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   Chapter 13 Buy Clothes

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Amelia yelled in great panic, "Why did you tear up the wedding dress? It's still new. I just wore it for one day."

William threw the patches on the ground, glanced at Amelia and said, "You almost fell down because of this wedding dress. I said I would protect you. No one or thing can hurt you. "

But it was just an accident!

If something that only happened accidentally was to be eradicated, then a lot of things would be eradicated?

Amelia asked with amusement, "What if the floor was so uneven that I almost fell down?"

William said frankly, "Then I'll purchase this block and flatten the ground."

Amelia's eyes widened. Was he serious? That was ridiculous.

When Amelia looked at him blankly, all the shop assistants walked to them. They were respectful to William. Obviously, he often came here and bought things for women.

One of the shop assistants asked, "Mr. William, are you here to buy clothes for Miss Xu?"

Amelia didn't know this woman and had never been to this shop, so it was impossible for this woman to know her. Then what this woman was talking about should be her sister, Joy.

Hearing her words, William turned to look at Amelia. He looked at the shop assistant again and reminded her, "Now there is no Miss Xu, only Mrs. Mo. Remember, this is my wife. From now on, I'll pay for everything she buys here, as long as she signs for it, got it? "

The shop assistant nodded frequently, but i

t was not this lady who came with William before! William also said that lady was Mrs. Mo. Why did he change his wife in a few days?

Amelia looked at him in shock. She immediately refused, "William, I still have a lot of clothes at home. I don't need clothes."

William held her arms and felt sorry for her when he saw her small face. William said, "Orange, you don't have to save money for me. You are my wife. I must give you the best thing. It's just a beginning. You just need to accept it. "

It was just a beginning. Would it continue in the future? He had bought so many things for her, and his parents would definitely think that she was the black sheep. She didn't want them to hate her!

Before Amelia could say anything, William took her by the arm and left her with the shop assistant. Then he said, "Find her 20 outfits first. Make sure they fit her well and bring out her temperament. You hear me?"

The shop assistants nodded and took Amelia to get changed before she could say no.

William chose some accessories for her when she went to get changed. For example, he chose some bracelets and necklaces.

He wasn't going to buy her a bag here. The bag was better to buy a limited edition from the foreign designer.

William wasted the whole morning in this shop. It was nearly eleven o'clock that Amelia finished shopping.

William paid the bill and said, "You should know where to send these things!"

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