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   Chapter 51 Drinking Beer

Substitute Bride: My Perfect CEO Husband By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3554

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William picked up the menu and ordered seven or eight dishes at once. The next second, he looked at Amelia and asked, "Orange, what do you want? Hurry up. I'm starving to death."

Amelia took the menu and handed it to the landlady. She didn't order but wanted to drink.

She looked at the landlady and said, "Landlady, bring me a dozen of beer."

The landlady heard it and hurried to get the beer.

William frowned. Wasn't Orange happy? Why did she suddenly want to drink?

He held Amelia's hand and asked, "You know I don't like you to drink. Do you still want to drink?"

Amelia withdrew her hand and played with the chopsticks in a heavy heart, saying nothing.

Seeing her reaction, William pulled a chair and sat beside Amelia, hugging his beloved wife.

William clung to her and wanted her to make it clear. "What? Are you unhappy?" asked William.

Amelia glanced at him and quickly pushed his hands away. However, as soon as she pushed it away, he was clinging to her again.

Amelia had to say that, or he would stick to her the whole night

William let go of his hand. If Orange really would not feel guilty to Joy any more after finished drinking today. He would let her drink as much as she wanted!

Anyway, he would always take care of her and cherish her.

The landlady served the dishes and William stopped her from drinking. He picked up her favorite food he remembered and a full bowl of rice.

Amelia accepted his advice and stopped drinking. But she turned guilt into appetite and kept eating.

One bowl, two bowls and three bowls!

They had been married for several days, but William had never found that she had such a good appetite. She could eat three bowls of rice at a time, and it was three bowls of fully loaded rice.

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