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   Chapter 3 How Dare She Run Away

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6437

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Louisa was still lying on the beach. When she started coughing, Casey took off his coat and put it on her.

"Thank you." She hugged herself tightly bracing against the wind and looked at Casey sheepishly.

This was the first time that Louisa noticed Casey properly. The more she looked at him in the moonlight, the more familiar he looked. But she couldn't recall who he was and where she had seen him.

Her dazed expression surprised Casey. He didn't expect this woman, who suddenly appeared in his life, to not recognize him. After all, everybody knew who he was.

Interesting! While she was searching her memories, Casey picked her up in his arms and strode towards his room.

He was eager to test his theory about getting good sleep with her. 'Or was it just a coincidence?' he wondered.

"What are you doing?" Louisa wanted to free herself from his hold but she could not move. She stared at him wide-eyed with helplessness. She had no idea what this man was going to do.

Was he going to do what he did last night?

The mere thought of it made Louisa tremble. "I...I'm not that kind of a person. Stop messing around!" she said shakily.

All she got was a deep laughter in response. He was amused that this woman was as innocent as a baby. Casey had no intention of explaining himself, but he didn't want to scare away this woman, so he said kindly, "Don't worry. Last night was an accident. I'm sorry."

Never in his wildest dreams did Casey think that he would say sorry to this woman.

What he didn't know was that even though this was the first time that he apologized to her, it was certainly not the last. He would be apologizing to Louisa many times in the years to come.

Thinking of yesterday, Louisa couldn't help but sob softly. Before she knew it, she burst into tears, allowing all her pent-up grief to pour out.

"I will be responsible for you," Casey repeated soothingly.

However, he had another idea in his mind.

Casey was an experienced businessman. Everyone knew that he was shrewd. He appeared gentle on the surface, but nobody what schemes were brewing in his head. He had a way with women. Although he was engaged to someone, he also had a lot of lovers.

'I'm afraid I've said this to many women, ' he thought ruefully.

Louisa's crying gradually faded and he heard her breath becoming steady.

Amazingly, she cried herself to sleep in his arms. This meant that he didn't have to explain what he was going to do next.

Casey took Louisa back to his new room—a top-grade presidential suite. The bedroom and living room were fully equipped, and the wine cabinet was loaded with the finest wines.

After carefully laying her down on the bed, he removed the wet clothes from her body one by one. He was surprised to see that she didn't wake up. When the last piece of clothing was removed, Casey felt his throat dry up and something stirred in his lower abdomen.

He immediately turned off the light and drew the thick curtains. He lay down quietly beside her in the darkness with no intention of touching her again.

He felt a little uneasy when he heard Louisa purring contentedly.

But somehow her rhythmic breathing lulled him into a deep sle

ep. His eyelids gradually became heavy and his consciousness became blurred. He seemed to be cured of his ongoing insomnia just like that.

It felt a little unreal for Casey to be sleeping soundly all through the night. Now he was certain that Louisa was a magician who held the cure to his insomnia.

There was no way he would let her escape now.

When Casey opened his eyes the next morning, he immediately reached over to her side to touch her. But all he found was a cold, empty bed instead of her warm skin.

His drowsiness disappeared in an instant when he realized that the woman had escaped!

That morning Louisa had woken up while Casey was still asleep.

She didn't dare to open her eyes. The pressure on her chest made her aware of the fact that she had slept beside the same stranger once more.

Although it appeared that nothing had happened, she still couldn't accept it. She gently put his arm aside, quietly dressed in her dry clothes, and walked out.

However, she almost tripped over something and let out a muffled scream, which made the man in the bed turn over and grunt in his sleep.

Fearing he would wake up, Louisa quickly sneaked out of the room.

After leaving the room, she found that she didn't have any money with her to get back to S City. She didn't even have the money to take the train, let alone flying back.

Stamping her foot in annoyance, she returned to Casey's room. After fumbling around in the darkness for a while, she found his wallet and pulled out a few dollars from it. Grabbing a pen and a piece of paper, she hurriedly scribbled something on it.

"Hello, stranger. Thank you for saving me yesterday. And I have to say, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye and for taking your money. I'm leaving my phone number. Please send me your bank account number and I'll pay you back."

Staring at the note, Casey sneered. Thinking about how she just walked away without informing him made him laugh dryly.

Casey crumpled the note into a ball and threw it on the wall irritably.

Pulling out his mobile phone, he dialed his assistant's number. "Investigate a girl named Louisa Jin. I want all the information about her." Having issued orders, he gazed at the crumpled note with a sinister smile on his face.

It would take Louisa 50 hours to get back to S City. She only took enough money to get herself a train ticket as she didn't want to take too much money from the stranger.

After a long time, the train finally pulled into the station. Louisa sighed. She was back in the real world.

But what she had to face was, in fact, hell. And it was all thanks to Graham, who got back before her. He had destroyed her reputation beyond repair.

"You know what? That woman is so shameless."

"Do you think she's trying to become famous?"

"Yes, you are right. She is from a poor family. Of course, she has to resort to such low tactics."

"She's just crazy to have done such a thing!"

When Louisa returned to school, she found that everyone was looking down on her. Most of her classmates looked at her with incomparable disgust.

"Louisa, how dare you come back after what you did!" Graham said glaring at her.

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