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   Chapter 1 The Man

Love Catcher: Fall Into The Clutches Of Devil CEO By Xiao Song Shu Characters: 6258

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The door to the room opened with a click and the sound startled Louisa Jin. She quickly covered her mouth to prevent herself from making noise.

Her heart was racing. Clutching her chest, she tried to ease the rising nervousness within.

The room was dark and quiet. There was no sound except the soft crash of the waves outside. She reached for the light switch, but noticing the figure on the bed, she shivered and withdrew her hand.

Taking a deep breath, she walked towards the bed with a mix of excitement and anticipation.

She touched the person on the bed with a quivering hand, trying to draw strength from the alcohol she had consumed earlier.


The moment she touched the man on the bed, all his muscles tightened. He grabbed her and pulled her underneath him. Then his body relaxed again. Louisa Jin, who was a daze, heard his low laughter.

Graham Li's voice sounded a little strange to her today. His voice was much deeper and his body seemed much stronger than what she imagined. But it didn't matter. She was too drunk. Whether it was from the wine or the man's sexy, provocative scent, she wasn't sure.

With the waves crashing outside the window, Louisa Jin felt like a ship, rising and falling with the ebb and flow of the vast sea. The person in charge of the ship was the man she had been in love for three years.

She raised her head, allowing him to kiss her. The pain of what was to follow was inevitable because her body had never experienced a man's love.

"Ouch! It hurts!" Louisa Jin cried and tried to push him away.

However, the man, who was momentarily stunned, began moving more gently.

She raised her head helplessly and fumbled with her hands as she didn't know where to put them.

"Graham!" she called out.

The man on top of her was taken aback before driving into her, giving her an earth-shattering orgasm. Louisa Jin couldn't help shouting, "Oh, Graham! I love you!"

It was the best feeling in the world to sleep with the one she loved.

Louisa Jin fell asleep with this happy thought as a smile crept on her face.

When her breath gradually stabilized, the man sat up from the bed and strolled over to the window, still naked but completely confident in his figure. Gazing out at the calm sea outside, he lit a cigarette.

"Tell Mr. Wang that I'm not satisfied with the woman he sent me!"

She was calling another man's name while they were having sex. This made him very annoyed.

If Louisa Jin were awake at this time, she would have found out that the cold, deep voice did not belong to her humorous and gentle boyfriend, Graham Li.

Who was he then?

The man's face could be seen faintly under the moonlight.

His sculpted face, straight nose, thick eyebrows, and deep, dark eyes, combined with his sculpted body made all the ladies weak on their knees.

He was Casey Wu—the heir of the powerful Wu family in S City. Half of the economic lifeline of the city was in their hands and he had stakes in almost every profitable industry.

So when he was dissatisfied some service, it meant big trouble for the service prov

ider, who, in this case, was Mr. Wang.

"Mr. Wu, I will inform Mr. Wang."

The assistant knew that Mr. Wang was doomed. Not only did he risk becoming an enemy of Casey Wu's fiancee by sending a woman to him, but he also sent someone who didn't fit his taste. There was no hope for Mr. Wang now.

However, just before Casey Wu was about to hang up the phone, he changed his mind. "You don't have to tell Mr. Wang anything. That's it." Thus he ended the conversation. He strolled over to Louisa Jin and fell asleep beside her.

Before long, the two of them were awakened by a loud noise.

"Louisa Jin, you shameless woman! Get out!"

Casey Wu, who was annoyed at being woken from his slumber, scowled. Who dared to disturb his hard-won sleep? Realizing what had happened, he suddenly opened his eyes and sat bolt upright. How did he manage to drift off to sleep?

He was stumped to find that his incurable insomnia was cured with this woman by his side. Casey Wu looked incredulously at Louisa Jin sleeping beside him.

"Louisa Jin, I know you are in this room. Come out!"

"Sir, I'm sorry, sir. You can't do that!"

"Fuck off! It's none of your business. I am going to find my shameless girlfriend."

Louisa Jin was awakened by the sound of knocking at the door. She muttered and stretched out her arms before opening her eyes. "Graham, give me a hug!"

After a passionate night, she wanted some intimacy with her boyfriend. She waited for a long time but got no reciprocation.

"Who are you?" When Louisa Jin opened her eyes, she was in for a shock.

She was wide awake and her face turned ashen.

'Where is Graham? Did he leave?

I must be dreaming. Yes, it must be a dream!'

As these thoughts crowded her mind, Louisa Jin prayed that the whole thing was a dream. However, her naked body under her quilt and the sound of knocking at the door told her that it was real.

"Who are you? Why are you in my bed?" she asked with a lump in her throat.

"Louisa Jin, right? I'd like to know how you got into my room,"

asked Casey Wu just as the door was pushed open.

The moment Graham Li stormed into the room, his gentle and humorous persona transformed into a furious lion. He marched over and barked at her, "You shameless woman! You told me that you would only sleep with me after marriage. Why did you come here to find a cheap man?"

'Cheap man?' Casey Wu smirked and glared at the intruder in front of him with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

No one had ever dared to call him that before.

"And you, who the hell are you?"

Hearing Graham Li's question, Casey Wu got up from the bed and put on his night robe coolly. "You solve your own problems." After a pause, he continued, "Graham Li, right? You will soon find out who I am."

With that, he sauntered out. Although he was wearing a night robe, he had the air of a king, making Graham Li, who was fully-clothed, look so much smaller. Graham didn't even dare to stop him.

Turning to look at Louisa Jin, Graham Li growled, "You bitch!"

"Graham! I...I really don't know why and how this happened!" she stammered.

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