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   Chapter 12 What Do You Think I Am

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6311

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"What do you think I am, your lover?" Finally, Louisa asked.

Louisa thought painfully. She didn't expect that bad things would happen one after another since she got into the wrong bed. And this decision might change her life.

However, those innocent smiles of the children, as well as the aging body of Dean Tessa, as the biggest child in the orphanage, she had to take responsibility. She couldn't let the orphanage go weak, or even let her family disappear.

Louisa, who had been mentally prepared, didn't expect that Casey returned to normal. He smiled and said, "You just need to sleep with me."

Sleep with him? That was to say, she was not even qualified to be a mistress. She was just a bed partner.

Louisa's heart seemed to be bleeding, but she calmed down and said, "Is there an agreement?"

These things were not cheap. In order to ensure security, she must have an agreement.

Seeming to have guessed what Louisa would say, Casey took out the prepared documents and pushed them in front of Louisa. Then she began to read them carefully one by one.

As if signing a indenture, Louisa gritted her teeth and signed her name at the bottom.

If she still had any fantasy about Casey before, then from this moment on, all her fantasies had completely disappeared.

Seeing that Louisa had signed her name, Casey nodded with satisfaction and said, "From tomorrow on, you can go to work in my company. Today, take the check and buy something to the orphanage." Then he put away the document and walked out.

When Casey walked out of the gate, Louisa collapsed on the chair. The tears that she had tried hard to stop last night fell down again.

There was a saying that the water in a woman's mind would turn into tears, and when the tears dried up, this woman would really be strong.

So the tears that Louisa had shed these days were about to dry out in her head?

The table was full of dishes. Louisa poured all those things into the trash can, without leaving anything. She poured her own stupidity into the trash can as well.

She tried her best to wash the bowl, as if to vent all her anger.

After that, Louisa picked up the first sum of money for selling herself, which was a check of one hundred thousand dollars.

"Louisa, where did you get the money?" Looking at the workers moving the air conditioner into every dormitory, as well as all kinds of nutritions and snacks, Dean Tessa asked Louisa in disbelief.

Louisa pretended to be relaxed and said, "Tessa, didn't I tell you before that I took part in a competition? I won the prize!"

"What reward? So much money?"

Louisa's heart ached, but she still said with a more warm smile, "Yes, the first prize of a big competition." Then she seemed to think of something and added, "There is a buyer who likes my painting very much and bought it at a high price, so I have so much money!"

Hearing this, Dean Tessa was really relieved. He clapped Louisa's hands and sighed, "You've grown up and become capable. I'm really happy."

Louisa didn't dare to look into Tessa's eyes, so she focused her attention on the workers who were carrying the goods a

nd chatted with the children beside her to distract herself from the pain.

Looking at the angel like faces, Louisa suddenly felt that she was very dirty and was not suitable to stay here with these children.

Louisa said to Dean Tessa, "I remember that I still have a painting to finish, so I got an inspiration. I'm leaving now."

"Well, you must take good care of yourself. Come back more often!" Dean Tessa waved at Louisa, and Louisa waved her hand and left the place without looking back.

In the past, night was her favorite for Louisa. After a whole day's work, she could lie on the bed without thinking or moving. She just want to lay down and had a good rest.

But now, Louisa didn't want the night to come, because it was the first night. She didn't know what she was going to face. Fear spread all over her body.

However, the sun rose in the East and set in the West according to its own rules. How could it not set just because of her pray?

When Louisa sat by the window and looked at the sunset glow, her phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number.

"Hello, who's that?" Louisa said politely. She didn't know who else would contact her.

Unexpectedly, Casey's voice came through the phone. She didn't know where he got her number.

The sexy man's voice came through, "I'm downstairs."

"What's wrong?"

"Are you going out for dinner?" Casey asked gently.

What happened these days made Casey a little unusual. It was not what Casey wanted to make Louisa so afraid of him. He planned to take Louisa out for dinner and let her relax.

But unexpectedly, Louisa refused, "No, I've already cooked dinner."

As if he had guessed it, Casey smiled and said to the phone, "Open the door." Then he hung up the phone.

Holding the phone with only a busy tone, Louisa suddenly felt a little strange. Why did Casey ask her to open the door of his own home? Though confused, Louisa still opened the door.

"Oh my God!" As soon as the door was opened, Louisa covered her mouth in disbelief.

In front of Louisa, there was a large bouquet of roses, beautifully packaged, and each of them was blooming just right. The roses were delicate with dew, emitting a faint fragrance.

Behind the roses was Casey's smiling face.

"What's this?"

"It's for you. Don't you like it?"

The flowers, the handsome man with a smile and the sudden surprise were irresistible for all the girls. Louisa reacted and quickly replied, "I like it." And she took the large bouquet of roses from Casey.

The delicate roses made Louisa's face more beautiful, which made Casey feel that his tie seemed to be a little tight today, so he stretched out his hand and pulled it.

Louisa really couldn't understand why Casey did this. Didn't he say that she was just a bed partner? Why did he have to do so much? She couldn't help fantasizing.

This was what Louisa thought on the stool in the bathroom after dinner.

However, how could Louisa figure it out? Even Casey himself didn't know why he would suddenly do such a silly thing.

He probably just hoped that his "sleeping pill" function would not change because of her low mood.

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