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   Chapter 2 It's Over

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With tears streaming down her face, Louisa looked at her boyfriend, who was fuming in front of her. She tried to explain but was ashamed of her nakedness. There was a strange pain in her lower body too. At that moment, she would not be able to elucidate no matter how hard she tried.

"I'm not mean to you. Then how could you do such a thing to me?" Graham roared, stomping over to her side of the bed.

He grabbed her and shook her with all his strength, as if trying to break all her bones.

"I'm sorry, Graham. I really don't know how this happened,"

Louisa wailed. Her lips were pale and tears stained her face. She was paralyzed with fear and it felt like all the blood had drained out of her body. When he shook her, she was like a broken doll, desperate and pitiful.

This was their graduation trip and they were planning to get married right after the trip.

Yesterday was Graham's birthday. For his gift, Louisa had hesitated for a long time and, finally, after getting drunk, she had decided to give herself to him as a gift before the wedding.

Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that she would end up in bed with another man!

No man could bear to see his beloved woman sleeping with another man and Graham was no exception.

Looking at Louisa's pained expression, Graham clutched his hair in frustration and paced the room.

Last night, when Louisa didn't return to his room, the uneasiness in his heart and his intuition made him knock on every room door in the hotel. Every time he knocked, his heart beat faster fearing the worst.

This was the last door he knocked on and also the one that broke his heart.

"Louisa, I told you I would not sleep with you until you said yes. And what did you do? Betray me!"

Now that all his anger had poured out, only despair remained in Graham's heart. He berated Louisa for her unfaithfulness, refusing to believe her when she said that she had gone into the wrong room.

"Then let's break up!" Louisa sobbed.

Her precious first time was gone and she didn't even know who the man was. And now she had to face her boyfriend, which made her even more aggrieved.

"Okay, fine! If that's what you want!" Graham stared at Louisa with bloodshot eyes, as if he wanted to poke a hole in her face.

"Yes, let's break up," Louisa said calmly, wiping the tears off her face.

Now that it had come to this, she could not recognize her gentle and humorous boyfriend anymore. Breaking up was the best choice, as she would never forgive herself.

Although her heart was breaking into a million pieces, she had to say it.

After Louisa's ultimatum, the door slammed loudly.

When Graham left, all the strength in Louisa's body disappeared. She crumpled down on the bed and pulled the quilt over her head.

She began to sob softly at first, but her sobs became louder and louder as all the unhappiness and grievance in her heart came gushing out. Laying under the quilt, Louisa didn't eat or drink all day. As time passed, the sun rose and fell and night came.

When everythi

ng was quiet again, Louisa emerged from her cocoon without any feeling, expression, or spirit.

She staggered back to the room where she should have been last night. It was in a mess like a storm had passed through. Fortunately, Graham had only taken his things away and not any of hers.

She washed her face, put on ironed clothes, dabbed on some makeup, wore her earrings and necklace, and left.

When she stepped outside, a chill spread to her bones making her numb. But she soldiered on gritting her teeth. She was like a mermaid, who had accidentally entered the mortal world and wanted to return to the embrace of the sea.

However, she was just a mortal and the sea was a fatal temptation to her.

Louisa continued to walk further into the sea without fear.


A voice behind her brought her out of her thoughts. By this time, the water was up to her neck.

Suddenly, a strong force firmly restrained her. At the same time, a deep voice boomed in her ear. "Don't act stupid!"

His voice was like a bolt of thunder. It was the same man from last night!

Hearing this voice, Louisa, who was subdued until now, sprung to action. She struggled hard to get out of his grasp and continued to walk deeper into the sea.

"Stop acting rash! Do you hear me?" Louisa thought she had no more feelings left after crying her eyes out the previous day.

But when she heard the voice, all the memories came rushing back to her mind.

That awful feeling in the pit of her stomach, her angry boyfriend, and the deathly despair.

"Let go of me! You don't know anything!" Louisa yelled hysterically. Still squirming against his hold, she repeated, "You don't know anything! My first time was taken away by a stranger, my boyfriend left me, and my wedding is cancelled. It's all gone forever!"

No matter how hard Louisa fought, Casey didn't let go of her. He bound her in his powerful arms, pulling her from danger to safety bit by bit.

Once Louisa was back on the beach, her strength left her. She lay helplessly on the sand, repeating, "What do you know? You know nothing!"

"I will be responsible for you,"

Casey blurted, stunning both her as well as himself.

But Louisa didn't believe him. She kept shaking her head. They just met by chance. Maybe someone else would be okay with having a one night stand. But she couldn't.

But Casey reaffirmed his claim. "I said I will be responsible for you."

He never thought he would say such words. Perhaps he just wanted to comfort this desperate woman. Or maybe it was because of the magical power this woman had on him.

When Casey lay on the bed, tossing and turning, he couldn't fall asleep as usual. He suddenly remembered that when he was beside this woman, he had slept like a baby.

So he looked for her everywhere in the hotel but didn't find her. He never thought that she would be out here, trying to end her life. What was more, he was even more surprised at himself for blurting out the words "be responsible for her."

It must be fate that brought them together.

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