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   Chapter 7 Let's Make A Deal

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6200

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Following Casey's hand, Louisa looked into the distance. As expected, the homeless man who wanted to rape her before was still staring at them.

'I'll have to take my chances.' Thinking of this, Louisa got into Casey's car.

If she stayed there, she would be raped. If she left with Casey, he wouldn't do anything outrageous. After all, he was a big shot. Louisa comforted herself.

Before long, Casey stopped the car.

"Here we are." Casey said in a low voice.

Louisa got out of the car and looked up. The tall building seemed to be unable to see the top at a glance. It was decorated in European style, covered with green, and there were even man-made rivers and fountain in the center of the city.

Everything showed that he had a noble identity.

When they were in the elevator, Louisa scratched the corner of her white clothes that had been washed by water. Suddenly, she felt a little uneasy and felt that she was completely incompatible with this place.

"You can choose a room by yourself." Casey said casually as he untied his tie.

After thinking for a while, Louisa said, "Mr. Casey, I think we'd better have a talk first."

Casey seemed to have guessed what Louisa would say. He sat on the sofa and said casually, "What do you want to say?"

Although Casey sat down, Louisa still felt great pressure, so she cleared her throat and said, "First of all, thank you, Mr. Casey, for letting me stay here temporarily."

When she was about to continue, Casey interrupted, "you don't have to call me Mr. Casey. I don't have so many rules. Just call me Casey Wu." After a pause, she teased, "Or Casey, you can choose one by yourself."

Louisa was almost choked by her own words, but after hearing what Casey said, she also relaxed a lot and had a change of opinion about Casey.

So she continued, "Casey Wu, I'll look for a job. As soon as I find a job, I won't bother you anymore."

Casey nodded and agreed, "Okay."

But then Casey seemed to ask casually, "What's your major?"

"What?" Louisa didn't expect that Casey would ask such a question, but she still answered truthfully, "Art design."

Louisa liked painting since childhood. Although it took a lot of money to learn painting, in order to realize her dream, she began to work part-time from high school and worked hard. She not only obtained a high scholarship from the Dean, but also solved her living expenses.

After graduation, she should have been a popular treasure, but she didn't expect such a scandal to happen. Now she could only throw away what she had before and start to look for a new job.

"Art design." Casey repeated and said, "I can give you a job."

Louisa knew that it was impossible to get a job from Casey so easily, so she asked, "What's the condition?"

Crossing his arms over his chest, Casey leaned back and said slowly, "It's very simple. You sleep with me every night. Nothing else will happen."

Casey had millions or even hundreds of millions of assets. He could sleep with any kind of woman he wanted. So he didn't say anything wrong, as long as she "slept wit

h" him every night.

However, with a frown, she said without hesitation, "I don't think I'm suitable for your job. I'll look for it myself."

Casey seemed to have expected it and said, "It doesn't matter. You can take your time to think." After a pause, he continued, "You should know that you need money very much now, and the job I provide you will never be shabby."

Louisa shook her head and said, "Thank you for your kindness. I think I'd better find it myself." Then she bowed to Casey to express her gratitude.

Seeing this, Casey didn't push her anymore. He nodded, stood up and walked to his room.

Although he was very domineering about what he wanted, he was not a person who liked to force others. Seeing Louisa like this, he knew that he couldn't be anxious. Tonight, or the next few nights, was doomed to be sleepless.

But how can a duck that's almost on his lips just fly away? Don't worry. Take your time. Casey will let Louisa sleep beside him without protest.

Looking at the receding figure of Casey, Louisa took a deep breath secretly. Although living here was no different from living in a wolf's den, fortunately, Casey was a reasonable person, so nothing bad would happen.

Thinking of this, she put down her burden and carried her heavy bag. Instead of living in the guest room, she went to the attic and found a small room to live.

There was not much decoration in the small room on the attic, and even dust was left. But living here, she wouldn't think that she owed Casey too much. What's more, she just temporarily lived here and didn't have so many requirements. She didn't want to disturb Casey.

It was already two o'clock in the morning when Louisa cleaned and tidied up everything quietly. Louisa immediately washed up, lay on the bed and fell asleep.

What she didn't know was that Casey's room was right below the attic. No matter how small Louisa's movements were, Casey could still feel that tonight was another sleepless night. Casey sighed deeply.

Time flew. Outside the window, it was already seven o'clock in the morning.

With dark circles under his eyes, [吴越] sat up from the bed, opened the thick curtain with the remote control, and went to the living room to make a cup of coffee to refresh himself.

However, as soon as he walked into the living room and before he entered the kitchen, he smelled a fragrance. As if he was bewitched, Casey walked into the kitchen, leaned against the door frame and looked at the busy Louisa.

"Ah, you scared me." When Louisa turned around to take something, she saw a black shadow by the door. She was so scared that she almost threw the spatula out of her hand.

Casey walked in and chuckled, "I'm just standing here and saying nothing. How can you blame me for scaring you?" The sweet smell made Casey feel warm all of a sudden. Although he didn't sleep all night, he was not so irritable.

Louisa smiled awkwardly and said, "There is smoke in the kitchen. You can go out now. It will be ready soon."

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Casey's flirtatious voice made Louisa blush.

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