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   Chapter 8 Have Been Loving You All The Time

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Seeing her unhappy, William pulled her, who was wearing a wedding dress, closer into his arms and let her sit on his legs.

William pinched her chin and looked at her face carefully. She was not worse than Joy, and even cuter.

With a warm smile, William asked with concern, "Orange, what's wrong? You were fine just now."

Amelia looked up at him, bit her lip and answered, "I remember that every time you say you love Joy, your eyes will shine."

Hearing this, William held Amelia tightly, rested his chin on her head and explained, "That's because it was Joy who had always loved me. I didn't expect that she was you at that time. Joy has changed a long time ago. She was no longer the girl she was. And Orange, you are not that little orange. "

Amelia was shocked. She immediately left his arms and asked worriedly, "William... No! William, what do you mean? Did you misunderstand me? I didn't change. I have always been... "

All the time...

William got the key words. According to what she said, she had loved him since childhood.

He had only loved her for ten years, but she had used the first half of her life to love him.

Why didn't God let him find out that she loved him earlier? Why didn't God let him know earlier that Joy didn't love him at all?

If he had found it earlier, Orange wouldn't have suffered so much. He would love her no matter what.

William swept aside

the complaints in his heart, and quickly changed his mood. He asked jokingly, "You said you loved me all the time, didn't you?"

Amelia's face suddenly turned red and she immediately moved away from him.

She held the box in her hand and said in a low voice, "I'm going upstairs. I'm so sleepy."

William didn't want her to escape. Before she escaped, he grabbed her by the waist and continued to tease her, "How can you go upstairs before you answer me? Answer me first. Do you like me all the time? "

How could she speak it out when she was so embarrassed?

The next second, Amelia took a deep breath and answered perfunctorily, "No, I fell in love with you after I talked to you on the phone."

William closed his eyes mysteriously. Did she really fall in love with him at that time?

However, this was not the point at all. The point was that it was time for him to sleep with her.

Suddenly, William picked up Amelia and said meaningfully, "Didn't you just say that you were sleepy? As your husband, I'll send you upstairs to have a rest! "

Amelia looked at him. His eyes were so strange, as if she was naked right now!

Amelia said, "I can go upstairs by myself. You have been tired for a whole day. If you carry me upstairs and go back to your room, you will fall apart."

Fall apart?

William grinned. He hadn't fulfilled his responsibility yet. How could he fall apart?

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