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   Chapter 4 Overwhelmed With Shame

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 5890

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Louisa came back to attend the graduation ceremony, and all the things in her dormitory had been moved. This was the last time she returned to school. If it was in the past, she must have come to everyone hand in hand with Graham.

However, she didn't expect that she would come back to the school and attend the graduation ceremony like a rat crossing the street.

"I'm sorry, Graham. I really didn't mean to do such a thing."

Although she didn't arrange it on purpose, it was done. She had no other thoughts except shame. She just hoped that everyone could get along well with each other and break up peacefully.

However, some people didn't think so.

"Let me tell you, Louisa. You made me feel bad, and you can't stay in this city anymore!" The once gentle boyfriend now turned into an angry lion, opening his bloody mouth at her.

It suddenly occurred to Louisa that when she came back, those people on the road looked at her with disdain and gossiped about her.

It turned out that it was because of him.

"Graham, we have been together for so long. Why did you do such a thing?"

Louisa felt a lump in her throat. She didn't expect that her boyfriend, who lived with her day and night, would slander her like this because of an accident, and even make her unable to stay in this city.

"Humph, don't pretend to be innocent here. I will definitely ruin your reputation!" After saying that, Graham threw the stack of paper in his hand hard on Louisa's face, turned around and left.

Louisa took the paper from her face and looked at it.

At one glance, she couldn't help trembling with anger.

Obscene words appeared in front of her, and in the middle of the paper was her photo, a photo of her laughing happily.

Those insulting words were directly imprinted on her face.

Louisa couldn't help crying.

In the past, they drew together, applied the paint on each other's face, laughed and played, chased after each other on the playground, heads rubbed together, and kissed nervously in the cinema.

What intertwined with these were Graham's angry expression and the unpleasant words on the paper.

Why did so many things happen to her after such a difficult life?

"Classmate, are you a graduate? The graduation ceremony is about to begin." A kind-hearted classmate patted her on the shoulder and reminded her.

Louisa raised her head and said, "Thank you..."

Before he could say the word "you", the man's face changed. He cursed and said dirty words and left in a hurry.

Louisa touched her face and laughed at herself bitterly. Then she wiped the tears on her face and walked towards the hall.

Along the way, she lowered her head, trying not to expose her face to the passers-by. She came to the class, took over the scholar's uniform and changed into it amidst gossip.

The scholar uniform was the most wrinkled and smelly

How bad can a human heart be? That's probably it. Louisa pu

t on the uniform obediently.

She was the best in this art design class. Although she didn't have a good relationship with others, she was still the best. Therefore, with red eyes, she finished her graduation speech in a crowd of sighs.

"I hope you can complete every work with a kind heart in the future. Thank you. " Louisa made a deep bow and dropped her tears on the floor.

When she looked up again, she found a familiar figure under the stage.

"Next, let's welcome the outstanding schoolmate and Mr. Casey, the president of the school, to give the hat giving ceremony to the outstanding graduate."

Casey, a familiar name!

It wasn't just the name that had become familiar to her by the time Casey walked on stage with a smile on his face, it was also a face that she would never forget!

It turned out that the man was Casey, the famous Casey!

Casey approached her step by step. Holding the congratulation in her hand, Louisa couldn't help trembling with her legs that wanted to escape at once.

"Congratulations on your graduation."

Casey didn't do anything. He just handed the certificate to Louisa and shook hands with her kindly with a smile.

"Come here, please smile and take photos." The cameraman reminded her in a low voice.

It was not until then that Louisa realized that the expression on her face might be that someone else owed her millions. She quickly pulled the corners of her mouth and showed a smile that was uglier than crying.

"Don't leave later."

When the shutter was pressed and Casey and Louisa went down together, Louisa heard the words quickly.

What do you mean? Looking at Casey, Louisa found that he was still the same as before, as if she had misheard and nothing had happened.

"Wow, an excellent graduate did such a shameless thing!"

After the graduation ceremony, there were a lot of women surrounding Louisa.

Most of them had a crush on Graham before. After all, in front of everyone, Graham was handsome, rich, gentle and humorous. Now that such a thing happened, they naturally had to attack Louisa.

Louisa lowered her head, trying to tear the crowd apart, and then ran away from this place full of hurt without looking back.

"I didn't. I didn't seduce a man! " Louisa raised her head and roared angrily.

When the women heard Louisa's roar, they were furious. They went forward and pulled Louisa.

"Help! Help! It hurts!" Louisa shouted for help, but those people just looked at him coldly, as if Louisa deserved it.

"No, you can't do that!"

Louisa struggled hard, but she was outnumbered

She couldn't do anything. The only thing she could do was to bear it silently and pray.

She prayed that God could see her current situation and save her.

Perhaps there was really a God coming. Louisa felt her body loosened and the shackles were untied. Those women all screamed and ran out. In a daze, she seemed to hear a name - Casey Wu.

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