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   Chapter 50 Not The Girl Of That Year

Substitute Bride: My Perfect CEO Husband By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3479

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Hah-hah... It was tracking. Why did he pretext it with bad public security?

How unsafe and dangerous it would be if she was with her colleagues?

Amelia took the chopsticks and poked two times in the bowl. After two seconds, she raised her head and said with a straight face, "William, since when did you have the hobby of following people? I have known you for a long time, I didn't find that you liked to monitor and follow people."

William shrugged his shoulders. He didn't like to monitor people. He only liked to monitor someone.

He continued to argue, "I really do out of the concern of your safety. Think about it. If it weren't for me, your colleague would have... done something to you."

At the thought of what had happened tonight, his heart was filled with fire.

He would never let her go out so late in the future, or she would definitely encounter such a thing.

Did something to her?

That was a public place. Could Cecil really do something to her in public?

Amelia argued with him, "What? Do you want me

he looked quite obedient. And she smiled when she saw others.

The landlady whispered, "Is this girl the girl you brought to have dinner with? It seems that everything has changed. Am I wrong?"

William glanced at Amelia with a smile. He replied, "You remember it right. She wasn't that girl. But my wife came with me before. She is that little girl. "

That little girl?

The landlady couldn't remember anything. Maybe she was too old to remember anything!

But it didn't matter. They were here for dinner, not for chatting.

The landlady said in generous manner, "Since you used to come here frequently, I'll give you twenty percent off. You can order whatever you want to eat."

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