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   Chapter 12 Almost Fall

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Joy was always unruly and willful. She shouted at her father, "Dad, Amelia is not your child. Why do you want Amelia to marry William? Many people know that William is my boyfriend and I'm the bride. But now he married Amelia. Do you know that I will become a joke in the circle? "

She only worried about herself and never thought about others. If it weren't for Amelia, what would happen now?

Barth's face darkened and said, "It's you who don't want to marry William. You can't blame me for making such a decision."

Did father really ask Amelia to marry William?

She shouted again, "Dad, Amelia married William. What about me? William and I grew up together. If we don't have any feelings for each other, then... "

Barth didn't want to talk about this with his daughter. It was a done deal. Even if she wanted to make a scene, she couldn't. Now she was in the wrong. She thought if she came back now and stood in front of William, would William listen to her explanation?

"Come back now, or you will never come back this family again."

Joy was not that kind of obedient daughter. Hearing her father's words, she immediately hung up the phone. Now that things had turned out like this, why should she go back? Why did she become a joke to them?

It was impossible for her to go back before she figured out what should she do.

She threw the phone on the ground, turned over and covered her head with a quilt. She had thought that no matter what happened, William would wait for her to go back. Why did this happen?

Amelia was still wearing a wedding dress. After all, there was no clothes in the villa that she could change, so she had to put on the weddin

g dress again.

William drove her to a famous boutique. When Amelia got off the car, she stood at the door, hesitating whether she should go in or not.

Seeing her hesitating, William showed a puzzled expression on his handsome face. He asked, "What's wrong? Why don't you go in? We are here to choose clothes. We don't have your clothes at home. Let's go in and see what style you like. You and Joy are so different in height and figure. The clothes I bought for Joy are not suitable for you at all. "

Although he said so, she didn't dare to go in. She had known her role in the Xu family since she was a child. She would never go in this fancy place.

Occasionally, her father and sister would buy clothes and jewelry for her, and she barely accepted them. Now she had to choose by herself. She really couldn't know what to do.

Seeing that she was still unwilling to move, William quickly took her hand and walked in. None of them noticed that there were many people looking at them in surprise after they got off the car. After all, it was very strange to wear wedding dress on the street.

Amelia was pulled into the shop by William. The wedding dress was so long that she almost fell down. Fortunately, William was with her, or she would really fall.

Seeing that she stood firm, William quickly asked, "Did you get hurt?"

Amelia shook her head at once. His concern made her at a loss. In the past, William only cared about Joy, so she could only stay in the dark and secretly admire her. But now all his attention was on her. She felt very uncomfortable.

Seeing that she didn't fall down, William squatted down and tore up the hem of the wedding dress.

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