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   Chapter 11 Bargaining Chip

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6348

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Although Casey had said in the morning that he would come back late and would not have dinner at home. However, Louisa still managed to pick up all the food in her hands and went back home. She put them into different sections in the fridge.

Although she hadn't found a job, she couldn't live here anymore.

She planned to look for a nanny job first, because this kind of job was easy to find. Moreover, the salary was high, and she didn't need to find another place to live.

Although she was a top art designer, in order to live and help the orphanage as soon as possible, she didn't have time to find a suitable job.

At the thought of this, Louisa felt that tears were coming out again. She quickly raised her arm and wiped them, but she didn't expect that the sweat was rubbed into her eyes, and more tears were shed.

For a moment, all the things that had happened recently came to her mind.

Louisa stopped what she was doing, squatted down and cried helplessly.

She admitted the accident; she admitted the insult from her lover; she had no choice but to admit that her work was stolen. But that was her home. Why did something happen to her family?

It was the place where she came out and the home where the door was always open to her.

She began to sob in a low voice and then cried hysterically, as if she wanted to ask God why she had to suffer this. Why? Did she do something wrong in her previous life? How could he punish her like this?

However, no matter how hard she cried, no one could hear her.

After crying, she washed her face and continued to cook.

No matter how bad your life is, you will suffer a lot as same and nothing will change.

Today was the last dinner she cooked at Casey's house. No matter how late it was, she would wait for him and tell Casey that she would leave tomorrow.

It didn't matter whether she would eat these dishes or not. It was just a small reward in the end.

When everything was done, Louisa put the card that Casey gave her on the table full of dishes, just like the position that Casey gave her.

Seeing this, Louisa felt her eyes wet again.

When Casey came back home, it was almost midnight, and there was still a smell of alcohol all over his body.

When he saw Louisa curling up on the sofa and the table full of dishes in the dining room, he was stunned and didn't know what had happened.

Bang! Casey lost his balance because of drunkenness. He leaned against the wall and turned on the light by accident. In her sleep, Louisa groaned and slowly opened her eyes with her hands blocking the light.

"What... What are you doing?" Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, Casey was at a loss for the first time and didn't know what Louisa was going to do.

"I... I'm leaving tomorrow."

"What?" Casey said in disbelief.

Casey, a man who could always control everything except sleep, found for the first time that he was defeated by Louisa.

He didn't expect that Louisa would choose to leave so suddenly.

"I will move out tomorrow." Louisa looked into Casey's eyes and said again.

Casey didn't say anything, so Louisa continued, "Thank you very much these da

ys." After saying that, she bowed to Casey and added, "Please go to bed early. I will leave early tomorrow."

After saying that, Louisa left Casey's sight.

What happened? Casey didn't understand. He went out for a drink but didn't come back for dinner just because he was in a bad mood. Was it because of this that Louisa want to leave?

Casey didn't realize that he would think about such a childish question.

Casey, who was still a little absent-minded, came to the table and sat on a chair. He stared blankly at the exquisite dishes on the table, and suddenly grabbed a corner of the table cloth, trying to overturn everything.

But in the end, he slowly loosened his grip.

"Now, investigate where Louisa went today and what happened." Casey's voice was so cold that the assistant, who had already rested, dared not complain. He quickly answered and then went to investigate.

Casey looked at them coldly and said in his heart, "No one has done such a thing. He has never failed to get what he wants!" It was the same this time!

In just five minutes, the assistant sent the message in time. After reading it quickly, a cold smile appeared on Casey's face.

"You, you didn't sleep all night?" When Louisa packed up all her things gently and went downstairs, she was frightened by Casey who was sitting in the dining room, her voice was shaking and the drawing board in her hand almost fell out.

Casey's eyes were bloodshot, and the black circles around his eyes were deeper, and his short beard grew out.

After seeing the backpack behind Louisa, it was obvious that his body froze.

"Come here." Casey's voice was hoarse and serious, which Louisa had never seen before. But she still put down the things in her hands and walked over, not knowing what Casey was going to say.

Unexpectedly, when Louisa came to Casey and sat down, Casey pushed the check he had prepared in front of Louisa.

"What's this?" Louisa frowned. It was one hundred thousand. There was one hundred thousand on the check.

"Here you are." Casey said in a low voice.

Frowning, Louisa pushed the check of one hundred thousand back and refused again, "I won't ask for your money or accept any transaction with you. I..."

"What if I add one hundred thousand dollars monthly for the orphanage?"

Casey's words made Louisa speechless.

One hundred thousand, and one hundred thousand a month, donated to the orphanage.

One hundred thousand was an astronomical figure. It would take her about two years, or even longer, to earn so much money, not to give it to an orphanage.

For a moment, Louisa couldn't say anything to refuse.

While she was thinking, Casey added, "In addition to the one hundred thousand per month, the clothes for changing the season, the children's tuition and the decoration of the orphanage, I can provide all these."

Louisa was completely stunned. How long did she have to work hard to provide these for the orphanage. Casey said indifferently, as if it was just a drop in the bucket for him.

But it was true. The economic lifeline of S City was controlled by the Wu family, and these were not worth mentioning at all.

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