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   Chapter 48 Beat Cecil Up

Substitute Bride: My Perfect CEO Husband By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3765

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

Hearing Amelia's words, William hit him harder. William beat him as he said, "Since he is your colleague, he shouldn't have harassed you. This is the punishment I give to those who harass you."

Amelia stood beside William and watched him beat on the face of Cecil. She was shocked and worried for Cecil.

If he continued to hit him like this, Cecil's face would really be disfigured.

Amelia stopped him immediately and said, "William, stop it. If you continue to hit him like this, how can I get along with him. You've already beaten him. It's time to stop."

William was so angry just now that he kept hitting Cecil. Now his anger was gone. Thinking that she was frightened, he stopped immediately.

William quickly turned his head, scratched his hair and said with a smile, "Yes, it's your colleague. I don't think I did it too hard!"

Amelia looked at Cecil carefully. His face was bruised, similar to domestic violence, and he said he didn't hit too hard. He hit him extremely hard, okay?

Amelia immediately took out her mobile phone and called for help. As soon as the phone was connected, she immediately sa

ead in a hurry, as if she had not seen him. She said, "I just came out of the bathroom and didn't see Cecil. Did he go to the wrong place?"

Amber knew Amelia too well. She had been working with her for several years. Didn't she know what her expression meant?

But after all, Cecil had nothing to do with her. Why didn't Amelia tell her that she had met him? She didn't want to dig into it or expose it.

Looking at the two empty seats on the table, Amber said, "Have dinner with your husband. We're going to sing now. You didn't sing a love song with me today. What a bummer!"

The male colleague who was eating and drinking at the table immediately stood up. They didn't dare to have dinner with such a big shot, so they'd better not eat.

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