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   Chapter 47 Being Beaten

Substitute Bride: My Perfect CEO Husband By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3043

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Amber shook her head and couldn't stand it anymore. She stood up immediately and continued to sing with a group of female colleagues.

Amelia went to the bathroom and squatted there for about ten minutes before coming out. She came to the wash table and looked at herself in the mirror. She had been pulled there by William to do it for the whole afternoon, which made her look bad.

The next second, Amelia picked up her clothes and smelled them, but it seemed that it didn't smell anymore.

Amelia took a deep breath, straightened her clothes and was about to go out.

But as soon as she opened the door, she saw Cecil standing at the door. He used to do interviews with her, and he was a good photographer. He was good at using single lens reflex camera and camera. He was a good partner.

Amelia looked at him and put her face in front of him. A strong smell of alcohol came to her face. Amelia hurr

ether. Wake up and don't have any feelings for me anymore."

Hearing this, Cecil became more agitated. This time, he simply hugged Amelia and shouted roguishly, "I don't care. I like you. I want you to choose me, you have to choose me."

Amelia tried to get rid of him, but failed. This man was too strong. This was the bathroom. Did he need to hold her like this?

Amelia had no choice but to shout, "Help! Help!"

Suddenly, William appeared in front of Amelia like a God. He grasped Cecil's collar and was about to punch him.

Amelia stopped him and shouted, "William, No. he is my colleague."

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