly couldn't be cruel to Louisa.

It must be because he was able to get sleep, Casey hypnotized himself like this.

In this way, because of Casey's lesson, the drawing room became quiet. Although Joie often looked at her with disdain, she did nothing because of Casey's authority.

For a moment, there was only silence in the art studio. The sound of the pen touching the paper was heard.

There were about twenty people here. Their theme was the same, and it was innocent. Among these people, only one of them could win the final victory and get the name of an official employee. Those who were eliminated had to leave or continue to participate in the next competition.

Louisa had basically finished her creation.

The theme of innocence made her use the most flawless color, white, and drew a lily on the paper. The weak ones were the purest, but also the strongest, just like Louisa herself.

Just as the work was about to be finished, she suddenly frowned, tore off the almost completed work, threw it aside, and rolled to Joie's feet.

"What are you doing?" Joie frowned and shouted.

Driven by curiosity, she picked up the paper ball and opened it. She was shocked by the lily on it at a glance.

Joie was a short tempered girl. She dared to say and do whatever she liked. The woman she hated most in her life was to seduce men, and the person she admired the most was someone with a good level of professionalism.

Louisa had just taken up these two items.

After hesitating for a while, Joie walked to Louisa and asked, "Why did you abandon this painting? It is so perfect! " Joie couldn't understand what Louisa meant.

Looking at the frown on Joie's face, Louisa suddenly sighed. This girl must have been used as a spear to do such a thing to her before.

It wasn't that Louisa figured this out on her own, but what Casey said to her later when we were chatting before going to bed enlightened her.

Thinking of Casey, she seemed to understand more clearly that he just wanted to sleep with her. Nothing else had happened. It had been three days and nothing had happened.

"Hey, I'm asking you."

Joie's voice brought Louisa back to reality. Louisa shook her head slightly, throwing all

that out of her head and thinking she was crazy, did she even want anything to happen?

Louisa put on a smile and said to Joie, "No, that's it." Then she lowered her head and started to paint again, leaving Joie alone.

This was a huge adventure. A week had passed, and four days had passed. It was not easy to reconstruct and complete a new painting. But that was how Louisa did it. Dissatisfied works would always be destroyed.

Joie frowned, thinking that this person must have been too stimulated and went crazy.

Time passed quickly. She drew in the daytime and went back to Casey's home in the evening to be Casey's pillow. In a twinkling of an eye, seven days had passed.

"Are you nervous?" Casey looked at the book in his hands and asked Louisa, who was lying next to him.

Although they just slept together and nothing happened, Louisa still couldn't get used to it in such a short time, so she was very nervous and stiff now.

Only after hearing Casey's steady breath could she feel relieved.

After hearing Casey's question, Louisa thought for a moment and then nodded.

Seeing that Louisa nodded seriously, Casey suddenly wanted to laugh, so he put down the book in his hand and teased in a relaxed tone, "What are you drawing? I'll help you through the test."

Casey's words made the nervous Louisa burst into laughter, which cheered Casey up. He said, "What? Don't you believe in my ability?"

Perhaps it was because she had finished her work and the atmosphere tonight was not bad. After thinking for a while, Louisa joked with Casey, "Yes, I don't believe in your ability."

Men were competitive in nature. Hearing Louisa's provocation, the nerves in his mind tightened. He reached out his hand to Louisa.

"Ha ha, stop! It's itchy!"

At first, she thought that Casey was going to do something that Louisa was afraid of, but she didn't expect that Casey was actually scratching her waist, which made her itchy and wriggling to beg for mercy. She smiled with tears flowing out.

If she hadn't really contacted with Casey, she really didn't know that the famous and frightening Casey was actually like this.

However, Louisa didn't know that this was the appearance of Casey. In fact, Louisa hadn't seen the person in his heart. If she had seen it, Louisa would think that she was unreasonable and had such an idea before.

"Do you believe in my ability now?" Casey asked angrily, scratching Louisa's waist.

Louisa's laugh was almost out of breath, so she quickly begged for mercy, "I do believe, I do."

Casey stopped. However, there are some things that, once started, can't be stopped without being addressed, such as desire.

The man at night was a fierce beast, and under the woman's twisting, he was even a fierce beast with lust.

The storm in Casey's eyes became deeper and deeper, as if to drag Louisa into it, and Louisa also keenly felt that something was wrong with Casey.

Louisa stammered, "Let's... let's sleep."

Sleep? Raising his eyebrows, Casey said, "Okay."

Louisa's words irritated Casey even more, so the latter rolled over onto Louisa's body....

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