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   Chapter 14 Gossip

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"You graduated from S University?" Freda repeated in disbelief.

Louisa nodded and said, "Yes, I will graduate next year."

"Hello, junior."

Although Freda said "you are my junior sister", she hated Louisa in her heart actually. When she just graduated, she didn't dare to come to Oracle Group at all. Instead, she found a small company and accumulated a lot of experience before she came here to have a try.

However, the woman who got out of Casey's car was a fresh graduate. She came directly to the Oracle Group and chatted with her in the same elevator.

"Graham, do you know him?" Freda thought for a while and suddenly proposed the name.

Louisa didn't expect that the world would be so small. Freda knew Graham's name. She was stunned for a moment, and then said with a smile, "He is my classmate."

She deliberately concealed his identity of her ex-boyfriend, because she didn't want to recall that painful memory again.

However, Louisa, who had just graduated, couldn't conceal the fact that she was lying before Freda. Something must have happened between her and Graham.

'I must investigate it carefully, ' thought Freda.

Just then, the elevator arrived. With a smile on his face, Freda said to Louisa, "The personnel department is right ahead. I'm going to be late, so I won't go with you." After saying that, she made a gesture of cheering to her father.

After walking out of the elevator, Louisa waved at Freda to express her gratitude, and then walked towards the personnel department.

When Freda returned to his office, the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She had been secretly in love with Casey for so long, and she had tried so hard to only talk to him. What kind of person was that Louisa? How could she sit in Casey's car?

At the thought of this, she called Graham and said, "Graham, I saw one of your classmates in the company today."

On the other side, Graham, who was still lying on the bed, said in a somewhat confused voice, "Freda, I have so many classmates. You don't have to tell me once if you see one."

"Louisa, do you know?"

Hearing this name, Graham quickly woke up from his sleep. He gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Who did you say?"

"Louisa? What's wrong?"

Graham laughed. As he expected, Louisa was indeed a shameless woman who hooked up with other men everywhere. Now she even hooked up with a rich man and went to the Oracle Group.

"Freda, do me a favor."


Then Graham told Freda what happened to him and what a shameless person Louisa was on the phone, and asked her to avenge her cousin.

Hearing what her cousin Graham said, Freda played with her fingernails. What Graham said was exactly what she wanted to do.

What a small circle! Louisa had got an enemy before she started to work.

However, Louisa, who had entered the personnel department, didn't know what had happened. At this moment, she was a little nervous, because she did not expect that her first job was assigned before she knew anything.

"The theme of the next magazine is innocence. This is also your first admission test."

This was a rule that had existed since the establishment of the Oracle Group. All the new employees were only in the probation period at the beginning, only until he

r work can appear on the cover of a magazine or as an illustration before she can be converted to a formal employee.

It was a rule passed down from the beginning that no matter who recommended it, it was the same. Casey was no exception.

However, Casey was not worried at all that Louisa would not pass the test, because he had seen Louisa's drawing in the design competition. She was absolutely powerful.

Casey was not the kind of person who would ignore the interests of the company for himself. Otherwise, the company wouldn't have developed to such a well-known situation since it was in his hands.

Only when there was competition could there be pressure; only when there was pressure could there be motivation; only in this way could people make better things and not be eliminated by the times. This was Casey's usual rule, which was always so cold and ruthless.

"Wait for me at the same place after work." Casey thought for a while and sent a message to Louisa.

But at this moment, Louisa was not in the mood to read the information. There were only one word in her mind: innocence, the work that needed to be completed in a week. Innocence.

What is innocence? White? Flawless? Is it about appearance or heart? What does it mean? The topic came all of a sudden, and Louisa didn't have a good rest last night. For a moment, her mind was blank and she couldn't think of anything.

At this time, Louisa was sitting at a place where new comers gathered. Some of them were still working hard on their works, and some had given up and were ready to pack their things and go to other companies.

However, the more chaotic her mind was, the worse things would happen.

"Ah --" Louisa cried out in a panic, because her body was poured with a bucket of water, and the water was used to wash the pen, and immediately dyed her white clothes black.

"Ah, I'm so sorry." The girl who spoke was embarrassed, but she held the bucket in her hand without any embarrassment, as if she did it on purpose.

Louisa stood up and wiped the stains on her body with napkin. She didn't know what she had done and why she had been in such a trouble. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the woman in front of her. "What are you doing? !"

The woman snorted coldly and said, "Don't try to hide anything from us from what you have done before." After a pause, she spat on the ground and said, "A person like you doesn't deserve to stay in the same drawing room with us!"

Perhaps it was because of the water all over her body, or perhaps it was because of anger, Louisa's whole body trembled.

"What... What did you say?"

"Let me tell you. I despise women like you who seduce men to get the upper hand!" Joie said with hatred.

Louisa didn't understand. She had thought that after leaving the school, there would be no gossip and she could start to work and make money at ease. But she didn't expect that she would get into trouble without saying or doing anything.

Seeing that Louisa didn't say anything, Joie turned around and said to the other newcomers in the drawing room, "Everyone is the best in other companies. They are still newcomers here. How could a new graduate have such ability? "

The others looked at each other and had the same doubt in their hearts.

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