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   Chapter 15 Not At Home

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Soon, they went home with the ingredients. The servant at home saw Amelia. She didn't know what happened yesterday and called her Miss Xu directly.

William's face suddenly darkened. He scolded, "She is not Miss Xu. She is my wife. From now on, she is Mrs. Amelia. Do you hear me? "

The servant who had just said something wrong nodded immediately.

William handed all the ingredients in his hands to the servant, and then ordered, "Put these ingredients to the kitchen. She will prepare the lunch this noon."

The servant said awkwardly, "Mr. William, your parents are not at home this noon. You don't have to cook so much food."

They were not at home?

Today was the second day of his wedding. Where did they go? At least they should have drunk the tea from their daughter-in-law before leaving home!

William frowned and asked, "Where did they go? Did they tell you when they will come back?"

The servant shook her head. Master and Madam were always like this. As a servant, she couldn't meddle in the master's affairs!

The servant hurriedly said, "Mr. William, if you want to know where they are, you can call your mother."

William hurried into the living room. He sat on the sofa and quickly picked up the telephone in the living room to call his mother. There was no need to be in such a hurry if mother wanted to go out with father!

After a while, his mother's phone was connected. "Mom, where did you go? We are going to make lunch for you. If you go out,

who are we going to cook lunch for? For ghosts? "

Hearing her son's words, Maria's face darkened. She looked at her husband and couldn't help scolding her son, "You bastard! How can you talk to me like that? I'm your mother. I've raised you for so many years. When I was young, I didn't travel around. Can't I go out with your father now? We won't come back for the time being. Get along well with your wife. She is also the daughter of the Xu family. Treat her well and don't embarrass our relationship because of anything, okay? "

William sighed helplessly and said, "I see. I will take good care of Amelia. Take good care of my father! My father is not in good health. "

Then Maria looked at her husband, wondering why her son was so nagging at such a young age. Didn't she take care of his father these years?

She didn't need her son to tell her about this. He just needed to take care of himself.

Maria said impatiently, "I know. Okay, I'll hang up first."

Hearing that, William stood up in a hurry.

Amelia walked to him and asked, "Where are they? Are they not coming back for the time being? "

William held her hand and said with a smile, "Yes, they went to travel again. But it doesn't matter. Since they are not at home today, we can have a candlelight dinner. Anyway, we haven't had enough time to be together alone. What do you think? "


William had never been together with her alone. When he and Joy were together, he would drive her away.

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