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   Chapter 9 Let's Go Home

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6420

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Louisa didn't want to admit it. She had never thought that her ex-boyfriend would do such a thing.

Why? Why?

Louisa staggered out of the center of the competition with her ears buzzing. She couldn't hear what others said.

She had already deleted Graham's number, but those numbers were still imprinted in her mind. She wanted an explanation.

"Hey, what do you want?" As soon as the line was connected, Graham's furious voice came through.

Ha-ha, Louisa sneered in her heart. He even asked her what she was going to do, she wanted to ask Graham what he had done instead. So Louisa asked in a low voice, "Did you plagiarize my work in the creative competition?"

As if he didn't realize that the question was raised, Graham was stunned for a moment and then replied, "You, you went to see the result?"

"Yes, but you, Graham, who didn't take part in the competition, won the first place." Louisa said sarcastically.

It was originally Graham's responsibility, but she didn't expect that the man suddenly changed his tone and said in a mocking tone, "Since things have come to this, what can you do?"

Before what happened that night, Graham wanted to tell Louisa that he mistook her name by accident and gave all the bonus to Louisa.

However, after this incident, Graham thought that he'd better make the right choice and teach Louisa a lesson. He would take the five thousand dollars himself.

Hearing the shameless voice over there, Louisa looked up at the sky and said, "You know I need money, but you still say something like that?"

"Yes, you need money, and I won't give it to you. Why do you take the initiative to sleep with others?" Speaking of the money, Graham recalled the night that he had been humiliated and would never forget.

"Graham, for the last time, believe it or not, it was an accident. I absolutely have no dirty thoughts." After saying that, Louisa hung up the phone and deleted the number in her mind.

Delete it forever!

Louisa walked forward aimlessly, her work was not going well, her bonus was gone, her reputation was gone, and everything thing was not going well.

"Little idiot, are you blind?" The sudden brake and curses pulled her back to reality. She found that she had accidentally walked to the middle of the road and a car almost hit her.

It was so tired to live.

Louisa was suddenly frightened by her own thought. She apologized repeatedly and sat on the chair at the bus stop.

She turned on the broken phone. It was already half past six. It was a remote place. The last bus just left.

Louisa helplessly lowered her head and covered her eyes with her hands. She didn't want anyone to see her fragile appearance at the moment.

"Miss, do you want to take a taxi?" The taxi driver poked his head out and asked Louisa.

Louisa shook her head. She didn't have enough money to take a taxi back.

"Miss, the last bus has left, and I've only come here to deliver passengers. If you don't take my car, I'm afraid you have to wait until tomorrow." The driver kindly reminded her.

But Louisa still shook his head. The driver had no choice but to drive away.

"Beep! Beep!"

It was already seven o'clock. When Louisa

thought she would stay here until tomorrow morning, a black car came to Louisa and honked the horn.

Without raising her head, Louisa said in a low voice, "You can go now. I don't want to take a taxi. I don't have money to take a taxi."

"You don't have to pay. Let's go."

This voice? Louisa raised her head and looked at the source of the voice in surprise.

It was Casey? Why did he come here?

When she was in a daze, Casey honked the horn again and said, "Get in the car first. Go home and cook."

Ah, yes, she said that she would be responsible for Casey's breakfast and lunch every day. But she was delayed by this, and she even forgot this important work!

Thinking of this, Louisa picked up her bag and got in Casey's car again.

"Why... Why are you here?" Louisa held the seat belt tightly and asked with doubt.

Casey smiled mysteriously and said, "I know you are here, so I come here."

In fact, it was very simple. The information collected by Casey's assistant included all kinds of information, from her liking for desserts to her being an orphan. The information on the design competition she had entered must have been in there as well, and as for the name, he naturally knew all about it.

When he came back home, he found that she was not there. He contacted the time when the prize would be awarded and immediately understood what had happened, so he could arrive.

It was the most old-fashioned and effective way to save a beauty.

Louisa was stunned and her eyes began to turn red.

Why? Why did her boyfriend, who had been with her day and night for three years, do such a thing? But now Casey, who she met by accident, treated her so well.

Casey felt the pain of Louisa, so he comforted her, "I know what happened to you. Don't worry. I will ask the organizer of the design competition to investigate it carefully."

Casey was a vengeful man. He would never forget that he was called a paramour by the son of the owner of a small company. Even if it wasn't for Louisa, he would ruin Graham's reputation.

Hearing what Casey said, Louisa said, "Thank you, Casey."

Casey dazed for a moment. He had never been thanked in such a tone before. For a moment, he felt at a loss for words.

Louisa, who had been running for a whole day, fell asleep as the car bumps.

When she woke up, the car had stopped and she was already home.

"Ah, we've already here. Why didn't you remind me?" Louisa said with some embarrassment. She unfastened the seat belt and was about to get off the car.

Casey followed her and said, "I don't want to disturb you since you sleep so soundly."

Sleep was just a must for ordinary people, but for Casey, it was really difficult to get it. At night, no matter how tired he was, he couldn't fall asleep. He could only take a nap occasionally during the day.

The doctor couldn't explain the reason, but he could only say that it was a psychological problem. However, if he continued to act like this, he might not be able to live for forty years, which made everyone in the Wu Clan worry about Casey.

Casey had found a way to sleep well now. He was setting out the line slowly and fishing the fish into his bed.

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