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   Chapter 6 Being Driven Out

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6196

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"Peggie, I promise that I will pay the rent as soon as I get the bonus!" With red eyes, Louisa watched the landlady throw everything in her room out of the door.

There were her drawing board, pigment, and the utensils she bought frugally, and they were thrown out as rubbish one by one.

"Louisa, look, you have made my room like this. How can I rent it out?" Peggie pointed at the mottled wallpapers on the wall. Instead of thanking Louisa, she blamed her.

Louisa had nothing to say. She squatted down to pick up the things one by one and said, "Peggie, I can do it myself. I'll leave right away."

S City was one of the most prosperous places in the country. The streets in all directions were brightly lit. In the neon light, some people cried and laughed; some were drunk and vomited against the wall; some were sitting on the top floor of the city center and overlooking the whole city. More people were busy and didn't know where to go.

Louisa was the last group of people. She was kicked out because she didn't have the rent. Her pocket money made her have a difficult choice of living and eating. She didn't have a family. She was an orphan. Because she was older, she couldn't go back to the orphanage.

Having made up her mind, Louisa touched the change left in her pocket and huddled up in the park near the rental house, preparing to spend the whole night like this.

Casey, who lived on the top floor of the city center, drank up the red wine in his glass, put down the thick curtain, opened the expensive audio and began to play the hypnotic song.

After everything was ready, Casey lay down in a comfortable silk quilt, waiting for his sleepiness.

Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed, and an hour passed.

The man on the bed suddenly opened his eyes and roared angrily, "Fuck!" He threw the bedside lamp towards the wall with a loud sound.

If a person couldn't fall asleep all the time, he would be used to it. However, once he tried to fall asleep, he would feel more painful when he couldn't fall asleep again.

This was how Casey felt at this time. After sleeping for two nights, he began to suffer from insomnia. Thinking of the rejection of the woman called Louisa, he became even angrier.

Louisa, I will find you out today even if I have to search all over the S City! No matter what, he must find Louisa today! Casey thought resentfully.

Casey had never failed to get what he wanted.

Casey got up to change his clothes, picked up the documents that his assistant had already prepared, took the key to the car and went out.

Following the guidance of the navigation, Casey arrived at the urban village. Frowning, he looked at the shabby scene in front of him and regretted not letting his assistant come here.

However, in order to fall asleep, he knocked on the door of Peggie.

"Who is it? It's late at night. Why don't you let me sleep?" Peggie's beautiful dream was awakened, and she didn't receive the rent, so she was very unhappy.

When she opened the door, she saw Casey's gloomy face. She forced a smile and said, "Mr.

Casey, it's so late. What can I do for you?"

Casey took out the information of Louisa, pointed at the photo and asked Peggie, "Excuse me, is this person renting a house here?"

Peggie began to sweat and stammered, "Ah, Louisa, she, she is indeed renting a house here..." But he was just driven out by her.

However, facing Casey's smiling face, she didn't dare to say the following words. Because Casey, the Young Master Wu, is known to be a smiling tiger that is completely unpredictable.

Looking at Casey, she was afraid that he might get into trouble, so she made up her mind and immediately changed her tone, "Yes, she lived here, but she moved out a long time ago! I don't know where she has moved. "

Looking at the nervous expression on Peggie's face, Casey frowned and said, "Thank you. I'm sorry to bother you." Then he went out. Peggie quietly breathe a sigh of relief. She felt lucky that she had driven Louisa away.

Louisa, where the hell are you? It was almost midnight. Casey held the paper with Louisa's information tightly and looked ahead.

Curling up on the bench in the park, Louisa didn't dare to fall asleep at all, because even if she closed her eyes, she could feel that the homeless men beside her were staring at her.

"Ah -"

Suddenly, Louisa opened her eyes and was shocked by the enlarged face in front of her.

"What... What are you doing?" Looking at the big face getting closer and closer, Louisa covered her chest tightly and kept stepping back. She didn't know what the man was going to do.

The man grinned, revealing his yellow teeth. He said obscenely, "Go with me. I will give you a place to live."

"You, don't come over!" Louisa sat up in a hurry and shouted for help.

However, even in the S City, there was no one in the park at the moment. Even if she screamed, no one could save her.

However, fate was so magical.

Casey, who was about to drive away, suddenly heard a familiar cry for help. Frowning, he looked at the source of the voice and saw his own "sleeping pill" at a glance.

Immediately, Casey walked over quickly and shouted, "Louisa!"

Hearing someone calling her name, Louisa felt that her tears were about to leave. She waved her hand desperately and ran towards Casey. The homeless man behind saw the luxury car behind him and thought that he couldn't afford to offend the man, so he lay back to the original place with regret.

"Why... Why are you here?" Louisa looked at Casey and asked with surprise and joy.

Casey opened the car door for Louisa and said, "You don't have a place to go, right? Let's go to my place." Although he said so, he had made up his mind. If Louisa was unwilling to get in the car obediently, he would consider using a tough way.

Sure enough, Louisa refused, "I'm sorry, Mr. Casey. It's not appropriate for a girl to go home with you like this."

Seeming to have guessed that Louisa would refuse, Casey smiled and said, "If you don't want to, you can only continue to sleep in the park." After a pause, he continued, "Look, that person is still looking at you."

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